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  1. And with the amount of health on your ships Ruthless could be problematic. So either leave a 2 point bid or find something cheap for someone but I can't think of what would be good...
  2. I just made something similar to this because of this post. I posted yesterday looking for help with a RAC + Vader build. People suggested that Vader was to vulnerable because of the lack of afterburners. and RAC was to heavy. So I had already switched it alot and built something with 2 academy's Oicunn and Vader. But your list has made me think Again All that said I think a list like this comes down to how you fly. This definitely has teeth to it and the ability to re position a bit in a world where that comes at a premium. My one thought would be to switch snap shot out and upgrade the academy but thats personal preference as I like moving later than my opponent as much as possible and the academy could be a great blocker.
  3. My thinking with Informant was I can see where people are going to be and think about dropping the proton with more knowledge. I find that I have used afterburners more offensively in my games or not at all. I think that with the number of I6 ships having been removed that just shooting at 6 is almost worth it on its own. I am definitely hesitant to run RAC so heavy. The reason why I had so much on him was I couldn't really think of something to put in its place. I've never owned a tie striker so wasn't super keen to throw one in a couple of weeks out with not much practice time. The 2 academy's or Mithl sounds like a good idea.
  4. Darth Vader — TIE Advanced x1 67 Brilliant Evasion 3 Passive Sensors 3 Ship Total: 73 Rear Admiral Chiraneau — VT-49 Decimator 76 Informant 5 Grand Inquisitor 13 Agent Kallus 5 Fifth Brother 11 Proton Bombs 5 Hull Upgrade 2 Dauntless 4 Ship Total: 121 So I had been flying Vader / Soontir / Grand Inquis leading up to the Hyperspace point change. Was fully expecting to lose one of the ships but having back ups to replace them. Having lost two I feel that switching back to my tried and true RAC + Ace is the way to go. My question is probably around the upgrades on RAC, particularly the Crew: (Kallus and Grand Inquisitor) With Kallus I am tossing up between Kallus and Krennic. I have chosen Kallus as Vader has more ability to change focus tokens when attacking as opposed to RAC. Any thoughts or other suggestions? Open to all comments
  5. No you are not required to attack. Great example is I don't want to take a 2 dice no mod pot shot against QD so that I can take a shield and he can shoot me back. So I just won't shoot
  6. How could I forget the Interceptor!!!!
  7. I believe they will keep larger events to whats been re-released. Mostly so that new players don't feel like its impossible to join a tournament because some meta defining list which is only available if you have conversion kit and wave 12 ships (example) is dominating everything that is available. Like this would literally be worst case scenario for FFG because it would be a downer for anyone wanting to start playing as a new player with a core set and a falcon (example). I also am really hoping for just re released ships to be high tournament legal as it means we won't jump straight back to the OP3 or Palp Aces or the Jump(bump)masters. but we could actually see x-wing as x-wing started. 8 tie's, 5 (4 - 3) x-wings, the falcon, firesprays. I started playing x-wing as the Decimator joined the fray. One of the guys in our community used to fly 8 tie fighters and was really good (like really good). He chewed up my Deci at practice before a tournament then told me how to improve then I beat him in the tournament that weekend to be crowned winner of that Store Champ. But I haven't seen something like that for a long time and I want to see it!
  8. 13. 8 target lock transfers plus focus for action then get coordinated an action to reinforce = 10 15. 10 Whisper and Vader - 6 hull, 4 shields (give most expensive upgrades)
  9. 6. 7 dice attack stated above target ship has 4 fuel leaks on it from previous round and Hull breach as well deal 7 damage from dice - 7 hull breach makes them crits 5 of the crits are direct hit - 12 the 4 fuel leaks - 16 total damage
  10. Possibility could be a new dice app where you you roll the dice in the app or on the table with physical dice tell it the result then you could look at the 2 ships in combat and see lasers go at each other. Needs more work obviously just first thought from seeing this post.
  11. A possibility I haven't seen here is that we get a new silencer pilot who is I6. In my gaming community we were all of the opinion that PS9 Kylo in a silencer was essentially a PS9 generic with no special ability. Because while showing someone the dark side was nice when you got hit, it wasn't the reason you took kylo in a silencer. You took it because it was PS9 and with advance sensors could do almost anything on the board to flank people. So if they drop Kylo to I5 we could actually get a unique pilot at I6 in the silencer with an ability that people will pick that pilot for. not because of his Initiative / Pilot Skill.
  12. Like @emeraldbeacon said. you will just pick up to 2 dice and make them roll them. An example is rolling 1.0 predator against a ship with 2 or less Pilot Ability. You can re-roll 2 dice but when you got Crit-Crit-Miss initially no one wants to do that and picks up the 1 result they don't like. To answer the question asked. If the person only has 1 defence die you can either choose to make them re-roll it or not. FFG shouldn't restrict you from using the ability because some one has less dice than you can manipulate.
  13. Really good debrief! and Congrats on going 4-0!
  14. also 2 mobile arcs would cause confusion with some of the gunner abilities that let you shoot out of an arc you haven't shot already. Like could you point them both out the back and then shoot the same ship again if you miss the first shot.
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