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  1. Well you've got me picturing a Gonk droid playing football now and I'm disappointed because I can't find any images of that online
  2. Honestly just multi posting for the free Chris reacts.
  3. To play devil's devil's advocat: Depletion tokens are totally not green dice power creep. They have a pew pew symbol on them!
  4. We need more multi dot cards
  5. Now that's what I call a Tie Swarm
  6. Although this could become a pretty interesting question with the upcoming Snap Shot (if it works the same and allows Ten to Attack in the activation phase).
  7. Here's some annoying questions just to be annoying: •Is landing Struts your entire list fortressing? •Krassis Trelix and Outmaneuver (a favourite rules question of mine)? •Ello Asty + Leia, are his T-rolls 'treated as white' , or reduced to blue? •How does limiting dice work? Predictive Shot + Intimidation, 7th Fleet + Ric Ole for examples
  8. I was playing around with this the other day. It's interesting that CIS gets what looks to be the worst rng list of the 7 about 75% of the time. For example look at this: https://raithos.github.io/?f=Separatist Alliance&d=v8ZsZ200Z309XW208WY307X223W108W229Y272XW10W134W218W53W68WW216WY309XWW108&sn=Random Squad&obs= Compare it to any other faction's random list. Kinda shows how cis as a faction are more reliant on list building archetypes. Unlike Republic where any old count-to-200-list with random jigsaw pieces is probably fine.
  9. Heroic teaches people the difference between 'Blanking out' and 'Rolling eyeballs without enough mods'
  10. I'm just hoping in episode 9 they make a big deal about how the new first order ship has no shields. Then the forum arguments about how to cost fanatical will be glorious.
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