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  1. To drill down on this further, I generally don't like taking so-called S-tier lists, but will often take something A-tier or A-. The average hyperspace list is probably closer to being A-tier than the average extended list.
  2. I seem to win over 60% of my extended games, and only about 30% of my hyperspace games. I suck at xwing and should be losing more than I win. Therefore from my perspective hyperspace is more balanced.
  3. Would you mind elaborating on why this is? I'm not sure I get it.
  4. I've seen this around a couple of times, what's the origin?
  5. If G4RG0R (initiative 0) has a buzz droid remote at range 0, does he take the damage before or after he engages? If before, and the damage destroys him, does he still get to shoot? Buzz droids have initiative 0 and say: Engagement Phase: At your initiative, each enemy ship at range 0 suffers 1 damage.
  6. FFG should resolve to just keep doing what they're doing. They don't always get it right, but 2019 was a good year for X-Wing and other games, and I fully expect 2020 to be too.
  7. Heck, I'd like there to be 3 formats (and that's before getting into the merits of objectives or similar): 1.Second Edition This is where Hyperspace started, and I think it should have remained as the casual format. Re-released ships only. Used for intro events and for getting new people into the game. Genuinely a fun format as it is now. 2.Extended The do-what-you-want format. Used at store-champ level competitions. Anything goes. 3.Hyperspace This would be the prime competitive format for worlds and regionals etc. Aggressive rotation. Contains the most recent wave or 2, and a random handful of other ships (from any point in the release cycle) so that each faction has 5-6 ship options. Hyperspace is currently the bastard child of 1 and 3, when in reality they should be different formats aimed at different crowds.
  8. If multiple rerolls works, sunny can get up to 10 evades in 1 roll: Sunny with Stealth Device defends at R3 through a rock against an Andrasta Firespray torp/missile with Zuckus crew and Saturation Salvo, and has Serisu and 2 ships with tactical scramblers nearby obstructing the attack too). She rolls 6 evades (3 agility, 1 obstruction, 2 scramblers) . Then adds one with her ability as they're all evades (7). The Firespray triggers Zuckuss, and she rerolls an evade into an evade, and adds another (8). Then the same with Saturation Salvo (9), and serrisu (10). Can anyone get higher?
  9. Brilliant evasion is a trap. At least on current force pilots. How many times with a force pilot are you in the situation where you meet all of the following criteria: -you're being shot at in the first place. -you roll more then one eyeball. -converting one eyeball isnt enough to stop all damage. -you have a force spare regardless. -you don't have a focus.
  10. 'If a ship has overlapped or moved through a gas cloud, it can't perform actions or modify its dice for the rest of the round'
  11. Ah, here in the UK, 'spelt' and 'spelled' are pretty interchangeable spellings!
  12. Fun fact, in the app, "Odd Ball" in the Y-wing is actually spelt "Oddball". This means you can have 2 Odd Balls in your list.
  13. Well you've got me picturing a Gonk droid playing football now and I'm disappointed because I can't find any images of that online
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