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  1. If it didn't want you to gain a disarm token it would just say 'Action: recover one [charge]', like it does on the gonk droid.
  2. player2072913

    Carolina Krayts is the best X-Wing podcast

    My hope with these new Hyperspace ships is that they are just pushing the old factions to a 'Hyperspace Complete' state of 7-8 ships. Meaning that next update they rotate things from the Hyperspace environment. Say they remove the Reaper when they add the Decimator etc, and keep doing that until the new factions get to a similar number of ships. (and hopefully past that too)
  3. player2072913

    This can’t be right...

    5th brother shows us that FFG values the force charge at about 9pts. Add a point for the nicer dial, add a point for the permanent access to boost. Add a couple more points for FTC, and a few more for the extra shield, and you're definitely over 54. Losing access to the torp hurts, I guess, but not that much. Edit: Baron to inquisitor is a better way of valuing the force charge at 5pts. Still, 5 (force) + 1 (dial) + 1 (boost) + 2 (FTC) + 3 (Shield upgrade costs 6 really, but nah) = 12
  4. player2072913

    Faction identities

    Scum: Annoying mother****ers Empire: Get ****ed Rebels: Bet you can't **** us FO: **** you. Resistance: At least the dice won't **** us CIS: ****s everywhere Republic: Let's help eachother **** them
  5. player2072913

    Carolina Krayts is the best X-Wing podcast

  6. player2072913

    Unpopular Opinion Thread

    Oh boy have I got news for you.
  7. player2072913

    Unpopular Opinion Thread

    There are only 3 good Star Wars films. Star Wars, Empire, and The Last Jedi. The others range from mediocre to downright terrible.
  8. player2072913

    Nib cost me the game

    Agreed Sort of agree here. But regardless, in the case in point, its not dubious as to whether the ship is on the rock. Its close, but in no way unclear. States such as bumping or not, or being on a rock or not are some of the few things in the game that are binary, and 99.9% of the time it's clear which side of the line they fall on. In a game as loose and chaotic. As X-wing, it's nice to have these on/off calls to make sometimes. As someone who plays about 50% in tournaments, and about 50% on a kitchen table (usually a bedroom floor really), I have to say that I would enforce these binary states pretty closely. Especially against my self. I mean, yeah if you want to win at all costs, then sure sportsmanship will be one of those costs. I just don't believe that the majority of players you dub as 'WAAC' are actually trying to win so badly. They'll draw the line somewhere. Usually far before unsportsmanlike conduct or cheating. Hm, you've made me think, I don't think I've seen any ship in SW barrel roll more often than the Falcon. Although saying that I'm very glad they didn't give the falcon a roll in the game.
  9. player2072913

    Nib cost me the game

    But, that's not poor sportsmanship. Poor sportsmanship would be laughing or cheering when they clipped the rock. Good sportsmanship would be to share in their excitement or disappointment. Congratulate them on a good idea, but let them know how unlucky they were it was that close. Good sportsmanship is about the attitude behind the game, not how closely or loosely you stick with the rules. In fact, guilting your opponent with accusations of poor sportsmanship for not letting you move the ship off from the rock is poor sportsmanship..
  10. player2072913

    Scum post points adjustment... now what?

    What do you mean by this? As far as I'm aware Kavil has no way of equipping any bullseye weapon.
  11. player2072913


    Well I read the title to the tune of Pink Floyd's Another Brick in the Wall, so I'm surprised that there was actually a song here.
  12. player2072913

    Carolina Krayts is the best X-Wing podcast

    2.0 rules are kinda bad. My current rules writing pet peeve is the 'Bonus Attack' term. They (correctly) got rid of 'Free Actions' and then just throw back in a similar term. They don't even use it consistently.. E: Actually I'm now wishing they actually did go with an actions/attacks parallel in the rules, and just said that you're allowed as many attacks as you want per round, but only one with each weapon. Engaging gives you one opportunity to attack, just like the perform action step, and abilities can give you others. I think the rules writing in general might be my most (if not my only) hated thing about 2.0.
  13. player2072913

    Bid depth poll

    If I ever play against Marinealver remind me to take a 7 point bid.
  14. player2072913

    Landing NEXT to an obstacle?

    Even in a perfect 2D world its easy to engineer a case where you end up touching an obstacle but not overlapping it. Resistance han deploys touching an asteroid, then does a sloop one way, then banks back to his original position.
  15. player2072913

    Carolina Krayts is the best X-Wing podcast

    That list looks pretty cool. My formula for sloane lists is now Sloane carrier + Pocket ace + as many runts as I can fit. Although I've not really played any extended since the change so what do I know.