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  1. My thinking was any skill you have bought twice can be used regardless of whether your activation is used or not. So for example the strong man has Athletics and Military but he has taken Athletics twice. He opens the door, thus spending his activation and he finds: Option A: use Military to turn to XXX Option B: use Athletics to turn to YYY Option C: use no skill to turn to ZZZ Ordinarily it would be up to the rest of the party to resolve this but since he has doubled Athletics he can still use that skill (and only that skill).
  2. First off I've not yet got the game so probably don't really know what I'm talking about, but this just occurred to me as a possible idea to mitigate the problem with a character not being able to do the thing they are specifically designed to do purely because they just opened the door and so are now inactive. Could you introduce a house rule that players are able to buy the same skill twice, if any skill has been bought twice it can still be used even when the character's activation token has been used?
  3. Games Lore appears to have it ready for order and Board Game Hut has it as released tomorrow...all signs point to being able to have it in time for Christmas!!!
  4. Thanks for an excellent review, lots to take in. I'm still largely on the fence but there is a lot that sounds appealing.
  5. Has anyone logged how often they've actually come across the problem of wanting to use a skill and it being 'locked' because the player has already activated? A lot of people are (rightly) saying how bad this situation would be if it happened but I'm interested to know how often it does actually come up in game play.
  6. I've now found one site saying 7th Dec and another saying 29th Dec...so still not really anything of use!
  7. I too had a crack at a character creation helper. Let me know what you all think of the attached... Also now folk have played it can anyone comment on it's suitability for younger audiences? I hope to play if with my two kids (5 and 8 yrs) would they get much out of this? Dragonholt Skill Sheet.xlsx
  8. Best I can find is a rather vague "Q4". No exact date anywhere
  9. I'm slightly disappointed but still interested, I'm planning on playing this with my kids (5 and 8 yrs old) so it certainly sounds accessible to them but even they can handle (and enjoy) a system where you roll to hit and deduct damage. Like many others I'll keep an eye on reviews...
  10. I see the suggested age is 14+, however I thought this would appeal to my kids (ages 8 and 5), anyone know if this will be too advanced for them even with me and my wife as part of the team? We currently play Hero Kids so they are familiar with RPG game mechanics.
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