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  1. P'an Ku

    How Do You Refer To a Monk?

    The trust thing comes from the fact that the average person has no experience dealing with the Togashi. Plus the Togashi have weird powers that other people don't trust. Some people think its maho... not far off really. The wild card thing is also true but just being weird doesn't hurt them mostly because they won't explain themselves. I do agree with your points though. The main reason most normal samurai don't trust them is because they act so much different from other monks and usually don't give a good reason.
  2. P'an Ku

    How Do You Refer To a Monk?

    Not sure if it has changed but usually monks aren't really part of the celestial order. I mean everything is part of the celestial order but they kinda have a weird place between the cracks. For one thing it is very rude to ask a monk about what they did before they joined the brotherhood of Shinsei. Shinsei actually set the standard for how to treat a monk at the dawn of the empire. Shinsei talked to the emperor with out disrespect but also didn't treat him special. The emperor did the same in return. Weird mutual respect. Togashi monks are completely different from normal monks. While most of the same rules apply, Togashi monks are samurai caste. They hold rank but may still break many of the normal conventions that hold normal samurai. Kinda best of both worlds. Best I remember people didn't really trust Togashi monks as much as normal brotherhood monks. Only real downside.
  3. Drawing Breath, Drawing Steel 0 cost Crane event Action: Target a character you control, they challenge an opponent's character to a Mil dual - Resolve the dual. The loser is sent home then until end of conflict if it moves bow it. 2 influence Tactical Advantage 1 cost Lion Event Action: Discard a card from your hand - Give each commander you control a Mil bonus equal to the discarded cards cost until end of conflict. 2 influence Two Steady Breaths 1 cost Lion Event Technique Action: During the Dynasty phase target a face up character in one of your provinces - Give that character the text 'When this character enters play draw a card and turn the card that fills the province it entered from face up.' until end of turn. Reaction: When this card is put into your discard pile from your hand: Shuffle a face up dynasty card into your dynasty deck and then refill that province face up. 3 influence The Final Lesson 1 cost Scorpion Event Philosophy Action: Target up to two characters you control during the conflict phase - They each gain Courtesy and Sincerity until end of phase.
  4. P'an Ku

    Lion and Identity

    So back in the time before this time, Lion had some themes that showed up almost constantly. these included such great thing as: Military honor switch (I think this is kinda the design goal for them in this current iteration ) Ancestor shennanagargles (I personally like how the ancestor stuff is working but a little more would help.) Honor is banana peel...? No, sorry! Stronger than steel! (Usually something based on personal honor which isn't their mechanic anymore since glory more or less replaced it and that's a phoenix thing.) Tacticians! Woo! (Don't really exist... but we have similar stuff that doesn't really feel the same. Tactician gave Lion a viable midrange feel with some control elements.) And last but not least, Aggro super swarm (Cheap dudes or dudes that can be tricked out super fast and have a big impact. I remember when Lion could take a province before dynasty phase. I miss those wonderful days.) I would love to see any of these themes explored more. Because Lion got almost no meaningful theme right now and it makes me wonder about the future of Rokugan if the Lion are this much of a mess about what they do.
  5. Miya Herald 3 fate neutral character Calvary, Courtier, Imperial, Scout 2/2 1 glory Action: Discard a card - Move this character into the conflict and draw a card. Minor Clan Advocate 1 Fate neutral Character Mantis Clan, Courtier 1/1 1 glory Reaction: After transferring exactly one honor during honor bids - gain one honor.
  6. Duty is a much stronger card plus it stops the honor loss from anything. A fate to stop some honor loss seems fair but if it needs to be 2 or 3 then that could be much better.
  7. What do you suggest as an alternative? Higher cost? Negate the transfer entirely instead? I just feel honor dials are really boring and more that interacts with them would help.
  8. Recent lore has given me some ideas. Trapped in Ningen-Do 1 cost neutral attachment Condition Attach to a unique character. Attaches to P'an Ku for 1 less fate Action: During a conflict that attached character is participating in - Move attached character home then bow it. After the resolution of this conflict straighten attached character. Elemental Unbalancing 1 cost neutral event Reaction: When honor dials are revealed during the draw phase - players reverse the honor transfer for this phase. The higher bid gets the honor and the lower bid loses it. Moth Bushi 2 cost neutral character Moth Clan, Bushi 2/2 1 Glory Action: During a conflict - Bow a non-bushi, non-shugenja, non-courtier character with more glory than Moth Bushi.
  9. P'an Ku

    P'an Ku?

    Cursed‽ What curse? And just because I locked myself out of my apartment doesn't mean I'm "Trapped". Anyway, Thank you kindly Phoenix. May you be forever steeped in the finest tea for your deeds.
  10. P'an Ku

    P'an Ku?

    Greetings all! It is I, the illustrious P'an Ku, with a question I hope you noble samurai and shugenja can help answer. You see, it has come to my attention that I seem to be left out of the history books this time around. This new piece written by various imperial scholars doesn't include me when I looked through it but while I mentioned this to one of my MANY friends, they said I was mentioned. Sadly they had forgotten where it was which has lead me to seek the advice of Rokugan's finest historical historians. If some one could illuminate a general location of where it may be that they slander/praise me, I would greatly appreciate it. Side note: Does it say nice things?
  11. Gempukku 2 cost event neutral Action: Target a character - Give target character one of the following: +1 mil. and bushi, +1 pol. and courtier, or +1 glory and shugenja.
  12. Jotei 4 fate unique neutral conflict character Creature, Dragon of Reverse Fortunes, Shugenja 3/3/1 Forced Reaction: After Jotei enters play honor this character and gain 2 honor. cannot attach non-spell attachments. Yogo Takashi 2 fate unique scorpion character Courtier, Fallen -/2/1 Forced Reaction: After Takashi enters play lose 1 honor and draw a card. Forced Reaction: After Takashi leaves play lose 1 honor and draw a card. Way of the Mantis 0 cost neutral event Philosophy You may not include this card in your deck with another "Way of the..." card. Interrupt: During the resolution of an event that costs any amount of fate lose 1 honor - reduce the cost of the event by 1 and you may spend one fate off of a Mantis Clan character to shuffle the event into its owner's deck instead of putting it into their discard pile. Bushido 1 fate Lion event Philosophy Action: target your ready Bushi character - Your ready Bushi character gains Sincerity, Courtesy, and Pride until end of turn.
  13. Elements Unbalanced 4 cost neutral event Action: Bow a ready character with an element keyword that you control (A keyword that matches one of the five rings) - Each player discards two cards and removes all fate from non-unique characters they control. Bow all unique characters in play. Roar! 1 cost lion event Action: Target participating non-lion character is moved home if it has equal or less glory than target lion character you control. Then, dishonor it if you win this conflict.
  14. I've been wondering what the emperor would look like if he ever got off his throne. Since he never has I just cooked this up as an idea. Emperor Hantei XXXVIII 6 cost neutral character unique -/5/4 Emperor, Imperial, Son of Heaven Cannot be challenged. Action: Honor Emperor Hantei XXXVIII - Perform a glory count and give the player with the highest glory the imperial favor.
  15. Lord Moon's Curse 1 cost neutral attachment Curse Attached character cannot ready from card effects. Action: discard a card and pay a fate off of attached character - discard this card. Akodo's Leadership 2 cost Lion attachment unique Philosophy +2/+2 Attached character cannot be moved or bowed by opponent's card effects. Forced Reaction: When an opponent gives you honor from honor dial bids - gain 1 honor and honor this character. If the character is not honored now then discard this attachment. (Unlimited) A Glimpse of Fate 4 cost neutral event Action: During the dynasty phase - search your dynasty deck for a card. Shuffle you dynasty deck and put that card on top. You may flip over one face down card in a province. Absolution 0 cost neutral event Interrupt: when a forced trigger occurs - negate the effects of the forced trigger. Bad Karma 0 cost Phoenix event Reaction: When a character enters play without being payed for - Dishonor that character and blank it until end of phase. Footsteps of Madness 0 cost neutral event Action: During a conflict choose a stronghold - Bow that stronghold and its controller may draw a card. Green Nightshade Blend 0 cost Scorpion event Poison Action: During a pol conflict choose a character - chosen character gets -1/-1 for each poison attachment on them until end of the conflict. If the character now has equal or less pol than fate on them then move all fate on them to their owners fate pool.