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  1. Opportunities are supposed to not be connected to success or failure. That's a deliberate and explicit design consideration. It's actually one of the decisions I very much approve of for this edition, so I definitely suggest not making opportunity use hinge on success. If there are opportunity uses that really should require success, then those specific ones should probably become an effect of a successful check instead of an opportunity, and other, more appropriate, opportunities should replace them.
  2. I doubt it was planned and I doubt that if there's a Scorpion bushi school planned for the next book the comments on this forum have anything to do with that. Whether there's an upcoming event in Rokugan that takes out the majority of the Scorpion bushi (but not any other Scorpion?) or not, and that's another thing I doubt, the situation as is in the setting now and has been since the release of the core book is that Scorpion demographics are normal so they have a lot of bushi. "We won't need them a year after the release of the game if every group out there sticks with our timeline" is an insane argument. As for forum threads carrying any weight, I don't see the lack of a Scorpion bushi school stopping anyone from buying the game. It's also something that could have been solved in either of the two released sourcebooks or even via a downloadable document if they felt it mattered.
  3. The first Carpenter Wall was built by order of Hantei the First. It was destroyed by the Army of the Maw. The Maw was held at bay by Kuni Osaku, who created a wall of water powered by her own lifeforce, for 73 days - during that time a new wall was built which could not be overcome by the Maw's army, allowing the Crab to defeat it and kill the Maw. The return of the Ki-Rin happened 100 years later. They arrived from the south, through the Shadowlands, and were repelled by the Crab defenders on the Wall. They the made their way along the Wall to its very end, where they were met by a massive Crab army: that army, entirely infantry-based, had never encountered or fought cavalry before and was completely unprepared for it. That's how the Unicorn smashed through their defenses - they didn't breach the Wall, they steamrolled the Crab legions between them and the Empire.
  4. I'm not at all sure there will be a Scorpion Clan Coup in the FFG timeline.
  5. Yes, but then you have to keep importuning every time you want to use that invocation until you actually learn it. I don't think that's what's meant with "magic research". It's essentially just using a massive bribe.
  6. Shrinekeepers can channel invocations as well, even if fluffwise (but not mechanically) they do something different. Regardless, it's not like tags have any kind of effect here: take them away and everything stays the same.
  7. It's not like a Cleansing Rite is all that difficult for the kind of shugenja that has any business traipsing through the Shadowlands though, particularly if they can and want to spend a Void point. Who needs to spam anything?
  8. School tags had a mechanical function in previous editions (at minimum preventing certain multischooling options), but otherwise didn't really matter. As far as I can tell they are pretty much meaningless in this edition.
  9. The +2 to TNs applies to any and all checks for movement. If an action involving moving doesn't have an associated check it doesn't get one due to entangling terrain, it stays check-free.
  10. More the result of how the publication order of the sourcebooks turned out than anything else, I suppose, but it does sting a bit.
  11. If you carry a full daisho, that means you consider yourself a bushi (or at the very least style yourself one, whether you can back it up or not) - it literally just means warrior. You might not be the kind of bushi that serves on the Wall, has a position in a Lion legion or acts as yojimbo to a dignitary of your clan, but you still fight your own fights.
  12. Taint is not scary in this edition. I was hoping the Shadowlands book might make it a bigger deal, but from the reactions on this forum that is not the case. I don't think picking up taint from fighting Shadowlands critters or prolongued travel through the Shadowlands should be a massive risk either, it's just that as is there's no risk at all for anyone taking a minimum of care. Same with maho use.
  13. I don't know how playtesting was done, but that kind of thing is not playtesting. It's what you might get as feedback from fans, not playtesters, and I assume more playtesting was done than the public beta. That said, it probably should be a bit more complicated than "no opportunities and/or strife" on checks to resist. The example from the book, resisting being thrown off a parapet, could certainly allow for narrative use of opportunities for instance. But without a rule or even some kind of guideline this is again an example of having the GM sort it out instead of providing us with something that works. I'm more than ok with the GM being an arbiter of the ruleset, like for interpreting whether something is a breach of etiquette and how bad it is, but that presupposes having a rule to go by. This - to me - seems to go a couple of steps beyond that into "do whatever's best" territory.
  14. I'm pretty sure this only got through playtesting because everybody assumed this was not allowed.
  15. Let's not put too fine a point on it: it'd be more pricy than it'd be worth for a lot of potential buyers. We like nice things, but we're not made of money. Price matters. Then again, looking at that play mat it doesn't seem like that's a major concern in FFG's thinking so what do I know.
  16. Techs have the 1 regular/high TN, 1 low TN, 1 very high TN structure so you have a 60% chance of getting the normal TN and an 80% chance of not getting the very high TN, from the target's point of view. Sure, it's the tech user's choice so they can metagame and look for a tech that specifically targets your current stance but that means they need to have that particular one for that stance, the TN is only one higher (which can be significant, admittedly), and if the tech that they want to use happens to give a low resist TN for the target's stance that's annoying. There is counterplay possible, but it seems like in the end the target often gets the regular TN anyway. The whole approach thing looks interesting at first sight, but in practice the varying TNs are a massive pain in the neck for me as the GM. Sometimes the official different TNs make sense, more often they just seem arbitrary, and there's certainly no rule or formula for them. But I definitely want varying TNs because otherwise approaches just mean "lemme describe how my best ring would approach this" 90% of the time and that's silly, so for skills I get to decide why approach X is easier/harder than Y and Z and usually they really shouldn't be different. Disconnecting resist checks from stances won't fix this, I know that, but attaching a single fixed ring to resists at least incentivizes the players to also look after the rings associated with stances they don't use as often. To be clear, I'm not saying this would definitely make a a great houserule, and I'm not doing this in my games anyway (I keep the houserules to a minimum) - I just feel the entire rings/stances/approaches system isn't thought through as well as it should be.
  17. Maybe they all should. Just a thought.
  18. I assume the idea is that, regardless of what you're doing and how, surviving oxygen deprivation is always Earth-based. It's not something you deliberately do, it's just your body trying to keep functioning. Maybe it'd be better if this wasn't a roll at all, given how rolls work in this system. I'm certainly not letting opportunities or strife from this roll have any effects, it decides success or failure only.
  19. I don't think they're needed but perhaps even more importantly I think rules for invocation research, if you really want them, should arguably be very straightforward, only regulate things like how long it'd take and what kind of prereqs should be met - they should IMO not involve checks of any kind. Putting in effort to learn a new invocation only to fail because of a dice roll sucks. It's not fun and it doesn't make for a better game. If you want someone to be able to learn a new invocation, just let them. Make sure the invocation itself is in order and won't break the game, set whatever limitations and requirements you want to set, and let them have it. Done. The only time I'd ask for a check to identify or learn some unknown piece of magicry is if the character wanted to try it based on seeing it being done or finding a manual and wanted to try it on the spot - so no research, just trying to bypass all the hard work with talent and luck.
  20. You can houserule it in if you want, but personally I don't think it adds all that much to the gaming experience. You do you though.
  21. We can debate the merits of different TNs and rolls, but I don't think it's worth dwelling on. Pick what you think gives the best odds and call it good.
  22. True enough. Just wanted to point out that dying in bed of old age is probably not the most common samurai death overall (and certainly not the death most dream of).
  23. Pretty much. You need to start taking real damage - which means crits in this system - at some point. If the only way you can die from suffocation is failing a resist check, you could be suffocating indefinitely as long as your dice are cooperating. That's still possible with crits, but a lot less likely.
  24. I don't apply critical effects if they don't make sense. Getting chocked or drowning is not going to result in getting maimed, other than maybe a scar across your throat depending on what's going on. edit: also, as long as you have them you can spend Void points to remove unconsciousness. Doesn't help with the actual crits, but lets you avoid the death roll at least.
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