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  1. I thought you couldnt modify dice using salvo?
  2. I kept beating my brother playing Armada and though it wasn't that difficult, but then I went to a tournament...... dead last. So I went home and got "serious" about fleet building. Played through a whole campaign, when to a few met ups, played more games with my brother. Then went again the next year..... dead last. But I believe this year will be different! And even if its no different then the years before and I come crashing into dead last again, Armada is still by top game hands down.
  3. I really like getting the Mc30 on the table. It's just a cool looking ship.
  4. I'm happy they are at least communicating and not just leaving us in the dark.
  5. I haven't played in awhile but all this news has me so excited to get playing again and with a new campaign I can get someone to join in one again. 200 point fleet's will be much more manageable
  6. Also my brother and I started a campaign that's used reduced point starting at 300 and capping at 400 because of my limited collection and felt like it worked fine. Maybe a 200 to 300 on a smaller playing field? Has anyone tried that?
  7. There was another campaign someone started similar to this adding in one expansion at a time. I'll try and find it in the forums. It turned out pretty cool and I'd be interested in seeing another.
  8. Well..... the shelf is full...... so on the desk it goes! Wife might not be happy about that haha
  9. Ginkapo thank you for taking the time and effort into making these two threads. I will be making a Pelta list for sure now.
  10. Crabbok on youtube has great Armada videos. Including on what to buy first for each side. He also has great breakdown videos for many of the ships. Personally I love the Mc30 for the Rebels and a the Gladiator for the Empire. Those are both smaller ships.
  11. The game only gets better as you add more ships and create your owe fleet lists. When they actually work out your on cloud 9 haha
  12. Used a Pelta, super excited when I got it. Easily distracted by other fleet builds. And for the Imperials Motti. Just seems to easy.
  13. The idea was to give them a lot of ships they could hide the objective with. So all small ships except the Flag ship which we decided could be medium. They mostly only had 1 upgrade.
  14. What's the shape difference between space station base A and B? Which one is made the same shape as the token?
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