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  1. Exhibition jumps to my mind as a first one...
  2. As in the title....any ideas? Especially, star spawn...I``m thinking about chaos spawn from wfb, added wings, and maybe head from original ffg miniature, or....even better, veargheist from VC wfb range, love the poses, love the wings...just add the original ffg head... And now something simple, ghost - i just dont like ffg miniature...thinking about classic metal wfb ghost from spirit host, or the new ghosts (bladegheist?? don't know the name, don``'t play aos, im die hard wfb fan ) just whiteout weapons, added oil lamp/candle instead ?
  3. Well now they can work whit a ,,clone,, of LOTR app...it supports a campaign mode, so why not mom?
  4. Already is....or was few days ago^_^ Check my ppst on bug forum Btw ask GALAKTA about that not ffg We are still waiting for Jurneys....
  5. Laptop Win 10 Reinstalled the app twice...still crushes.. Funny thing happened, im using a Polish version of the app, at 8am i see that the last DLC is translated, and also HJ too....but theres no official update...since then app crushes Where can i sent the crash report?
  6. I dont know if i can post here links to shops....so if you wanna link to FA pls pm me Damon just sended You a pm
  7. Eeeeeeeeee.....but why need to buy RECURRING NIGHTMARES and pay i dont know how much, when you can buy MoM Ied + Forbidden Alchemy and have the same... Here in Poland i bought Ied for around , 40$ (just the tiles + miniatures) used and forbidden alchemy (really easy to get one, its everywhere in shops) brand new for 25$...
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