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  1. Convienent timing: I was just about to post some stuff too XD I did end up taking the list I posted above to the tournament with some modifications: (38) L'ulo L'ampar [RZ-2 A-wing] (2) Predator (1) Heroic Points: 41  (68) Poe Dameron [T-70 X-wing] (2) Predator (0) Integrated S-foils (2) Black One (2) R4 Astromech (12) Proton Torpedoes Points: 86 (56) Ello Asty [T-70 X-wing] (0) Integrated S-foils (1) Crack Shot (4) Heavy Laser Cannon Points: 61 Total points: 188 Important notes: If you can afford them, torpedoes are way better on Poe than HLC (for me at least, and with how I like to fly him). Being able to reposition freely and then target lock, I think, is much better for him than having to try to actively get bullseye. Poe does better with freedom rather than constraint. Thus why I also flipped to predator (aside from the fact that Debris isn't hyperspace). With predator, on the rounds when you end up close and engaged, poe can pretty reliably take either a roll/focus linked or a focus boost, or even two repositions, and at least have one mod. This allows for much more consistent damage, and also allows you to generally have at least one mod, and being able to reposition, focus and have a re-roll was way better than a straight reposition focus. Crack/HLC is a dream on Ello (he did MAJOR work in getting me MOV at the tournament, in one case one-shotting an unlucky striker). Luulo is just Luulo. With the points change, this ends up being 194, which is perfectly viable, but being able to decide initiative was super influential. Depending on how hard initiative bids get hit by the points change, this might be perfect, or not enough. However, with the advent of the transport, this issue might be moot, due to coordinate. I put together this, swapping out Luulo for a transport: (68) Poe Dameron [T-70 X-wing] (0) Integrated S-foils (2) Black One (2) R4 Astromech (9) Plasma Torpedoes (2) Predator Points: 83 (56) Ello Asty [T-70 X-wing] (0) Integrated S-foils (1) Crack Shot (4) Heavy Laser Cannon Points: 61 (36) Nodin Chavdri [Resistance Transport] (2) R4 Astromech (6) C-3PO (6) Tactical Officer Points: 50 Total 194 I think this could be an exciting twist. It ends up at the same price, so that doesen't effect the iniatiative bid. Some points to consider: Negatives: Luulo's initiative, maneuverability, and firepower are lost. If needed, this can somewhat be made up for by swapping to Cova Nell so you get that third/fourth dice back, putting it at 196 (again, it depends on how much the bid war will be effected. If bids are suddenly 4/5/6 points this could be a viable option. Positives: it adds four extra health into the list, which can go a long ways towards preserving mov. (one bad shot means luulo takes half health and your opponent has an extra 20 points). I gain a (potential) blocker, with a reasonable amount of maneuverability (with r4 astromech). And at the cost of one stress token (which again, can be removed pretty easily because of the astro), it can coordinate at PS2, gain a calculate for itself, and then perform a red focus, lock, jam, or calculate action (which would give the transport three calculates I believe). It seems to me that being able to coordinate, jam an enemy, AND have at least one modification for yourself doesen't seem like a horrible trade. If anything it might help take some heat off of Poe, and certainly might take an extra two/three shots to die compared to Luulo. However the firepower deficit could be a problem. This could be helped by slapping an autoblaster or torpedo on the transport, (if bid isn't going to work, then might as well use the points), and can hopefully be balanced out by the extra damage from plasma torpedoes (which, in case you didn't know, work infinitely better than in 1.0. When you land the shot now, they automatically remove one shield before dealing any dice damage, so you always strip a shield if they have one remaining). Playtesting will tell, and its always possible to swap out the coordinate shenanigans for other crew and move up to Cova to gain back the firepower and defensibility. Just thought I'd toss it into this thread, might as well keep talking Resistance with the transport coming out! Any thoughts?
  2. Right? Did you ever want Rebel ships but with Imp Ace level abilities? Well try the resistance today! Of course, this is all just my opinion and how I like to fly them. You can certainly go for some beef/tank builds with the bomber, and I think as the meta opens up a bit it's going to be a really cool ship to try to work with. As soon as I get my hands on Electro Proton my dual Starfortresses are going on the table. But I think overall, all of their ships are useful, and all of them are useful for different roles through their pilots. Luulo can be super aggressive, but Tallie can hang back and be more defensive, and surgical, dashing in at the right time and staying alive, rather than going in screaming drinking hot sauce with the trigger superglued to the floor. (Luulo is good at this.) So mess around and hopefully you can find something to your playstyle. If the Falcon is more your style, I highly reccomend Han pilot with Rey Gunner and 3PO crew. His ability is significantly more useful in 2.0 than 1.0, and can really make your opponent think before placing. Usually you can fit that, some other upgrades, and 1-2 other ships depending on how you massage the points (Han with Rey gunner I think costs 80 on the nose, so actually three points less than Poe here. Hmm..)
  3. If you're looking for a less janky, I've put a lot of time into this list and am reasonably confident to do well at an upcoming hyperspace tournament: (38) L'ulo L'ampar [RZ-2 A-wing] (2) Trick Shot (2) Predator Points: 42 (68) Poe Dameron [T-70 X-wing] (3) Debris Gambit (0) Integrated S-foils (2) Black One (2) R4 Astromech (4) Heavy Laser Cannon (4) Advanced Optics Points: 83 (56) Ello Asty [T-70 X-wing] (0) Integrated S-foils (1) Crack Shot (4) Heavy Laser Cannon (4) Advanced Optics Points: 65 Total points: 190 Probably my favorite list I've made in 2.0. Its got some jank, and isn't 100% meta (I refuse to play the quad resistance meta combo that everyone's using). Ello is an absolute legend with HLC. One of my favorite pilots: on paper the white T-roll seems not overly good, and certainly seems predictable. And while there are certainly those moments, a lot of times people won't expect it, or even better, can't stop it. And almost nothing feels better than tucking in behind someone with an HLC and actions (being able to linked barrel roll/focus after a T-Roll means that anything in the lane where you've turned is basically toast). He's truly a joy to fly: not super complex but enables the absolute adrenaline rush that is good maneuvering that we all love. Luulo just adds to this. He has way more tactical depth than you'd expect. Learning to manage the stress is a really rewarding experience. When you first look at him, you kinda just see "regular A-Wing with the capability to shoot backwards and/or get four dice range one attacks". In reality, the options you have are absolutely insane. Deciding whether you're going to be taking shots, so whether it's worth taking the stress over having three evade dice. Using this info to examine what your best move is: do you run the risk and go in for the kill? Do you move past them and then rotate your arc backwards? maybe that would get you out of someone else's arc? Or do you just run away and set up for better options later? I've seen him carry some games for sure, but also doesn't feel completely abusive. It is certainly easy to do a dumb move and just get blown up, stress or not. But when you do make those risky plays and come out on top, Luulo is a great ship to do it with. Poe, is of course, Poe. Absolute maniac in the right hands. But he has a lot more high tensity moments than oen would think. In a game last night, he got dunked in one round by Luke/Wedge/Cassian. Albeit due to some lucky dice rolls, but the other two almost carried me to victory. It came down to a one health wedge killing Ello. Poe is just crazy fun: Black One opens up some amazing movement options (I can either one straight, or do a three/three talon. Or three/three hard and run away.) You can tank your way through the asteroids, or play TL/Focus flanker with your HLC on the side. The amount of options he gives is fantastic. Essentially, the resistance is about flashy, powerful, but also risky flying. They are super dependable, but also can thrive off of high octane play. The triple aces is, admittably, more circumspect in the current meta. And you don't have to go for these three ships. But before they outlawed it, Ello with Black One/Discharge Vanes was my favorite combo: the resistance to me is like a janky, flashy version of the rebellion. You can take some inventive builds and flight plans (I mean, they have the Bomber. Thats just about the craziest thing in the game, and I still have no idea what to do with it.) And they're getting the transport, which seems to be able to enable even more shenaniganary. They're just a blast, and I think have a lot of potential that's unexplored: they got bypassed because of Kylo and the FO, and then the Republic/Seperatists: I'm looking forward to more craziness with the shuttle coming out. Good choice!
  4. I played it some when the resistance first came out, and I am of the opinion that Han + Rey gunner is better than Rey pilot. Gaining the initiative ( and a janky ability that actually had much more good use than I expected) with access to force just felt... good for the same cost. I think it's actually in a very good spot within the resistance (that plus two seems to be decent), the issue is more that large base ships aside from the Upsilon are still struggling. With the current meta, having more ships for more shots is just... better... than having one large base which can dish out a solitary shot and still bite the dust in one or two rounds. The ship itself is well priced and balanced, just isn't really worth it to take it for serious play. I did find it to be way more interesting to play than the Rebel Han though. He just feels straightforard and stale, while new Han can provide for some pretty hilarious situations if the opponent doesen't set up well.
  5. Yeah thats been my challenge. You don't necessarily need that many upgrades on either ship (again: you strictly only REALLY need FCS on Rexlar to make him a beast, but anything else makes him more of a beast), but when those two ships with one upgrade cost most of your list then....... (grumbles about the Defender costing so much and then remembers they would be absolutely murderous if they cost any less). Vader and Rexlar both with FCS is 151. Swapping to Maarek with FCS is 132 That bumps you up to being able to take a 68 point ship with two fives (plus whatever your third ship is), which is pretty respectable. Thats also exactly enough to take two naked Planetary Sentinel strikers which could be good. I would be inclined to run more ships than less, but as usual with the Imperials 2 Ace + anything more than one ship is really hard to make work. Really it comes down to your playstyle and what you want to run.
  6. I would definitely get FCS/Advanced Sensors on the Defender for what suits your playstyle. I played a custom game with Rexlar + FCS, against a decked out Dutch and Garven (X wing). He roasted both of them and took no damage (albeit due to lucky dice), but I think even without said insane dice, he can do some INSANE work even without Juke. If you have the points Advanced Sensors can make the Defender insanely squirrely and unpredictable (namely your white 4K becomes way harder to block, which is quite good). Soontir is Soontir (though I would make sure to avoid getting killboxed and nuked), and Maarek is Maarek (would also avoid getting killboxed). Small note, while the other two provide threats, Rexlar is still likely to be the main target your opponent will go after because he has the most health/evade dice, so removing him before you start losing your own ships is a good option as an opponent. Not saying it's impossible to play, just that if your plan is to keep the defender alive by using other ships as more juicy targets, you're gonna need something like Vader who scares the heck out of everybody. Looks awesome!
  7. That too. This all why I think it should cost one point: It adds an insane amount of utility, and completely changes the dynamic and flight options for your ship (basically like throwing 150% Dash on your ship). You can effectively ignore obstacles, shoot, off of them, take actions, and have to options for repositioning off of them,and I think that ability should come with a bit of a price, thus the one point. I'm not saying its game breaking or anything. I absolutely love the card, and Struts Vultures are some of my favorite things in the game to fly. They're dynamic, fun, and really fly unlike almost any other ship. Being able to keep asteroids as a backup movement option is really cool and an awesome design and game mechanic. I just think theres a reason it isn't free or baked into the ship (you can either save points and go for the pure flying swam mechanic, or you can invest a little bit *which should be more like a point a ship* to gain some fortressing and extra options besides simply flying around.) Just my thoughts though! I don't mean to be that mean jerk who just rants at everybody who disagrees with me 😛
  8. Well long time no see but I finally finished that game and 2 others. The original one with Wolffe and the 2 Jedi went well. Wolffe is a good ship in the right setting, and has a lot of potential, but not with two Jedi. Either he dies super quick, or they target a Jedi and then your arc can't turn around fast enough or do enough damage. While I get that he makes a great damage soak, paying premium points for a damage soak that dies in one round isn't worth it IMO. If you could last generally 2x3 and take a bunch of shots in the process, that would be one thing. But he gets one shot off, and then typically melts, or sucks a bunch of crits and is super low with like ninety stress tokens, a tractor, and four destroyed engines somehow. I want him to be really good, and I think he will: it's just not strictly the single Arc's time to shine in the meta. I then happened to play a game with the squadron pack only against the SoS pack and discovered that Synched Console was quite good while trying out the dual torrent strategy. I then played more and have ended up with this list: CURRENT BOI (44) Luminara Unduli [Delta-7 Aethersprite] (16) Delta-7B (2) Synchronized Console Points: 62 (25) Gold Squadron Trooper [V-19 Torrent Starfighter] (5) Cluster Missiles (2) Synchronized Console Points: 32 (25) Gold Squadron Trooper [V-19 Torrent Starfighter] (5) Cluster Missiles (2) Synchronized Console Points: 32 (46) Mace Windu [Delta-7 Aethersprite] (16) Delta-7B (4) R2 Astromech (2) Synchronized Console (3) Heightened Perception (DEBATABLE) Points: 71 Total points: 197 Heightened is an addition I have yet to try, so it's really 194 if I need to fit other stuff on (like a mech for Luminara. Still haven't figured out which one). Conclusion is that 2x GST's are totally better than the One Arc. Getting an Extra ship, 2x small base, one more health, and 2 extra evade dice is HUGE. I love the arc but I definitely thing you have to have more than 2 of them in a list to be worth it right now. Luminara is absolutely insane (short of being focus fired. She still pops like a balloon if that happens. If she doesn't though MAN can she pull her weight. Ive consistently dodged four hit attacks at range with her, and she keeps crits and other nasty things off of the torrents. She is ENTIRELY USELESS against focus heavy squads though. Against ships that don't have focus or something though? Simply removing a one hit attack is very, very fun. Mace is good. His ability gets occasional use, but dang he should have been a five. I'd prefer to take Anakin, but I'm not too good at Anakin's playstyle (never played much Soontir) so I'm kinda just stuck with Mace. He isn't awful, but dies just as quick if he gets killboxed (consistently failing to roll focus results with full force is always entertaining). In total, I am, at present, doubting the viability of some Republic stuff at tournament right now, outside of the current Meta set squads. I'm not saying they aren't viable (and it seems they're certainly better in hyperspace rather than extended), but I think the current meta builds are going to stay like that until we get the N-1. Playing with the pilots within those archetypes just doesn't seem to be as effective (Roughly same squad as above, but with Anakin instead of Mace, is way more meta and I believe making some impact at tournaments. Swapping to Mace just hurts it in the long run.) I know that obviously certain pilots aren't the best on the ship, but I think Anakin is basically a must in squads with one or more Deltas plus an arc/torrent. He's the only Jedi that can truly go out on his own and just wreck face, even after playing with Mace who has the only actual force regaining ability of the pilots. I think it's just harder to play without Anakin, as it becomes way easier for opponents to both PS kill you, and just move better (this list would probably die to the same thing with Anakin almost every time with a good pilot. I played mirror matchups but with Anakin/Ahsoka swapped for Mace/Lumi, and got absolutely destroyed.) Overall, the whole thing is a bucketload of fun. I don't think I'll be taking it to tournament, but it is a blast to play. Luminara is a really good support piece, 7B is a great upgrade, and R2 on your flanker (Mace) is a REALLY good option. I'm super stoked for the N-1: I think that will open up a lot of utility with a set of ships that are already really good.
  9. I think free is a bit much, but certainly lowered to one or two points. Three feels like a bit much, and takes it from being a useful and good card to have, to having to sacrifice something else to take it (generally), but I think that 0 and just baking it in would be a bit insane. I know it's not the most OP card, and you have to play around it, but the few games I've played against it have seen even 2 vultures strapped to an asteroid doing serious work and casually not dying. In the right hands, they can be absolutely murderous, so I think maybe one point would be more fair. Again, not saying that they're going to break the game for being cheaper. 3 IS a bit much, but I think that making it free would be a bit crazy. Having every vulture in your squad (an entire vulture swarm perhaps?) being able to just strap itself to a rock every game for free would be a bit crazy. Even the X-Wings have an opportunity cost on their free card, and the vultures get defensive buffs and can just rotate around like a turret. Thus, I think like, one point would be appropriate.
  10. Essentially what shinbo said. I basically flew them for a month straight and came to the same conclusion. THIS BEING SAID, all three ships are insanely fun to use. The Republic, as a faction, in terms of ships, pilots, and identity, is crazy fun. I think they're just going to get WAY more viable as they get a few more ships. Even the Naboo I think is going to have a huge impact. Having generics that can hit hard and also dance around with the Jedi is going to throw a huge curve ball, along with the Y Wing coming later. This means I remain hopeful, as rather than being the Rebels who were kinda crippled and could possibly go downwards at the start of 2.0, they are pretty good and just overshadowed by other factions with better stuff, and can only get better as time goes on. I think the biggest issue is that the Arc is just a fireball foom foom magnet, so playing two or more is basically required. This means that you're left with the Torrent (which isn't strictly bad by any means, just kinda limited in options for true viability at the moment), and the Jedi (which are crazy fun, but about half the roster doesn't exactly work with the current ships, which is why adding the N-1 and Y wing is going to be so huge I think. Take for example, Plo Koon and two Y wings with ProTorps for example, probably with a second Jedi in the mix, or an arc or some torrents. With Plo available, both Y wings can shoot Protons Two rounds in a row, which opens up way more possibilities and stuff). Basically, they have a bunch of potential, but like the FO don't have too many options to work with. After all this, Mace, Luminara, and 2 GSP's is where I'm leaning right now. Luminara is a monster, and Mace because I haven't caved and given in to the Anakin side yet.
  11. I would say he is, especially because you can realistically just run him naked (other than S-Foils of course) and be perfectly fine. He doesn't strictly "need" any upgrades to be anywhere from pretty good to very good depending on your dice rolls. I've got him in a list with Corran and Norra (arc) and I'm highly considering taking it to a tournament. 62 points is a bit expensive, (considering you can take Wedge with some upgrades), but you also don't need to put anything on him to be good. Run him in your formation and have extra firepower and some survivability, or run him as a flanker and just largely avoid damage. Really you're paying 62 points for an insanely consistent ship. He always has access to mods because you don't really ever need to worry about spending the force. No matter what, by the time you defend your first shot (if they shoot before you), you will always have two force (you always start with one from regenerating normally, gain an extra one from being shot). This being said, he doesn't have the damage spike that Wedge does. Really it comes down to whether you want a ship that's really good early game and gets better as the game goes on if he doesn't take damage, or a ship that can absolutely shred at the start but will probably die way quicker. Both options are awesome, depends on what you want/need for your list.
  12. Just a quick note, if you happen to want to drop the reaper down for points or something, Vizier just got a huge buff with the Rules Reference update, as his free Coordinate is now white. Just wanted to point that out in case you were not considering him because of the red. (Vermil probably works better anyways, for what you have in mind, but if you're planning on using the reaper to Coord/block, I think that's definitely the way to go: saves you some points too so you can toss burners or predator on anyways).
  13. My favorite build right now (assuming you have access to an EPT) is R4 and Predator. FCS if you have the points, but predator makes it redundant. For one thing, it's four points of upgrades, so you can toss it on Corran or a Rouge for cheap, and it doesn't restrict you like fire control does. I've found that R4 is too good to drop for R3 (and you save a point), and with predator, you can simply switch targets mid fight. Take a lock at the beginning anyways for free, so that way you can switch from a target in predator, to one with the lock if it becomes better, but that way you don't have to switch your lock like you would if you had FCS. Just my experience (particularly with Corran as you get re-rolls on both your shots due to bullseye requirement). If you want to go the FCS route (which is totally fine, I've just found that I think predator is better), definitely go all in and take R3 and FCS, rather than going halfway (taking R4 and FCS). Essentially, maneuverability and re-rolls, or dependable multi target (and you can always toss FCS back on if you have the points too!) Corran and two Rouge Squadron Escorts each with R4 and Predator puts you at a spicy 190. That leaves you with three points on each to be at 199, or you could take FCS on the Rouges and put a four point on Corran, like Spare Parts Canisters. Or upgrade a rouge to Gavin for 195. Much option! (though I actually really like upgrading to Gavin to absolutely bring the pain). This is just my experience and playstyle though, so take it with a grain of salt. The E-Wing is hilariously fun to play though. Not super overpowered, but remarkably well balanced for it's cost. Good times!
  14. I mean.... realistically all the Rebels used some shady stuff. Give me Stygium Particle Array on Wedge!
  15. Cloaking Device (illicit) is different from stealth device (mod) no?
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