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  1. Cool, you might want to ask about the game on the X-Wing forum, this one is for Star Wars Legion.
  2. Maybe something along the lines of "Roll up to 3? red dice and apply them to any hull zone on one of your ships and an equal number of black dice for one of your opponents ships and applied them to the same hull zone."
  3. Probably my favorite landspeeder I've seen yet, I'd love to see more of you work.
  4. I'm in love with all those FT helmets, and those veterans especially are just fantastic. Great work!
  5. I don't think you would need a separate model for the Pilot droid? Just don't attach the antenna and you should be good.
  6. Make him like Hondo where he affects both sides but turn it up to 11... I want to see him create chaos and excitement!
  7. If we get Nute Gunray, one of his command cards has to be "Shoot her or something!" or I will riot.
  8. They're both lizards, and Padmé rode a lizard in AoTC? Idk, that's all I got...
  9. I'm not sure if I've seen any conversions, but the idea of taking a cheap, fast vehicle and bolting on a heavy weapon is a surprisingly popular and effective. It mirrors the real world concept of a "Technical" which have proven to be extremely effective, even against legitimate armies. They are well suited to the hit-and-run tactics of the Rebellion and it makes sense for them to use cheap, easy to obtain/repair vehicles with hard hitting weapons against the relatively slow and heavily armoured Empire. If I were to convert one I'd probably go for some more suped-up engines, maybe some makeshift armour plates and really lean into the makeshift look.
  10. Well, the standard play format is 800pts and there is also skirmish which is 500pts but for casual games you can go as big as you like.
  11. That red and white Starhawk is something else... Fantastic work!
  12. I gave making rules for some of the other forms of Lightsaber combat a shot, lets see what everyone thinks! Form I (Shii-Cho) "Shii-Cho Mastery(Add one white dice to the attack pool for every mini in the defending unit.)" The reasoning being that Form I was effective against groups of opponents but less so against a single target. Form IV (Ataru) "Ataru Mastery(If this unit performed a move in its previous activation it gains a dodge token when it activates, The unit can also perform a jump 1 move action out of base contact)" Form IV is the most acrobatic of the forms and this is intended to reflect that, It could do with some re-wording but English has never been one of my strengths... Form VI (Niman) "Niman Mastery(While defending, if you spend a dodge token discard up to 3 suppression tokens.) Form VI is the most balanced form of Lightsaber combat and its simple nature allowed its users to relax and encouraged the usage of force powers in duels, so this is supposed to reflect that by allowing its wielders to keep their actions open to allow for force powers and the like. What do you guys think? Not sure how balanced these would be but that's what a second opinion is for!
  13. Not confirmed but it's pretty much the most iconic CIS ship so it'd be silly to assume that it won't be in the game.
  14. I love the sort of permafrost basing that you have going on, I'd love to know how you did it. It looks fantastic!
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