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  1. We have the SSD and the Rebellion in the rim coming soon with two more ships and clone wars confirmed. The game is certainly not dead, FFG is just busy with Xwing 2.0 and legion at the moment. Hang in there!
  2. Unfortunately no, they are counted as a Rebel ship in game and thus balanced around Rebel commanders, upgrades, etc. There's nothing stopping you from trying it in a casual game but you'd have to ask your opponent first.
  3. I will most definitely be ordering some stuff from you once the private store is up, your work is fantastic but shapeways pricing has made me hesitant to order.
  4. White Natural Versatile Plastic requires some preparation before painting and the detail isn't great. Smooth fine detail plastic looks way better in detail texture but is a bit more fragile and much more expensive. If you've got the money, SFDP is the way to go but sometimes it's just too much.
  5. Some really good advice, just clarifying a few things that might be confusing to new players. Also by named frigates, I'm assuming you mean Nebulon-B titles like Yavaris and Salvation? Or possibly Gallant Haven on the Assault Frigate MK2? Either way some nice points, I'd also recommend checking out Biggs' blog and his articles on each ship and how they like to be flown, really helped me out as I was getting into the game: http://www.steelstrategy.com/p/commanders-guide-links.html
  6. Raider I (44)• Agent Kallus (3)• Ordnance Experts (4)• Flechette Torpedoes (3)= 54 Points I've found out recently that this combined with some squadrons and occasionally the instigator title can ruin someones day if used right. Prevent the enemy squads from attacking while your fighters pick them off. Also not completely useless against ships thanks to the OE.
  7. Unless you can get one for cheap or are getting a friend into the game, then it is not that bad of an Idea. But generally, it's a good idea to go for diversity of upgrades, rather than duplicates at first.
  8. I wouldn't recommend getting a second core set. If you really want the extra ships then buy them in the separate expansion packs because they come with different upgrades. The second core set would give you a bunch of redundant upgrades, objectives and damage deck you wouldn't use.
  9. If you're not using the tournament restrictions on 2 flotillas then Ackbar and a bunch of gr-75s and a cr-90 should get you around 189 dmg? Though I'm not sure how the rules surrounding Ackbar and gr-75s work.
  10. Yup, my bad. I knew something was up. For some reason I thought I could trigger ACM on every critical roll.
  11. I managed to fix mine with a pair of 3mm x 1mm neodymium magnets.
  12. Gladiator I (56) • Admiral Ozzel (20) • Assault Concussion Missiles (7) = 83 Points Gladiator I (56) • Assault Concussion Missiles (7) = 63 Points Gladiator I (56) • Assault Concussion Missiles (7) = 63 Points Gladiator I (56) • Assault Concussion Missiles (7) = 63 Points Gladiator I (56) • Assault Concussion Missiles (7) = 63 Points Gladiator I (56) • Assault Concussion Missiles (7) = 63 Points Squadrons: = 0 Points Total Points: 398 Assuming you can double arc + CF with every ship, then a theoretical 216 damage should be possible in 1 turn if my math is correct 😁
  13. I'd take the Home One, it's a bit easier to fly than the liberty IMO. The liberty is great but it requires a fair amount of skill to fly effectively whereas the Home One is relatively forgiving to new players.
  14. So I've been in the game for a bit over two years now and have collected a decent sized fleet for both sides but I haven't really done any list building as the extent of my playing has been super casual games against friends with every ship possible on the table. Anyway, take a look and as always C&C appreciated! Name: Red dice are nice Faction: Empire Commander: Darth Vader Arquitens-class Light Cruiser (54) • Enhanced Armament (10) = 64 Points Arquitens-class Light Cruiser (54) • Enhanced Armament (10) = 64 Points Interdictor Suppression Refit (90) • Darth Vader (36)• Wulff Yularen (7)• Projection Experts (6)• G7-X Grav Well Projector (2)• Targeting Scrambler (5) = 146 Points Raider 1-class Corvette (44) • Assault Concussion Missiles (7)• Ordnance Experts (4) = 55 Points Squadrons: • TIE Fighter x6 (48) • TIE Interceptor x2 (22) = 70 Points Assault: Advanced Gunnery Defence: Fire Lanes Navigation: Superior Positions Total Points: 399 So my plan with this list is to have the two Arquitens fly around wrecking ships out their side arcs with Vader rerolls and the interdictor acting as a medic/tanky lifeboat. The TIEs should provide a basic fighter screen and the raider as a possible distraction carnifex/objective grabber. Please, tear this list apart and show me the ways of successful list building 😂
  15. I've done something similar with a group of 5 where I was the only one who had played before. I got everyone into teams of 2, with me swapping between to help the teams out/clarification of the rules and strategic advice. It worked pretty well IMO,
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