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  1. Yes, this is 100% right. Center is a lot like channeling for invocations - keep some die to guarantee better results when you actually perform the action.
  2. I noticed the same thing too. It's doubly confusing because the description for the new Center is: However, the new Center action does nothing to help you avoid being struck, since it no longer ups the TN to be hit
  3. Another change needed: Strife bidding is now a value between 0 and your Focus instead of your Composure.
  4. Yeah, I agree. Out of my table, three players are completely new to L5R and one is an experienced 4e player - the way she's using Opportunities and interacting with the NPCs is leaps and bounds ahead of what the others can (and I'm being way more permissive than I'd like to with stuff like etiquette and expectations so I don't overwhelm them)
  5. What makes you say 5R5 is more elitist and geared towards players familiar with the setting and game as opposed to 4e? I'm not disagreeing, just in case, just curious to hear your thoughts.
  6. My main complaint (and one that my entire group shares) is that while scaling school abilities per rank are cool, we really really miss having a new, unique ability to look forward to in each rank-up. Even just one more ability at Rank 3 would go a long way towards making each school feel unique.
  7. Oh yeah, you're absolutely correct here. I hadn't thought of all the different ways to obtain katana in-setting.
  8. We've had plenty of very important, very productive threads about rules, balance, and the fundamentals of the game's design. But what about L5R as such? What's going on in your campaign? Did your players figure out an unexpected solution to a problem you posed? Are you trying to convert an older module? Did your character do something really cool? What kinds of stories are you playing or running? Yeah, this is a "let me tell you about my character/campaign/NPC" thread, go wild.
  9. I don't know if this is RAI, but my interpretation was that, as samurai, you're expected to not have a katana and a wakizashi, but a daisho proper - swords forged together, meant to be together, two halves of an indivisible whole, and it's a huge breach of etiquette (and grounds for constant loss of Honor and Glory) to have a mismatched set like some disgusting ronin. In the spirit of this, the second option precludes picking a katana as one of your other melee weapons.
  10. The Unarmed weapon has the Natural quality which means it's always prepared unless your limbs are bound or uh, missing. Even if your hands are full, you can still throw elbows or kicks.
  11. I specifically recommended this to my players to get a feel for the petty politics of minor daimyo, the kind of in-house intrigues, backstabbings and romances they can expect, and how the decisions of the top-ranking samurai affect the lives of lower-ranked ones and peasants.
  12. Explosive successes essentially grant you what would be 1k1 of the same type of dice in the old system, except you have the choice of keeping it or not. And no, you can't swap out results, you choose which dice to keep from the original roll before rolling explosive successes.
  13. Exactly! If anything, the bookkeeping happens during the scene ("The bushi is Dazed and I have Water Fist activated but if I roll I will almost certainly go over my Composure, and I'd need two opportunities to end the fight now anyway...") while after the scene ends you just go "Ok we're back to normal and I lose uhh two Strife".
  14. I second nameless ronin. If your main point of contention with the rules system is one of the simplest and most straightforward systems in the game, I'm inclined to think you are misunderstanding something. When a scene ends you heal strife by your water ring, and "deactivate" persistent effects like kiho, ignored (dis)advantages and conditions.
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