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  1. First played Ani- Matham CCG 1996 Anime Expo. Bubblegum Crysis, Ramnaa 1/2, El Hazard & Techi Muyo characters 1st run. The future expansions with Armitage, Oh my Goddes, Project A -ko, Dominion tank police, Phantom quest corp & Dragonball Z Made by Upperdeck an open ended system allow all characters interact. Stats fighting Fireball/shield & Cuteness/ charm. They had locations, Disasters & items as part of the mechanics. You can even play by yourself. Is it possible if Fantasy Flight work a deal with Funmation? They have so much: "One Piece," "Fairytail," "Attack on Titan" " Black Butler," "Assasination classroom," "Full Metal Alchemist," "Fist of Northstar," "Fruit Basket." "My Hero Acadamia," "Ghost in a Shell," "Afro-Samurai " "Akira," "Baka and test," "Code Geass," "Evangelion," "High School DxD," "Tokyo Ghoul," "Outlaw Star," "School Rumble," & "Rurouni Kenshin." ****... breaking the bank on Core sets & Expansions is this LCG happens? What are everyone else opinions?
  2. Big Fan of table top games since 80's (I feel really old now) Just like Die hard fanboy I had "Warhammer" blueprints hanging on my wall. I played CCG in the 90's as alternative to L5R, Mutant Cronicles, Ani-Mayham & Magic. Using new L5R LCG mechanics a Battletech LCG wold be dream come true. True question what time period would we start? 1v1 or Multi player would guess be major battle in Successor State history. Each house woul be like L5R clans with each Unique clan only Mechs. (Steiner: Zeus, Laio: Vindicator, Davion: Valkyrie, Free world: Hermes, & Kurita: Dragon) House Dropship (Stronghold) Two decks "Stockpile," (Dynasty) Mechs, Characters/ Mechwarriors, fordifications, Logistics & Supply "Conquest " (conflict) Mech's primary weapons (Attachments) Support units (Areotech, Armor, Anti mech teams, & Dropship weapons) Commands (Alpha strike, Death from Above, Commander duels, Coolant truck & resupply). Political actions (Spies, local revolt, Comstar account, Underworld deals, & House traditions) The dial used L5R resolutions can used on number of missles hit, extra card bids, command decisions ....... What does everyone else think?
  3. Hi I started playing Legend of the Five Rings in 1995 at little game store in Cypress, CA called "Gamer's Guild," I know this is totally LCG game mechanics, but maybe some old CCG cards might work with a few changes. We can just all dream it may happen. Sorry it has been years try remember card text, plus my tweeks for LCG Imperial ed & Shadowlands exp. "Enough talk!" Automatic enter a duel to negate any one honor loss. Winner gains one honor ( Maybe use political stat) "Prepare to dig 2 graves," - Reaction: Target a personality in battle that won causing loss of province. Until the end of game when your character opposes that personality battle gain +2F/2P bonus "Poison Weapon," reaction: After duel dial revealed reduce total result -3 Lose 4 honor. "Togashi Hoshi," Man beast Dragon (His father Yokuni is one Original Kami (eternal dragon) Where do you think magic tatto for monks. " Kami blood." "Avoid Fate," reaction to a event, the event does not occur now. The event is replaced next action card in coquest deck. Shuffle event card back into deck. "Ninja Shapeshifter" - ability to copy ONE abilty Force, Political, action, Trait or honor you control. "Investigation," - Reaction: Cancels effects of Kolat, Ninja, or Assassin for rest of the turn. The responsible family lose 3 honor "Oath of Fealty," - one non alignied personality becomes part of your clan the rest of the game & gains +1F/1P Post your wants...
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