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  1. man, I think we just have trouble comprehending each others, because that's exactly how I feel about RPG in general. Reading that I feel like we master games with the same philosophical way : apply the rules, because they make the game more dangerous and balanced, and thus : more fun. I'm just saying that rules should not prevent any character of doing something they would logically be able to do : if so, it mean the rule is not well written, and thus it is the duty of a gamemaster to change the rule. But it should indeed not change on a whim : because rules need to be stable, and one does not change it just like that : once you changed the rule you let all your players know and you stick to the ''new rule''.
  2. Ho I agree you have to respect tue rules allwright (and thus know them by heart as a good GM), but not when they're stupid : when they are you have to modify them to match your mastering style. you do as you wish man, but I'm not the guy that follows rules blindly just because they are rules : first rules of an RPG : the GM makes the rules. it's in almost evry RPG book
  3. yeah, but logic implies that you can ''breath calmly'' and thus lose fatigue / strife the moment rules take over your sens of ''what's logically possible for a character to do'' is the moment you stop playing an RPG
  4. is it not the case here? you can use calming breath at the end of the scene, or anytime you wish, and it works only till you hit half your endurance/composure. it's how I'm gonna play it anyway.
  5. Victory! thank you FFG for considering us, nitpicking GM
  6. I agree, but here it's irrelevant : adrenaline in combat and stress-gestion is covered by other parts of the rules (katas, composure,resilience and all the rest, like the fact that if you're accustomed to fight you won't keep much strife on your dices as you rool more of them). my point is : thoses rules can lead to absurd situations any GM wants to avoid, thus they need rectifications, even small ones
  7. Well, it is a roleplaying game, so when the GM says ''no'' to an action, he has to explain why, in the universe's logic, the action cannot be made. you cannot say ''the rules don't allow it'' or ''it is not in the spirit of the rules'' because there is no ''rules system'' in the fictive universe characters are in : concretely, if the character cannot perform an action, it need a real reason. just saying ''no'' without good reasons is just a failure from the GM or from the rules : a roleplaying game is ment to allow characters any action they would logically be able to accomplish in a given fictive universe. that's why this issue with the calming breath rule needs to be adressed : it is a beta, oure role is to spot the rules point that will eventually be problematic in one way or another. (that's why I never play mouseguard or Torchbearer, because you got stupid rules like the need to collect (bull)''chips'' to be able to f-ing rest ! what a joke!)
  8. man, I like your take on the rules, I hope the new rules will be inspired by thoses
  9. dudes, I keep saying that TN to be hit should NOT increase, why do you keep trying to convince me, we are saying the same thing ! I'm just saying we should maybe look at a system or something that makes it not exactly the same difficulty to afflict two different level characters with a technique. NOT the TN to be hit - I understand that, it's OK yes, that also means that hight level fighter can not use some techniques uppon each others or even uppon mid-level character, wich makes them useless, since the TN to resist won't change either !
  10. except fencing has nothing to do with real fighting, plus european fencing is different from japanese one; Having faced and watched chanbaraka of various skills, novice and mid-ranked fighers tend to jump at each other's throat more easely, werheas experienced ones take more time to overcome the other's defense. fights are somewhat short in all cases though. an experienced fighter will not likely fall into traps easily, and keep a good posture, not leaving any openings for the adversary.
  11. Why? on the contrary I'd say long-trained warriors should have difficulties overcoming the other, and have trouble finding a breach in their defense. but anyway they're not going to come back on the TN to be hit they made that clear. still it feels odd that you can inflict conditions upon an adversary with the same number of opportunities weather you confront a mere bandit or the emerald champion.
  12. just a little nitpicking there, but technically, Niten in not a Iaijutsu style : it is impossible to draw two weapons simultaneously (because you need to hold the saya : it is just tucked into the Obi). when you practice Niten, you are suposed to start the duel with your two weapons in hands, and cross them before you, point facing down, when you salute the adversary.
  13. anyway it's not just about combat : it seems odd that any one knowing the right suji could learn - for say - the emperor's ninjo just by spending 2 opp
  14. I don't think they're going to change or remove the strife mechanic anyway. I personnaly like this mechanic, and I don't give a **** if its called a narrative system or not : i just like the idea that your character's emmotion are taken into consideration. but as I said earlyer : if you don't like the core mechanic of this game, it's just not for you : you don't HAVE to switch to 5th ed, 4th is good to you know.
  15. I noticed that striking a target that is not aware of your presence is still TN 2. maybe the rules should need a specification about that : if the guy does'nt even know you're there, maybe the TN should be lower. And for the more unexperimented GMs, maybe it should be noted somewere that you do not need to roll the dices to kill someone who is uncouncious : the guy is sleeping, I don't see how you could miss his throat (by the way greate usefullness on the ''bayushi'' shcool here, for the lethality augmentation on unconcious targets). I know it's obvious but to some it will be their first ropleplaying game, so maybe it should be specified
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