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  1. I tried looking for that in the article but wasn't able to find it. All I saw was top 8 from day 1 continue to day 2. What am I missing, @Tokra?
  2. @CommanderDave vs Rikash has ended. CommanderDave chose 1st and we played my Fighter Ambush. I scored 214 points to 72 for CommanderDave. I therefore won with an MOV 142 which is just barely an 8-3. CommanderDave was kind enough to offer to do the writeup tomorrow. Tagge-ing @Karneck.
  3. @Beginner2Winner vs Rikash is complete with a victory for the Loyal Sons of the Empire (me). Rikash scored 475 vs B2W's 210 for an MOV of 265, 9-2 for me. B2W chose to go first and we played my Fighter Ambush. I deployed facing slightly to the left side of the board, centrally, where B2W deployed to the right of the board in a staggered column. Our squads were between the ships with mine being near the central station thanks to the objective. I hard turned in and B2W moved 2 Yt-2400 up to hit some squads but who paid for their temerity (having only done 2 to Rhymer) with their lives (Rogues + squad activation next turn). With me facing down his fleet top of 2, B2W dropped in the MC75 at long range in my front arc (as his entire fleet was at the time). His CR90 moved away (Bravely he ran away away, brave brave sir Raddus) and this gave the opportunity to pop Bright Hope (who was in medium range). I then moved to try to pin his MC75. His squads did a bit of bombing and the MC75 was (somehow) able to get out of the pin. This left me with a double arc on the MC75 and medium range on the CR90. B2W moved the CR90 away and I bombed the MC75 and fired my 2 arcs (QBT boosted) leaving it on 1 hull and 5 shields (lots of accuracies on redirects). This allowed the rogue rebels to bomb the SSD with impunity for the next 2 turns. Next turn the MC75 pushes more damage into the SSD and escapes onto a debris field. With no adjacent shields (after the debris) a single Firespray shot to the front pops it and the others went to work on the CR90. Over the next few turns I would tie up and kill most of his squads and 3 rogue Firesprays would drop the CR90. I didn't have a window to repair above half (I would have taken more damage from squads then I could repair) so that left us with 1/2 the SSD down and a JM5k dead. I tabled and was slightly ahead on Fighter Ambush tokens (primarily due to some dire rolls by B2W's squads). Thanks very much for a great game, B2W!
  4. @Zamalekite (199) vs Rikash (105) ends with victory for the perfidious Rebel admiral Zamalekite (just for Karneck) with MOV of 94. Rikash was given first player (again). Objective played - Intel Sweep A good game that would have been closer (and possibly back my way) if I hadn't messed up the squadron game. I moved up too aggressively and was forced to alpha. Zombie Ten did horrible triple tap things and I lost the squad game. I wasn't quite able to pick up the nebulons thanks to some clutch (zombie) blocks by the Evil Toryn Farr and her little ships (that were somehow able to block an SSD that plowed into them). Thanks to @Zamalekite for a great game!
  5. He and all his little bomber buddies just want to be your friends. You can't disappoint them like that.
  6. Victory for the Empire! Thanks to @medaloffairness for a great game. @Karneck Battle Report:
  7. Rikash vs @medaloffairness ends with victory for the Empire! 400 vs. 181 was the final score for a 219 MOV. Rikash was given first despite losing the bid. Rift Ambush was the objective of choice and had a major impact. I made the choice to pick the more interesting Rift Ambush (which I've only played once and MoF never at all) instead of Superior Positions without thinking about Ezra Bridger.This became a game of avoiding my SSD getting trapped on the gravity rift (he got me briefly) while whittling down the squads. Grav Rift was in the middle with a spread of terrain around it. I deployed to the right and MoF to the left. I hard turned to get ahead of him (landing on and delaying my squads) and put myself dangerously close to the rift (but not where Ezra could push it ahead of me). I managed to put the SSD ahead of him and his ships didn't have the commands or tokens to slow down in time. Bright hope died to a multitude of ram damage (some self inflicted) while Yavaris died to two side arc double arcs (and zombie- double rammed me thanks to the objective). I miscalculated and had a shield dial overlap the rift, leaving me to take a couple rounds of defense-tokenless shots while I waited for the objective movement to get me off the station. Thankfully the first turn MoF wasn't in position to take great advantage of the opportunity. My squads did eventually triumph but weren't fated to do much damage to ships themselves. Instead, the MC80 died as it rammed the SSD twice (thanks to the rift) and landed on the rock at the same time (8 hull damage taken with 4 faceup from rocks). Log to be found here (probably doesn't have turn 1 or a bit of turn 2): https://drive.google.com/open?id=1IfeDYu8El4jqPC9XrM6frnvSGUoLM_0f
  8. @medaloffairness vs Rikash starting now on Vassal. I've picked Rift Ambush (to make this more fun).
  9. @medaloffairness and I are playing Thursday at 9 PM UTC+2 (UTC-5 2PM for me). Looking forward to seeing how the fireball does.
  10. I haven't played in a Vassal tourney in a while. Sign me up
  11. You're going to be really sad when Cham Syndulla on a Hammerhead gets dropped in and you don't get to command squads for the rest of the game. I'd drop Palpatine for some kind of command fixing. Looks like a solid concept otherwise as you have the ability to turn with TEA/Vanto as needed.
  12. Forcing them to continue landing on rocks, take ram damage, AND Jerjerrod damage to maintain their double arc while avoiding flying into your double arc and out of theirs works too.
  13. Raddus on an ozzel/Corvus raider to make it sting even worse.
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