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  1. Forcing them to continue landing on rocks, take ram damage, AND Jerjerrod damage to maintain their double arc while avoiding flying into your double arc and out of theirs works too.
  2. Raddus on an ozzel/Corvus raider to make it sting even worse.
  3. @TallGiraffe It was pretty solid but for the points I like Captain Brunson better. Obviously she can only be in one place, but she'd be the first thing I reach for. Other then that it was pretty handy for reducing incoming damage from the b-wing apocalypse (spoilers: Harrow still died to the 6 bwings sustained attack). In sector fleet, I like the idea of a trailer Harrow VSD2 with PE feeding an SSD shields and taking some long range shots at things.
  4. Minefields objective without Lambdas is going to be a sad day when someone with VCXs/Lambdas walks all those mines under one of your VSDs and 1 shots them without touching the shields. Maybe Salvage run or that new wannabe blue Contested Outpost (Doomed Station?) instead? Other then that, we have the rules. I don't have the link handy but @TallGiraffe does.
  5. @Blail Blerg There's a big bid for 2nd player. All 3 objectives have tokens to be manipulated. Squall and/or FCT moves the Lambdas which moves the tokens that are near Moralo Eval. Each time they move, Moralo Eval gets to move up to distance 1 and attack. Then you rinse and repeat by actually activating the lambdas and Moralo Eval. You can move him a huge distance and have him attack a huge number of times only limited by how many FCT/Squall/etc moves you get with the Lambdas.
  6. We had a tournament this past weekend and someone took a similar idea. Only 3 Lambdas and with more protection for Moralo to make sniping him out harder but it was still nasty. Trivially getting 7+ attacks from one squad is just obscene.
  7. @Tokra Interdictor suppression Motti Targetting Scramblers GSR HIE Proj Experts Brunson Interdictor D Caps Interdictor Suppression Yularen DCaps Targetting Scramblers G7-X Grav Well HIE Proj Experts Morna Jendon Firespray Bossk Decimator IG-88 400/400
  8. @Tokra 1st place leader has 2 activation 2 interdictor with (maybe?) Motti and rogues. 2nd place has something similar to your worlds list. @comatose is running his double Pelta list (not sure if back to Rieekan or still Leia?). Sam was running his Pryce/Quasar/Dictor list. I know @geek19 had something with squads and neb(s?) but I don't know the details.
  9. @GiledPallaeon This was a fun and informative read so thank you for tossing it together. But now I'm curious how you think carriers and Star Wars mixed-role craft who also act as carriers (basically all of the capital ships) fits into your grouping?
  10. @Green Knight tell your friend to quit spying on my phone and stealing my builds.
  11. A Grand Admiral's timing is always impeccable.
  12. @Ardaedhel is king of MC30 spam and found that Mothma wasn't doing the work she needed to be doing vs the unholy trio of Morna/Maarek/Jendon. That parallels my own observations having played against similar lists. I think it's probably Dead Fish (Rieekan) that you're wanting for playing into 2-ship. Generally would agree that dropping RBDs and getting TRC on the corvettes would be better. I think you probably really want to get to a higher activation count for match-ups that aren't 2-ship/Pryce lists.
  13. If you don't mind me asking, how do you feel about FAQ/Errata? Those are similarly online only, with only a few cards being reprinted with the new text (Rhymer Alt Art is the only one I can think of off the top of my head). It seems like the points value would be even less of an issue. If you and your opponent choose to, you can completely ignore the online rules and just use the printed point values (without the benefit of the balancing that the updated points cost reflect). If FFG discontinues Armada or goes out of business, the last PDF should still be available (somewhere online) or the printed card values could be used. This isn't directed at you exclusively @Darth Lupine, I'm just trying to understand why people dislike the option.
  14. I'm glad you mentioned that I should have clarified that I meant it would be a good one to grab if they're available at normal price.
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