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  1. Thank you. Oh it was an old E-bay Model what is was in Basic size i dont remember me...Sorry.but the easy Kit from revell has the right size for legion.
  2. Here is my finished Second scarif terrain.
  3. Here is my newest Projekt for my scarif table
  4. Thanks for all the positive Massages. My Next Projekt are 2 normal stormtrooper Squads and Mobile scarif terrain Pieces.
  5. I understand you.but it is only for a end of a sight of the table for the middle i have other terrain ? i postet here in Future.
  6. Here Now are my Complete Dark site. And here is my first terrain for my scarif table Now in painting process... The Amal Lasers from the Inferno troops is building with paperclips.the missle is with paper(same System by at-st).
  7. Now i finished my inferno squad.i Hope you liked that.
  8. Thank you.Here are vip Pictures in painting proces from my inferno squad.
  9. The backpacks is from Warhammer 40k tau.or you mean the painting? On weekend i Hope the Squad is finished painted. I have Today a Idea and Build a Second conversion in this squad its a little surprice for the weekend ?
  10. Here is my Darth Revan conversion of luke skywalker.
  11. Work in progress on my first Inferno Squad Model.what is your opinion? Im not sure of the Red...is that to Dark?
  12. The white Material is normal Print paper ?
  13. Here are my new Projekt.building is finished.Darth Revan!in Basic it was a Luke miniatur. And here was my Building picture:
  14. My starkiller is Now finished ?
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