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  1. I was expecting a slow roll out with time to build a playerbase.... Y'know, sorta like all the other LCGs ever. It's not solidarity... It's that there aren't going to be any middle ground players at all. Just toxic ultra-competitive types, and one-core casuals. The tone of the replies to my comments proves this pretty strongly.
  2. I suppose my point wasn't clear enough. I'm not quitting because I can't stretch to afford it. I'm quitting because this cash-grab is going to discourage new players. With so much content coming so fast, there won't be any real time to build a community before people start falling behind. I want to raise awareness that this was a poor decision. I wish I could ACTUALLY not purchase, but I already got my cores expecting one thing, and instead got something completely different. So now I need to sell core sets.
  3. I was very excited for this game, for the opportunity to get into an LCG with a cool theme, on the ground floor and be able to keep up with it. But now someone at Asmodee/FFG marketing has decided to rush out 6 packs in 6 weeks, after previous declarations that the packs were going to release once a month. So now the barrier to entry is $210 plus tax (3 cores and 6 packs), for anyone who wants to start the game after the new year begins. In just three months (October-December) the barrier to entry that kept me out of other LCGs will be established. And I guarantee I'm not the only one. Starting in January, the influx of new players will likely die out very quickly. It's very hard to convince someone to start out by A) always losing with a smaller cardpool, or B) having to drop enough money for 3-5 other games for this one game. So I quit. I quit now, before the game ever had a chance. I would have bought every pack, every box expansion, for years to come, and now instead I'm selling off my cores and quitting before it even begins. Good work FFG/Asmodee. I will be skeptical of purchasing anything from you in the future.
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