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  1. My question is also the simple One: Is there any conceivable way to continue producing new physical product for Imperial Assault--specifically for the skirmish game? Thanks!
  2. You can pass through more figures with Davith cut’n run or Salacious ability 😝
  3. Seriously? Why no one has used this card ever then?
  4. I enjoyed a lot playing a list with Maul 7 Jedi Luke 12 Rancor 10 Nexu 4 Gideon 3 Jawa 2 Beast Tamer & Temp.Alliance 2 Obviously not too competitive, but you can make an interesting command deck with Force user, brawler and creature cards. Rancor tanks a lot of damage and you can “work” with Maul because he’s not the main threat of the list. In the swamps is really difficult to play though. I have to give it a try in the new Jawa map.
  5. Why not consider taking Heart of Freedom and Han's Card in this list? HoF seems good for removing harmful conditions on your big guys. And Han's card for obvious reasons
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