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  1. So as I thought, he gets two boost cards against every player, right? I ask because I was confused by the [+Encounter Card] side schemes. I thought that meant every player gets 2 encounter cards, but only the first player receives one. I wasn't sure if Klaw was the same way or what.
  2. I feel like the wording on Klaw is kind of odd. His text states: "When Klaw attacks, give him 1 additional boost card for this activation." I assume this means he flips two boost cards anytime he attacks anyone. Is that correct? Or does he only flip two boost cards against the first player he attacks each round? As a follow-up, if he attacks based on revealed encounter cards ("Assault," most obviously) would each of those attacks count as separate activations? So if two players each flipped an "Assault," each would count as a standalone activation and as such, would result in two boost cards per. I just want to make sure I'm playing this scenario right. I can't imagine I'm the only person who finds the wording a little nebulous.
  3. I'm guessing it'll be another female hero in conjunction with Thor. I can see gender parity being important to them (a 3/2 split in core, 1/1 in expansions so far excluding Thor) which frankly, I think is really cool. I wonder if we'd get something really goofy (compliment) like Squirrel Girl, or if we'd see the first Ally-to-Hero transition in Black Widow or Jessica Jones.
  4. I'm super excited for brand-new heroes, but I was thinking about how you could broaden existing characters. It'd be really cool if they came out with a Spider-Man expansion or Iron Man expansion that was just 3-5 new Alter Ego/Hero Cards + Hero Decks. Maybe Hero cards more specifically geared towards specific aspects with new abilities and stats, rather than a simple alternate art of the existing cards, and a Hero Deck to coincide. It'd be a neat way to easily generate lots of new iterations of popular characters without dedicating multiple traditional expansions to them. NOTE: I'm also addressing the Alter-Ego because you could totally have a new Spider-Man and it be Miles Morales, Ben Reilly, Miguel O'Hara, or whoever. It'd be neat to get variants for Peter Parker/Spider-Man, or Steve Rogers/Cap (hopefully we see a Sam Wilson/Cap!), etc.
  5. Man. How many folks would appreciate being able to buy just a pack of the "Standard" encounter cards for like, $3? It's just really annoying to keep swapping them in and out of every scenario. Surely I'm not the only one to feel this way.
  6. If I understand correctly, multi-resource generating cards (Strength, Energy, Genius, etc.) can't have their resources "split" to pay for two one-cost cards, right? Same with Peter Parker's Alter-Ego ability. You can't "float" the resource then flip to Spider-Man and use a Web Shooter resource to pay for a two-cost card. Is that correct?
  7. I'm fairly certain I understand how this works, but just wanted to be sure. My question pertains to Step 2c of the Villain Phase. 1. Accelerate the main scheme. 2. The Villain activates. 2a. Give the Villain one facedown boost card. 2b. Player chooses whether or not to defend (in event of an Attack). 2c. Flip the boost card-- When flipping the boost card, the card is essentially blank aside from the boost icons, correct? For example, if you revealed an Obligation, it simply goes to the discard pile, since it's lacking any boost icons and is not being revealed during the Encounter Card phase. Another example would be a Treachery, like Advance. Revealing it as a boost card doesn't trigger the Revealed ability and prompt a Scheme, right? Any help would be appreciated. Thanks!
  8. How do Port District and Reaping The Crystal interact? Would a 3-cost upgrade still gain ambush from Port District when played with RTC? Any help would be appreciated!
  9. So how exactly would "Ambush" work with this? I'm thinking how Sabine abuses Ambush weapons, so you Feint her in slapping a Holdout or (ideally) a DL-44 on her, you'd have to remove all the dice from the pool as per Feint's requirements and then you could utilize the second action? -Feint, activating Sabine -Activating Sabine triggers her ability to play a weapon from your discard pile onto her -Play DL-44 from pile onto Sabine, giving you Ambush -Remove all dice from the pool as per Feint's requirements -You may now take your Ambush action Is that how it would work? Because if the Ambush would interrupt the Feint, that would be nasty. Even if it's not and you already have the DL-44 loop set up, you'd get to immediately mitigate two dice if you used your Ambush action to roll her back in overwriting the current DL-44 for a second one, AND resolve a die.
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