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  1. i just likes the idea of making a fake political attack, weakening their hand then go for a full military attack (mostly on the stronghold). and I’m the type of person that makes weird decks for fun.
  2. i’m playing a crab deck with the splash of scorpion. the cards are 3x seal of scorpion, 3x meek informant, and 3x smoke and mirrors. let me know if this is good or not
  3. So people have been talking about having minor clan cards and it gave me an idea. What if instead of choosing a n element for your role you can choose a minor clan (example is seeker of the bat) then there can be minor clan role only card (like bat role only) let me know what you think
  4. I want to see how this looks so i can proxy it Flame of Justice 3 Fate Event Action: if you haven’t made a conflict, honor all of your characters
  5. XD i was in class when i saw that and i bursted our laughing.
  6. I notice that crab can be very hard to go up against and here is one reason. WAY OF THE CRAB so for this example say player one is crab and player two is a different clan (let’s say crane). at the beginning of the game player one gets eager scout and way of the crab. player two gets Hotaru. player one goes first and plays eager scout. player two plays Hotaru. player one then plays way of the crab and sacrifice eager scout and forces player two to discard Hotaru. That is a BIG game changer and i can’t wait to use it
  7. I agree and they should have limits to decisions and i apologize i didn’t mean to give us every option we could desire. what i’m saying is they should give us a pool of options to choose from and from there make the story
  8. I think if they want to have a player driven story like the old game they should let players give the ability to do whatever. They don’t have to make spider again. depending on the player who won that player can make a new clan if he wanted.
  9. So i’m very new to the L5R game, i started with the lcg but i did research on the old game and now i have a question. will they make clans during the game like the spider clan or not? if so that would be amazing but i can also see them not doing it because making a new clan would be hard. the only way i can think of them doing it is by a deluxe box. Well no matter what i hope all of you are having fun with the game like i am!
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