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  1. Gink has a very good point here. I faced @comatose this past Saturday as first player with 1 ship more than he had and a Strat Adv when he did not. Turn 3 started with his Armored MC75 facing down my Ordnance MC75 at close range with Dodonna's Pride and TRC Jaina's light both at medium. I've got him dead to rights, no? No. @comatose had Bail on his Shark(do we have a good nickname for these yet?) Tuna? Anyhow, he timed and positions Bail perfectly on round 3 and my first place activation strong fleet couldn't do a thing about it. If you're having activation woes I'd definitely check Bail and Pryce out. Getting your heavy hitter into position and loosing that first barrage can be a game changer.
  2. Consistent ranged shots or iffy close up crits? I've gone back and forth many times about this and was stubbornly in the turbolaser/ion cannon camp until the MC75 dropped. Just this past Saturday I ran the following list at Adepticon in Chicago; Most Wanted, Con O, Solar MC75 Ordnance Strat Ad, OE, Quad Lasers, ECM, APT, Ord Pods CR90B Dodonnas Pride Pelta Assault Dodonna, Projection Ex, IF! CR90A Jainas TRC GR75 Toryn Comms Net 3 YT2400s For me this is a very 'crit fishy' list and it had a pretty mediocre performance, I placed 10 out of 16. Just for context this was my first major tourney and I had only played the list once before on Thursday. The thing that got me was that I didn't roll that many crits(although the Interdictor Targeting Scrambler sloughed a few) and I am wondering if crit effect weapons are more effective than those which add dice control or negate defenses(i.e. XI-7's or Leading Shots). I'd like to hear your thoughts, anecdotes, and perhaps even charts and graphs on the subject.
  3. I had the pleasure of tangling with that monster round one. Hands down one of, if not THE, most frustrating ships I've ever had the headache of battling. I predict we might start seeing a lot more of this much maligned ship in the coming year. I would have been better off engaging his gnarly ISD.
  4. Kudos on that build. It was AWFUL to fight. It was perhaps the only time it would have been better to fight the ISD instead! You've got the right guy @Snipafist, I live in a suburb far far away on the 'outer rim' of Chicagoland. The best place for folk in my area to link up with you city folk(Corucago? Chicagoscant?) is likely Games Plus, however that might be an awful trek for y'all as well. For me it's about an hour's drive. I'll get out to Fair Game one of these days. From all the pics I've seen it looks like a very tidy and well put together store. It's always a pleasure to see a game store that's not your typical cramped 'nerd dungeon'.
  5. I played Saturday at Adepticon and unfortunately got shuffled next to people I had already played(so take the sample size with a grain of salt) however I still saw it in a lot of lists. The 'unactivated ship' ruling didn't drastically change it's usage in my opinion. I had brought one with a 5 activation list and faced two 3 activation lists with Adviser and a 4 activation list without. It helped out a bit against the 4 list and I saved him against the 3 lists a couple of turns, seems to be a good way to go but still haven't worked out the exact permutations of how that works. The running joke all day was calling him 'the politeness officer' as one player would trigger and the other would pass it right back. "Hello there, Strategic Adviser Jones here, I'll need you to activate a ship"..."Oh hello Adviser Jones, this is Strategic Adviser Smith here. I'm afraid we can't do that at this time, I insist, please activate a ship." I hope they FAQ it so that the opposing player MUST activate a ship, just as the card is written. This was discussed a bit at Adepticon with no real consensus as to whether or not it would be a good fix.
  6. It was great to get out and meet everyone, despite going 0-3 I had a really good time and will likely come out again next year. Also way to make the Interdictor great again, hands down the most awful thing I faced all day! Not sure if Jack is on here and what his tag is but it was a good match and I hope to see you again some time in the future if not for Armada then for our shared passion for A Feast for Odin. Shout out to @comat0se for a crazy exact tie game. I may have to find my way down to Champaign just to try my luck against you once more!
  7. Thank You/Bump Post This looks great! I am slowly working to establish an Armada presence in my area and I think this will be a GREAT way to bring new players into the game and avoid the freak out factor of needing 400pts and 2+ hours just to start. I'll try to run this soon and will report the results.
  8. That last pic for the engine glow on the shuttles isn't working...I wouldn't normally be so picky but that's the one I was really after!
  9. Thanks Dras! For something small like a 2400 should I start farther in the gradient?(i.e. Temple Guard Blue). I've never done this before and I don't want to end up with a green engine glow when I was going for blue.
  10. Hello All, I am about to dip my foot into the fighter painting pond by doing some YT-2400's. My biggest concern approach this is how to do the the light blue engine glow. Can anyone give me some paint recommendations(specific colors) and tips for achieving a good effect?
  11. Oh god, now look what you've done! I think this squid thing was just an elaborate ploy to allow the drowned god access to our plane of existence. Enjoy your apocalypse by insanity folks!
  12. Someone needs to get on KDY right quick and make this guy a commander card!
  13. Sidenote, back in Tucson a lot of us called the MC80 "the/a pickle". Hey, at least it's a little more kid friendly if you've got any little ones about. Also, for what it's worth, 30's will always be shrimps, too late to turn that bus around. And in case it wasn't answered earlier, Assault Frigate Mk's are sometimes referred to as guppies or space whales. I have also heard them called potatoes...maybe we had a vegetarian bent back in Tucson.
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