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  1. I think it discarding the card is also a good part of the card. I know @Mad Cat has lost at least one game by Med Teams discarding a crit card, and saving an expensive ship.
  2. I remember when thread necromancy was frowned upon. Those were the days.
  3. Admitting that you're resurrecting a dead thread doesn't make it ok to resurrect a dead thread.
  4. If you're worried about "none canon" match ups you're playing the wrong game. You can have dead characters (say, Biggs who dies in ANH (spoilers )) bombing the SSD (which isn't around until after ANH), which is flying alongside Chimera (which disappeared before ANH) which happens to be an ISD II (which was a version of the ISD after ANH), all the while Keyan Farlander (no longer canon) is hoping for Jan (not canon) to intel Howlrunner (not canon) so he can join in the bombing. The imperial commander is Tarkin (also dead).... gods I can go on. The games there to have fun, and be interesting mechanically. Captain Brunson is everywhere? Don't think about the canon implications, it's a game. There is nothing to stop you playing "canon" games, but I see literally no reason for this whole "era specific battles only" mindset. That someone will think FFG will "enforce" something like that seems bizarre to me. It's a none issue. Man that was a lot of words to say "it doesn't matter"
  5. I'm not sure the extra 34 points is what makes full or nothing a thing. It's just having more than other people. If someone brings 134 for Sloane and you got 100...
  6. Yup but two SAD activations since the title can unexhaust it.
  7. Is Moff JJ better when running for turning control? Or maybe even Cracken since you're hopefully gonna be speed 3 the whole race?
  8. Needs more Star Wars references and bad puns
  9. Did I read that right. 28 upgrades? Did I see a VSD title card in that huge spread?
  10. The best ship is friendship. The most inportant thing is the friends we make along the way. Just kidding it's the GR75 medium transport.
  11. Beanie Games in Stockton on Tees will be having a casual tournament 10th March. I know at least a few people going;) https://www.facebook.com/events/545521505968907/
  12. It was the UK North East / Beanie Games yesterday. I think rebels took top 5 spaces, Riekeen ace squads coming first. Sadly I didn't get the lists but I think someone did, so we're just waiting on them
  13. That Kuat has the raider nav chart?
  14. Driven across country for small store tournaments. however, that's not that impressive, only about 75 miles from the east of England to the west Me and the usual gaming partners travelled 4 hours by car for nationals though. That'd be the longest trip we've done, although we're seriously considering a longer trip this year for euros.
  15. A very sad day for Thrawn. I feel the matchup was against me here, with the ISD forces to confront something while getting hit from every side! Not to discredit @Mad Cat's impeccable positioning as always. I think a second game with the same fleets I could maybe pull out a minor win (6-5) with a whole new approach (or lack there of) of toilet bowling the VSD at speed 3 while squads eat a small base ship. Either way it's scary list on the turn everything hits you. Shields are gone redirect is useless. Brace isn't a massive help because ACM's extra 2 hull hits ain't effected. i wonder how it will fair versus a more maneceurable opponent though. JJ arqs or similar.
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