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  1. Not sure if this should be in a subforum or not but: I built my X-34 today. I appear to have gotten two of the Rodian / Greedo heads, one of which doesn't even fit in the neck hole for the driver. I kinda want the human head (yeah yeah, human supremacist). Where do I grab a human head? Anyone else get a double head?
  2. Can we talk about a subtle thing everyone has missed. The Starhawk preview has 5 volley defences, 1 brace, 1 redirect, 1 evade, 1 contain. the admiral adds one of any defence except scatter. Needa adds an evade and the box he came in had an extra evade. i think the starhawk has 4 volleys as defences and NOTHING ELSE
  3. Me and @Mad Cat were considering it, but I realise we left it a bit late
  4. I wouldn't make a list that you "need" to get 5 hit crits. rerolling black dice is unreliable. You're just as likely to reroll into blank as you are into hit + crit. before rerolls you're aiming for a 1/1240 chance. Assuming you're firing your dice every round of a game it's only realistically gonna happen 1 in every 171 games. now remember you're just as likely to reroll into blanks as hit + crit. tl;dr: I would change your list if you "need" to roll 5 hit and crits. edit: I should stop posting in the wee hours. Misread your post OP. Akhrin was much more on point then me
  5. What happened to that guy anyway?
  6. Not really a list addendum, but I wouldn't recommend skipping objectives. Most of them only change minor things but their absolutely nessesary to balance out the power the first player gets.
  7. And yeah that was me. I blame it been my 22nd consecutive hour awake.
  8. It is Mad Cat. He placed above me at 13th, something we had no end of jokes about in the car ride home.
  9. I mean, I had an Imperial list with no ISD, just all small base ships and somehow snagged 14th, which was a nice boost after my abysmal run last year 😛 Edit: to Ben actually useful I'll see if I can grab Grame's fifth place list.
  10. Congrats to him! Don't feel so bad just losing to him now.
  11. I know I was super curious all day as to what the prizes were and for what, given that FFG hasn't even really made a post about it yet. So I hope this helps some people out:
  12. U.K. nationals just gave top 16 imperials the Kallus card, and top 16 rebels the Hondo card. There were only 17 rebel players so only one missed out To clarify the other confusion: Top 64 was the two cards you can see above. Their single sided the back sides have the exact same art as the front minus the overlay (dice, ship name, upgrade etc.) Top 32 was double sided plastic spot gloss of the same art. Can post some useful pictures tomorrow
  13. I will say we had some drop outs before we even begun here so it's down to four rounds. Top table at round 3 looks like Riekeen aces vs imp 2 ship at a quick glance.
  14. I think it discarding the card is also a good part of the card. I know @Mad Cat has lost at least one game by Med Teams discarding a crit card, and saving an expensive ship.
  15. I remember when thread necromancy was frowned upon. Those were the days.
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