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  1. I am rather shocked that there are so many people on this forum who are apologist for the armor system. I completely agree with the 0P, the armor system is jacked and ruins the game. I do not think that striking as earth would need any modification. It would become a unique ability, giving you resistance that is not given in many other places. Therefore, leave it rules as written. Let’s be realistic, striking as water is basically the same as trading opportunity for damage. True a lightly armored target would be less vulnerable to the technique, but clothing can give you as much as two points of armor! In short, I would simply change striking as water to increase damage by opportunity, and call it a day. Those that is quite awesome, and water does not need anymore help at being awesome. I also do not think you need to worry about way of the crab. So what if your raging HIDA does not take wounds? He will still drop fatigue quickly, and be removed from the fight. Truly, I would question if he would even want to wear that cumber some armor… Except he gets to ignore the cumbersome tag I believe. Of coarse your heater will lose his big, heavy, expensive armor in just two strikes. Because… One thing you overlooked about armor that is cartoonish, is how easy it is to destroy. I have a mantis in my game, whose armor reduces all strikes by two. He has had at least four suits of armor destroyed! If we are worried about real life – which we should do only sparingly – how many nights survive the destruction of their armor? Now all that said, if armor reduces critical strikes, I believe that it will make it a waste of time to spend opportunity on critical strikes. More of a waste of time than it already is that is. This would be a sad loss to the game. Also, for as flawed as the rules as written are, they do simulate the fact that heavy crushing weapons are the best way to defeat heavy armor. I like that one aspect of the rules As a bit of a tangent, I think that DND style armor class is actually far better at representing how real armor works than reducing damage. With a single number and a single comparison, it neatly illustrates how you have to strike skillfully in order to wound someone. FWIW, Friday will be the last day I’m using this game... switching to another system to get my Rokugan fix unfortunately.
  2. What game are you playing? Without the use of heart piercing strike, I’ve never seen a critical strike and anybody in a combat. All it might do is cripple one of the rings, forcing them to switch to another ring that’s maybe one point lower.
  3. Generally I like what you’re going for. 1. Have you played with minis yet? The RAW itself states that the game will play different on hexes vs abstractly. Trying to make the two match is admirable, but is it worth the hassle and head-space? For my part, the differences between range 2 and range 0 weapons almost never come up. I’m planning to use maps in my next session Friday. Because the nuanced melee ranges are rarely an issue in actual play, I plan to use the RAW grid rules (except maybe with hexes, to avoid the diagonal issues). I think and then characters will find an advantage with their reach 2 weapons. And that is about my experience without grids so it should be fine. 3. Avatar has a house rule which basically says “all wound effects for each ring are cumulative.” That pretty well covers the issue in my book, though there are some nuances that need to be addressed. 4. I too have thought shields are pretty powerful. However, keep in mind that you’re sacrificing a hand for that resistance. 2 handed weapons are better than 1 handlers by a decent margin. Also, shields are cumbersome. This will become especially relevant when using maps, I suspect. Though it may be irrelevant if you don’t make cluttered maps. Long story short, are shields really better than having heavy armor? I probably wouldn’t allow prayers while carrying a shield. 5. I love that you love Usagi Yojimbo. The guy I think of that thrashes people with his scabbard is Haohmaru from Samurai Showdown. Though that is actually how sword pommel isn’t it??? 6. I agree. This is a serious peeve of mine. Though with such a large number of ninjitsu now, should the Shosuro Infiltrator pose rituals or Shuji? 7. If you are the GM and you control unmasking, isn’t this rule... pointless? 8. I have issues with NPC Void points. Give them and NPCs feel “fair.” But be sure to describe their use. If all you do is spend Void for boosts, the PCs will never know the difference and this rule becomes invisible. And generally speaking, invisible rules are useless rules.
  4. Good morning,First, I want to say THANK YOU for Court Games and for the Crane Wibbly page, good stuff!Second: I'm completely unfamiliar with prior editions of the Kakita Artisan.Now, to my commentary.PASSIONATE ARTISANI really like the direction of this school ability, but some of the execution is problematic. 1. Gaining strife while performing is cool, so the first leg of the ability is fine. Gaining strife while using artisan skills in a social setting is likewise good. Gaining strife while crafting is neigh irrelevant-as it'll happen during downtime when you're not in a stressful situation-but ultimately keeps the ability simple, which is good. 2. One thing I appreciate about the RAW design of Artisan and Crafter schools is that none of them are strictly better at crafting. The Asahina do add * to rolls, but that's only for invocations, not crafting, and * doesn't really add to the quality of the item anyway. The Kaiu's items are better, but only when they use them personally. My concern is that if you make a crafting school that is strictly better from a dicing perspective, then that becomes the go-to crafting school for anybody who wants to make a craftsman. I'm not sure if my concern makes sense... 3. Becoming Exhausted from the school ability is GREAT. Thematic, and potent, considering the fact that a) it'll happen VERY rarely, and b) exhaustion is damaging in both physical and social conflict. If you can orchestrate it so that you unmask from this ability as the last scene of the day, thus making the exhaustion irrelevant, then you have earned the "free" unmask, IMO.Sidebar: I do not think that becoming exhausted is a standard unmasking.TECHNIQUESI like that you've created 'class' specific techniques. I think this is a REALLY cool concept. I've been pondering making School specific techniques myself, but 'class' specific ones are a great new niche.TO OFFER EASEWhen I first read this, I felt it was a little all over the place. After reading through your comments on this school, I now understand the idea. Flavor text will clear up any future misunderstanding.I'm not sure it's worth a Rank 5 though.TOUCH OF THE DIVINEThis really should be for the Kakita artisan only, seems a bit too "special" to extend it to ANY artisan.RESPONSESResponses to other posters (sorry I didn't quote directly, this forum is... challenging to use on my phone).I agree with Alisair Longreach that giving Invocations to this school steps on the toes of the Asahina Artisan. Having a 2nd Crane artisan already infringes on their turf, making a 2nd magical artisan seems redundant. Though I LOVE the fact that their art animates, pretty cool.I disagree with Moncalamari, for while the school may get more starting techniques than other schools... one of them is Artisan's Appraisal. Come on, that thing is so super niche as to be nearly useless (though I DID use it in my game once).I also disagree with Moncalamari about his issue with the curriculum table. Firstly, I think that it is GOOD for designers to branch out and make new ideas on their tables. Secondly, I think that the writers did a poor job with some of their tables, so improving on them is a plus. Thirdly, while I'm concerned about these artisans infringing on Asahina's niche, if I ignore that concern, I LOVE the inclusion of invocations on the table.I disagree with Magnus Grendel (whom I usually agree with) when he criticizes the unmasking benefit. Firstly, I didn't realize that you could negotiate other consequences for unmasking. Secondly, not all GMs would allow the exhaustion unmasking... until they read it as part of your school stat block. Ergo, while others might be able to use the ability, giving it explicitly to this school isn't a waste.
  5. Most of it has 5E conversions. The main thing is the TNs. Everything else is fairly System agnostic.
  6. Take Avatars concerns with a grain of salt. He armchairs a lot of things that he claims are “wrong” with the system.
  7. This is how o view the WR. In fact I sort of assumed that was RAI..
  8. I think all the conversion is right there in the document. Though the organization leaves something to be wanted. It’s a lot of writing to encompass a simple idea. I might write up an “express” version that distilled it down to a few short pages.
  9. I’ve been listening to the Court Games podcast. It is quite enjoyable. One of the hosts has a site with some custom rules to help supplement your courtly intrigues. The link is below. TL/DR: you get influence for doing court stuff and spend it to get what you want from important people. During a court season there are a handful of courtly actions you can take. https://craneclan.weebly.com/the-influence-game.html
  10. Heck, I was planning to make a water ring centered battle maiden myself. I hope it’s good! Why is the knife such a big deal? It’s concealable, but if you use Iaijutsu then every razor edged weapon can be drawn and cut with.
  11. I like fan and sword. The capstone ability doesn’t make sense to me though. I don’t personally like abilities that are restricted to 1/scene, like Magnus said. I think the ability would be pretty slick if, instead of 1/scene, you could only transfer strife to fatigue if your strife exceeded your fatigue. And vice versa. Perhaps reduce the transfer amount to (school rank) instead of twice that amount. Either way, they’re badass dualists.
  12. I liked your reference sheets so much, I’m inclined to tweak them for use with my group. I’ll probably put some more detail into the actions section. I particularly appreciate you putting all the uses for Void points in 1 spot. Also, I’ll modify your opportunity page to match my own preference.. To that point, I’d like to discuss some of your choices on the opportunities, and of course let you know what I’m planning to do. GENERAL OPPORTUNITY * My group has NEVER used the opportunity to find an easier path when attempting a check. I don’t think I’d include this option, it’s not really our style. * Providing assistance is similar, we’ve never used it. However, I think that might be because players tend to focus on Ring-specific options. So I might leave this. Alternately, I might make it a ring-specific benefit. Earth opportunity seems to be all about giving help to others (for some bizarre reason) so it might be appropriate. * Every ring has the ability to spend two ** in order to modify the narrative somehow. We call this a “declaration,” which is a term from the FATE and BURNING WHEEL RPGs. At my table, we allow ** to be spent to make a declaration about anything reasonable, and we don’t limit it by the ring you’re using. There’s nothing thematic or evocative about Fire declarations being limited to ‘missing stuff’ and Air declarations being about ‘noticing stuff about others.’ So we just simplified it and said: spend ** to declare something. This hinges partially on our lack of creativity on this front, so YMMV. AIR The RPG Gumshoe (and it’s derivative, Night’s Black Agents, which I’ve read) is a game about investigation. However, it handles investigation differently than other RPGs, and for this, it is lauded online. See, Gumshoe assumes that games are fun when you find clues, and boring when you don’t.. So Gumshoe automatically gives you clues and information you need to move the story forward. The question is then: what do you do with the information? You can make rolls and spend resources to get MORE information: more details, info that’ll be advantageous during your next step, etc. So there’s still room for character skill. With that in mind, I believe that information in L5R should be easier to obtain, Especially Giri, which should be blatantly obvious. I shouldn’t need to go to school for special training to figure out somebody’s job. Ergo, when I boiled Air opportunity down to it’s core, I decided that one of its main tenets should be getting information. To that end, I made the main Air opportunity do the following: *Learn any 1 piece of information from your opponent’s sheet. It can be any number (ring value, social stat, amount of Strife), any (dis)advantage, or the target’s Giri. The one exception is the target’s Ninjo, which is deeply personal and thus harder to divine using your instincts and wits. So, I’d use this opportunity to replace the option to learn demeanor/current strife. It’d make Air a lot more useful, in both social and conflict situations. It will certainly negate the value of some Shuji, but I’m not concerned about this. Acting Subtly is, generally speaking, throwing away opportunity when used at my table. Not always, sometimes its pretty nifty. Anyhoo, to beef it up and streamline the system, I made it so acting subtly will increase or decrease a TN by 1. The TN modified depends on what you’re doing. Saving a * for opportunity is fine, as is dodging arrows. Why’d you reduce it to * and 1 TN, instead of ** for 2 TN? EARTH I like the teamwork aspects of Earth… until I roll it, and have no way to benefit myself meaningfully. This is a beef I have with the Earth ring. As with acting Subtly, I made acting carefully give +/- 1 TN. Interesting that you made a limited increase of resistance. Why did you do that instead of reducing critical strikes? I feel like terrain and terrain qualities are already very difficult to apply. Making them easily negated by using an opportunity really diminishes tactics, IMO. Ergo, I removed this option. FIRE This is almost exclusively used to dole out strife at my table. As with acting subtly, performing in a flashy way might modify the TN. This’d cover the TN modification opportunity that you have. What’s the narrative behind giving somebody strife when they attack you? Seems like splitting hairs: you give strife, or they get strife when they attack you… it’d be simpler to just do 1 of those options. WATER This is almost exclusively used to remove strife. It also adds to your Composure. I feel like this double-dip of water into the strife sub-system is a design flaw. I’d be interested in moving this option to another ring, perhaps Earth or Void. Efficient = +/- TN, IMO. Removing strife AND removing fatigue = Water is an Uber ring. I’d say give it one or the other. Granted, this is deviating a bit from RAW. Do you think RAW water is OP? Since ignoring resistance is already covered by Striking as Water, making this a core option of the ring seems redundant. True, striking as water is better, but in a way that’s nuanced. My water-ring player never uses this option nor does he use Striking as Water. VOID Void is all over the place RAW, it doesn’t really have a core theme of how its opportunity works. Fire is about giving strife, water is about recovering from bad stuff, earth is about resisting bad stuff, Air is about observation (sort of…) but Void? It does a little bit of everything. Your list reflects this, giving lots of random benefits. Thematically, I find this dissatisfying. I’d rather see some sort of unifying, universal application.. So, were I to rewrite and simply Void, I’d make it basically about sensing supernatural and applying enlightenment. *Sense the supernatural, with a +/- TN as appropriate. *Meditate on yourself or give advice to others, +/- TN as appropriate. As I mentioned before, ignoring terrain features is bad, IMO.
  13. I agree that the vast swaths of tables are a problem. I feel like they REDUCE creativity, since people spend all their brain power sorting through tables. I actually proposed a similar option-reduction to my players, and they said “no thanks.” that might be because my idea was more drastic though. I reduced opportunity options to about a half dozen. The idea being to encourage them to be used narratively.
  14. Did you ever try this out? How’d it go?
  15. Any interest in being able to make random characters (like in REIGN) or NPCs?
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