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  1. I only play online too. Fortunately our campaign doesn’t really need maps. Though it might profit from them.
  2. How badly would the game explode if it was your clan token-rather than your bluff token-that you re-used each round?
  3. There is a high resolution map available on DTRPG. https://www.drivethrurpg.com/m/product/172962 the resolution is so high I cannot DL it on my phone and it lags horribly on my computer. Ergo it is only a mediocre product
  4. My first character was a Asahina that went to the Kakita duelist school because he wasn’t a pacifist. He was great until he got 1-shorted by a super lucky Loyal Bushi. My new character is a Togashi Monk, picker mostly to see if monks are any good. After 1 session I’m underwhelmed by him mechanically, but I do love pulling quotes from the list of zen sayings I made. "What is most useful of the cup: What is there or what is not?"
  5. A thought I had Was this: sensei advises his student and gains 1d10 strife. If he is not compromised, the student regains a void point as the secrets of the training become manifest in his mind. Another idea: As a downtime action you can train another character. You and he may immediately spend any accrued experience to improve stats and skills. This option might also be interesting if it allowed a character to go into “XP debt” and gain an ability be couldn’t afford. Of course, you cannot benefit from additional training until you’ve paid off your XP debt.
  6. Hi, i have a player who is sensei to an NPC. I’d like him to work towards a title. Does anybody have any ideas for what a thematic title ability would be? Thanks for brainstorming with me.
  7. Care to post it here?
  8. There’s a limit to how much I’m willing to turn a requisition attempt into a role playing moment. Methinks.
  9. What would you make the rarity of a koku requisition? Like “hey boss can I have 10 koku?”
  10. You’ve successfully reiterated your point. I’m asking you to provide some specific examples.
  11. What rarity would you make said pouch?
  12. I’ve never been able to get any range band style system to work. And the grid system in L5R5 doesn’t yield the results I want. For better or worse, my PCs all happen to use weapons with the same range so... it’s sort of not been an issue in this game. But now that I have an NPC who plans to use a spear to keep a PC away while poking him, there’ll be some range band shenanigans.
  13. Hi, I am finding many types of “damage” to be awesome when used against PCs and meaningless when used against NPCs. The list includes most critical strikes and most damage to social stats (glory, honor). How do you handle these in your game? Do you track NPC honor? Does inflicting a glory hit have substantial story repercussions ? Andy
  14. Have you actually experienced this? Or are you playing armchair general ? I ask because I’m cooking up a rank 4 Shugy to play in my current campaign, and nothing on that character sheet screams “one shot Bushi” to me. Makes me wonder if I’ve missed something? As for dying conditions and Sympathetic Energies... this appears to be RAW, but probably not RAI.
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