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  1. So if Daimyo's Favor is bowed by another effect such as Niten Adept's bow ability, does it still reduce the cost of the next attachment by 1?
  2. Cheers all...at least the Dragon seal will add the Monk trait to characters, enabling High Kick activation.
  3. Does a monk attachment such as Tattooed Wanderer impart the monk trait to non-monk characters, thus enabling High Kick?
  4. No nervous shuffling of conflict discard pile allowed!
  5. So for the Back-Alley Hideaway, can you put multiple face down cards on the holding? If so, what happens to those cards when the next dynasty phase comes around?
  6. I would think the honor token would still remain if it already had one.
  7. The only somewhat "dishonorable" action I saw on Worlds streams was the S-L-O-W Lion play near time when he was winning tiebreakers. Felt like 6 Moves in 6 Weeks...=)
  8. Was a great match. Interested to see how he does next round.
  9. Any idea how soon Discord league will move to ringteki? I really like their implementation.
  10. So if both players had it in their hand, in what order would it be resolved?
  11. So, for a card such as Way of the Crab that states: "Action: Sacrifice a (friendly) CRAB character. Choose an opponent - that player must sacrifice a character. (Max 1 per round)." When sacrificing the friendly, can that unit be face up in a province and/or in your conflict hand?
  12. Oh, I was reading it that any card currently placed on the province could not activate abilities. Thanks for the clarification!
  13. So I know that when a province is broken, the attacker can choose to have the dynasty card on the province discarded. Is that a 1 time thing, or does the player with the broken province have to discard any face up dynasty card on a broken province at the end of the current conflict phase? Also, I see in the rules that no actions can be activated from cards on a broken province. So this essentially means that any holding on a broken province is worthless correct?
  14. So that means you could apply fate to Doomed Shugenja with this?
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