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  1. sry for double post, but didn't enable notifications for replies on this thread the first time
  2. Quinto, if someone else doesn't answer that sooner, I'll find a rules reference in the next 24 hours. Or, let you know there isn't one.
  3. Hypothetically, that would only be if there is at least 1 non-dishonored character in play under selection rules. It does not say "chose a character that is not dishonored -" If all characters are dishonored, you could still select one and as much of the effect that can resolve will. Still not gonna reference the rules on selection, cause I can totally get away with intentionally picking 1 invalid target with my fancy lawyering.
  4. The FFG online store shows sold out. Two of my LGS's ordered about 8 each, with 5 pre-ordered at each store, so I suspect they've sold out by now too.
  5. It's really solid so far and haven't been able to do much with fuzzing except for a traceback error after honor drops to 0. Now I know your language.
  6. "I respond to specific posts with rules references to show timing and why 'as if you were the attacking player' is important" might a good TL;DR if you don't like lawyering?
  7. Maybe instead of a zero on the dial, a way for duelists to not bid honor during a duel and have the honor dial count as a - (value is a 0 that can't be modified) until the duel is over. That way is shows the duelist has more finesse and control during a duel due to their training. I think there are too many things that interact with the honor dial for it to straight up have a 0.
  8. Per RR-P5-Cost: "An ability cannot initiate (and therefore its costs cannot be paid) if its effect on its own does not have the potential to change the game state" Dunno why they decided to put that in Cost instead of Ability or Effects. Per RR-P6-Effects: "Once an ability is initiated, players must resolve as much of each aspect of its effect as they are able, unless the effect uses the word 'may.'" "If an ability instructs a player to select among multiple effects, an effect that has the potential to change the game state must be selected." My initial statement on Court Mask was completely wrong. For Shameful display, the targeting requirement is 2 participating characters, but you can't initiate it unless at least on of them can be honored or dishonored. Also, you can't chose to dishonor the dishonored target and honor the honored target, because the effect no longer has the potential to change the game state. My reading of the rule is you pick your targets, and if one target is already honored, and the other one isn't dishonored, then it doesn't matter if there are other valid targets. You are resolving "as much of each aspect of its effect as [you] are able." However, if I were a judge at an event, I would go with, "an effect that has the potential to change the game state must be selected," and rule that you have to pick a different target. As a Scorpion that runs this province, I will try and avoid this ruling with my quick rules referencing to establish credibility. A different thread pointed out that selection requires you select a target that can change board state for every time you select something. Not giving the reference, cause I don't wanna.
  9. It would be a good idea to point out the order of conflicts: 3.2. Declare conflict (attacking player declares conflict type, location, element, and attackers) 3.2.1. Declare defenders (defending player declares defenders for the conflict) 3.2.2. Conflict action window (players take actions to determine outcome of conflict) 3.2.3. Compare skill values (determines if attacking player or defending player wins conflict) 3.2.4. Apply unopposed (not relevant to this discussion) 3.2.5. Break province (not relevant to this discussion) 3.2.6. Resolve ring effects 3.2.7. Claim ring 3.2.8. Return home (not relevant to this discussion) 3.3. Conflict ends/ Conflict was passed To keep from being too long winded, I'm not going to fully quote any post With that in mind, I guess here is a good place to start: RR-P21-3.2.6. Resolve ring effects does not define ring effect resolution in terms of the attacking player. It also states that, "If the defending player or no player won the conflict, nothing happens during this step." Your timing is off in this. By the time you have claimed the ring, and used Doji Hotaru's/Akodo Toturi's (Herein after referred to as HotaTuri.) ability, framework step 3.2.6 has already checked if the attacker won, completed the step, and framework has moved on to step 3.2.7, where the victor claims the ring. Since we are not in framework step 3.2.6, it cannot have any effect on the ring effect resolution caused by HotaTuri's reaction. Also, since attacking player is determined during framework step 3.2 and is cleared at framework step 3.3, if you are defending when you resolve a ring effect using HotaTuri's ability you don't get to make any decisions involved in the effect. While the [circumstance] determines [player X]; in the RR-P14, each Ring Effect explicitly defines [player Y] as the attacking player. Since [Player Y] is a constant, not a variable, it cannot be changed except by the Jade Rule, and since HotaTuri does not change the ring effect in any way, the Jade Rule does not apply. The Ring Effects, as previously cited, involve decisions be required to be made by the attacking player. Resolving HotaTuri's reaction has no decisions, unless the claimed ring has multiple elements, as stated in RR-P14-Ring Effects: "Whenever a player resolves a ring effect for a ring that has multiple elements, that player may choose among those elements when the conflict’s ring effect resolves." (The wording on this is actually kinda bad, it would be more clear if it stated, "If a ring has multiple elements whenever a player can resolve a conflict's ring effect, that player may chose among those elements which ring effect to resolve," since you are choosing the effect before it resolves.) In which case, HotaTuri's controller decides on the effect, and the attacking player makes the decisions available in that effect. There is nothing in HotaTuri's ability that involve's any decisions. The ring was decided at the beginning of the conflict, and HotaTuri's ability does not modify the ring effects in anyway. I only included this because I wanted to emphasize the point, and have an excuse to type HotaTuri as much as possible. HotaTuri One thing I want to point out, Akodo Toturi is a brilliant stategist. Being the one who resolves a ring effect, no matter when you do it, may or may not have strategic significance. And, using Hotatri's ability gets you a ring effect resolution. Technically, it only has to specify because by framework step 3.5, there is no attacking player. Since there is no attacking player, if it didn't state, "as if you are the attacking player," you would never be able to use the ability: No attacking player, no target of effects nor anyone to make required decisions, no change in game state. For an example of the Jade Rule in regards to resolving ring effects and claiming, we refer to Display of Power. You play it at the end of framework step 3.2.3. It effectively says, skip framework steps 3.2.6 and 3.2.7, resolve the ring as if you are the attacking player, claim the ring, and continue with 3.2.4. Per RR-P7-Framework Effects and Framework Steps: "A framework step is a mandatory occurrence, dictated by the structure of the game." The effects of Display of Power overrides this because of the Jade Rule. I think I've covered every rule discussion in this thread that I am motivated to respond to.
  10. Can't take any action that doesn't change board state, and can't pay a cost if it doesn't change the board state. So you can't honor an honored character, and if the dishonor is part of Court Mask cost, you can't return it to your hand. Also, I believe that all parts of an action have to change board state. So, if Court Mask returns to your hand and dishonors the character, but character is already dishonored, then you can't activate the ability because return to hand would change board state, but dishonor won't.
  11. Yes, Funeral Pyre is the logical conclusion to Blackmail.
  12. I am Scorpion and as a Shosuro I must pose as a member of the other clans on occasion. A warning to Scorpion players: If you are not loyal to Bayushi, I will see you interred in Traitor's Grove.
  13. I think instead of the compete pandering, it should have been changed to the Bonsai Chant.
  14. funimation.com has another one that seems to cover the first season of the anime(I did not consistently watch). It was pretty good.
  15. I agree. The rules are organized differently than my brain, and it took me a few hours to get familiar enough with them to be ready to play my first game.
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