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  1. So have we decided what we're doing with the campaign now that we're down to just me and Grand Admiral Sato?
  2. I expect grumpy Admiral Raddus (looks pretty grumpy in his picture) will blame Sato for sending Ackbar to his fate vs Motti with inadequate supply points. The loneliness of command, buck stops here, etc....
  3. Battle of Saccoria Having quit the rebel cause after the disaster of his last battle General Rieekan's place has been taken up for the time being by Interim Grand Admiral Sato while a new rebel fleet is mustered, rumour has it, by a certain Admiral Raddus. Sato has issued a number of strategic commmands, one of which was to instruct Admiral Ackbar to contest the outpost space station in Saccoria held by the evil imperials. ---- Some hours ago Admiral Ackbar briefed the commanders of his Shoal that they would be embarking upon a hard task to defeat and dislodge the Imperial High Admiral Motti's defending forces. Though encouragingly three squadrons of local fighter pilots from Saccoria had already joined the rebel freedom-fighters led by Nora Wexley from Bradford. These worthy volunteers gave heart to those with "a bad feeling about this". Dropping into the Saccorian system on the edge of an asteroid belt the Shoal immediately knew it was in trouble. A gravitational anomaoly was whirling around in front of the imperial fleet and hurling asteroids and space debris in all directions, whilst the outpost space station was being dragged closer to the enemy and out of reach. At the same time a powerful repulsor field washed over Admiral Ackbar's flagship MC80 command cruiser Damp Squid, causing it to decellerate abruptly. Everyone on the bridge staggered to the left, then to the right, then back to the left again "it's a tra..." started Ackbar then thought better of it. Instead he issued priority orders to the fighter screen to make best speed towards the sinister form of the giant star destroyer surrounded as it was by a cloud of tie defenders and flanked by supporting interdictor and gazinti flotilla. The fighters sped away and the engine techs did their best to divert power to the Damp Squid's engines. On the rebel right flank the nebulon Yavaris and the corvette Fish With No Name flashed past at top speed exchanging fire with an imperial Arquitens and Raider. The Fish With No Name collided with the Arquitens and took heavy damage, blossoming into a flower of electric death as the Arquitens delivered a killing blow. The Raider met a similarly fiery fate from a broadside of the Damp Squid, which disappeared into a cloud of space junk flung out by the gravitational anomaly and crashing on through it was unable to avoid a terrible collision with the rear of the Yavaris, breaching it's drive containment field and resulting in a catastrophic detonation. Out on the rebel left the Lazy Limpet and Screaming Pilchard corvettes tore across the void at a terrific pace, lining up the imperial Interdictor in their sights and delivering an impressive dual broadside against it. Whipping around it's rear in a difficult handbrake turn maneouvre the corvettes parted company as the Lazy Limpet slingshotted out of the battle leaving the Screaming Pilchard on it's own. Meanwhile, the Star Destroyer and Tie Defenders began to pummel the Damp Squid, rapidly bringing it's shields down and gouging great channels across it's elegant hull. The cruiser replied in kind but to little effect. And now the Tie Defenders made their presence felt as they descended upon the heroic volunteers of Nora Wexley's squadrons. A lone rogue YT2400 escaped the fray to hurl itself against the mighty star destroyer, a tiny dot spitting a trail of cannon fire with little hope of glory. Trailing debris amidst a twinkling cloud of frozen seawater crystals the Damp Squid banked as sharply as it could to starboard and accellerated away from it's tormentor. With only it's rear shield operational at the lowest power level Admiral Ackbar barked out the order for the emergency hyperspace sequence to be initiated! After a tense few white-flipper-on-edge-of-seat moments the command cruiser escaped into hyperspace. The crew were beginning to get used to this maneouvre. The Screaming Pilchard attempted the same but was unable to do so until it left the gravitational disturbance generated by the Interdictor's experimental projectors. When it finally managed to break free it found itself having to run the gauntlet of the Tie Defenders. It too escaped, battered but essentially intact. This left only Nora Wexley and her personal retinue of Y-wings facing the imperial fleet. They peeled off and escaped unnoticed to fight another day..... Ackbar's fleet: Command cruiser is the fleet's only surviving veteran. 2 corvettes are now scarred, 1 is not. Yavaris is scarred. Nora Wexley survived unhurt Motti's fleet: Lost only it's raider. Arquitans becomes veteran as it destroyed a corvette. No squadrons lost.
  4. I have been unable to find out from rebel command how many star systems we control or how many rebel bases we have as I do not have the map or list of our possessions. Our leader is in a conference at work this week so does not have access to the information either. So I am going to assume that I have enough repair points to un-scar the corvette that Andy damaged/destroyed last battle, plus un-scar Nora Wexley at a cost of 30 repair points. I am also going to spend 14 income points to buy an Intel Officer and an ECM. ***(If I have underspent, any excess I will donate to Adi S.) I have a battle today against Admiral Motti at 2:00pm. I have 418 ship points and Motti has 500 so I will have 41 points of local volunteers to temporarily join my fleet.
  5. The harder Vader holds onto those star systems, the more the map will slip through his fingers...
  6. Battle of "Erehw" Admiral Ackbar operating on a need-to-know basis did yesterday perform a strike against one of the worlds in the Corellian sector with the aim of liberating it's shipyards from imperial tyranny. Where exactly this might be is even now cloaked in secrecy and shrouded in enigma. It's location *so* secret that even Admiral Ackbar himself was not privy to the full details, confidentiality being of the utmost import and not to be divulged lightly. What is known however is that said shipyards were surrounded by a sensor net, and upon jumping into the system [location unknown] an imperial fleet commanded by the evil Lord Jabberwock of Schploon [true identity withheld] had already jumped to the same system. A battle developed for control of the sensor net which despite imperial succcess in doing so eventually resulted in a victory for the noble freedom-fighter forces of good. With The Force{TM} clearly with them at various junctures and turning points, they were able to destroy an artitrans and the demolisher "Sneering Invective" or somesuch, plus a handful of fighters. Unfortunately the good guys lost all of their (scarred) fighter squadrons except for Nora Wexley from Bradford. The valiant sole survivor. The Screaming Pilchard CR90 corvette took a series of serious hits putting it out of action and unless extensively repaired, scarred for it's next battle. Her veteran captain and crew were so severely traumatised by the experience that they are all now in counselling suffering from collective amnesia to such a degree that they have lost their veteran skills. Admiral Ackbar's flagship the Damp Squid was the proverbial attack ship on fire off the shoulder of ...[location deleted].. , with 7/8ths of it ablaze and the crew in a state of panic, they ended the battle preparing for an emergency hyperspace exit. However, once both sides had taken stock it was agreed that a rebel victory had taken place. We should reflect upon what happened here and bow our heads in memory of our loss of Dash Rendar, his like will not be seen again
  7. Me and Ade are having a 1-off armada battle next monday 4th, and no longer have mondays free in december
  8. REVISED EXPENDITURE: I have 35 refit points and assume 30 resource income (might be a bit more?) = 65 I will repair my 2 scarred corvettes for 44 Purchase a TRC for the corvette which didn't have one, for 7 Buy X17 turbolasers for the MC80C, for 6 Buy engine techs for Nebulon Yavaris, for 8 Total spend is 44+7+6+8= 65 So my fleet now looks like this: MC80C "Damp Squid" (veteran), Intel Officer, X17 Turbot Lasers, AckbarNebulon B Escort, Yavaris, Intel Officer, engine techsCR90A, TRCCR90A, TRCCR90A "Screaming Pilchard" (veteran), TRCA-Wing, Y-Wing, Nora Wexley, X-Wing, Dash Rendar (all fighters are scarred)
  9. My fleet now looks like this: MC80C "Damp Squid" (veteran), Intel Officer, X17 Turbot Lasers, AckbarNebulon B Escort, Yavaris, Intel OfficerCR90A, TRCCR90ACR90A "Screaming Pilchard" (veteran), TRCA-Wing, Y-Wing, Nora Wexley, X-Wing, Dash Rendar (all fighters are scarred)
  10. Changes to my fleet: Repairs to the 2 scarred CR90's, all of the fighters remain scarred. Buy X17 turbolasers for the veteran Damp Squid command cruiser. Move TRC from one of the other CR90's to the veteran Screaming Pilchard CR90.
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