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  1. Boosh! Finally. Just made my Christmas.
  2. It does. I've tried repeatedly I just am severely cursed when it comes to crafts. I literally cannot do anything craft wise. Been a curse of mine since kindergarten. If I could I would!
  3. **** amazing job. You want to come over and paint my entire collection? I have D2E (100% expanded) completely unpainted waiting for someone with talent to make it whole.
  4. Not missing an opportunity at all just different audiences. I am hype as he'll for this since Terrinoth is my favorite game universe. This is a day 1 for me. If it was SW I wouldn't touch it.
  5. **** that's awesome. A English version is definitely a must though. Great work!
  6. Hi Somatose, hope you had fun. Did you get a chance to find out?
  7. Hi, Does anyone know if they will be selling the promotional deck box from Arkham Nights after the event? I'm collecting all the expansions atm and would LOVE this deckbox.
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