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  1. Also, double post to suggest a SQUEEFEST for Chewie and the Porg, who totally deserve their own spin-off movie in which they save the galaxy.
  2. I really hope they don't give in to the Grey Jedi thing. One of the greatest strengths and weaknesses (let's just call it a defining feature) of SW is the duality of the Force and the black-and-white morality, which it draws both from the pulpy genre roots of the series and from some of the mythic overtones. Nixing that at the end really harms the structure and integrity of the saga as a whole. It would be a big mistake.
  3. I am certifiably, indubitably, completely, utterly, and thoroughly PRO-PORG! And that Porg in the Orange One's hairpiece isn't evil. He is trapped! See, he's screaming.
  4. ANYWAY! So I peeked at the character generator thread, and it looks like a lot of fun. I might try whipping something up this week.
  5. Re: the original topic: As others have noted, the seedier elements of life get some pretty frequent screen time, so I feel that a completely sanitized vision of the SW galaxy is disingenuous. Please note that I am not saying that the RPG should be X-rated or anything, but I see nothing wrong with kicking it up to PG-13, especially since real character development (something a RPG seems more likely to handle than the original films do) is likely going to involve touching upon a host of issues, some morally grey stuff, and maybe sexuality. I am also morally obligated to note that I see some language being aired, and some false conclusions being reached regarding non hetero-normal sexuality that, as a gay man, make me profoundly uncomfortable. I realize that I might be walking into a wall of poodoo, but there it is.
  6. An unfortunate reality. On the good side of things, we get a sequel trilogy. On the bad side of things, we get to-a-tee market researched media. Not that Lucasfilm wasn't a for-profit company that wanted to capitalize on its IP and flood the market with questionable-at-best artistic merit (i.e. the Expanded Universe), but now that Star Wars is in Disney's hands, we can be virtually assured that, for better or for worse, it will never die.
  7. This subject is one on which I'm torn. I personally value adherence to canon in a Star Wars story. But I do believe that there are little ways in which you can interact with movie characters. Note that I said 'little', and that's basically what i mean: if I, as a player, might get the equivalent of a bit part or walk-on. A suitable reward for a well-played character and campaign for me would be something like tea with Leia or Mon Mothma.
  8. I've noticed that, too. I bought all three of the core books in pretty quick succession last year when I was thinking of trying to start playing. I noticed that a lot of the EotE specialization trees seemed unfocused and, well, just not that great. And Explorer (especially Fringer) stuck out to me as the most egregious example. It's a shame, because I like the flavor concept of an Explorer, as well as the career skills it has. I also saw a couple of letdowns (just IMO) in the Bounty Hunter and Hired Gun specializations, if I remember correctly. I'm glad I'm not the only person who thinks this; EotE is a really cool idea as far as setting goes, especially as a first-time player (it looks like the most out-and-out 'fun' of all three systems and character choices). It's too bad.
  9. This is a really fun idea! I love a good haunted house story, in whatever guise it happens to be. Add in some scientifically-based environmental factors like parts of the ship being so broken up that they're exposed to vacuum or something, and it'd be perfect! While we're on the subject, everyone who likes a good haunted house story needs to read Shirley Jackson's The Haunting of Hill House. It is the epitome of literary genre fiction.
  10. Yes, you're correct. The spelling was intentional. My experience with the nerd community has been mostly positive (with at least one glaring exception), but you never know, and the facet of the community with which I most regularly interact as a consumer, sci-fi and fantasy fiction, has been going through a lot of socio-political/cultural upheaval with the direction it's been going in the last several years. Thank you for the advice, everyone. Any more replies would be welcome, too!
  11. If they're pushing the Rebels angle, which they seem to be doing, they'd better have Lasats. The only issue is that there seem to be a loooot of races with 3 Brawn and 1 something else, which seems the best fit for Lasats given what we've seen of Zeb. How they're going to keep differentiating them sufficiently is beyond me.
  12. I enjoyed it. I'm not entirely sure the story needed to be told, as others have noted, but it was an interesting, different kind of Star Wars. I liked how it added a couple of wrinkles to the Rebel Alliance by way of Cassian's pragmatism. I find the Story Group's after-the-fact explanation regarding Chirrut insulting to my intelligence as a viewer, to be frank. What on earth would be wrong with having another Force-sensitive in the galaxy when you've already got Kanan (who isn't so bad) and Ezra (an entirely unappealing character)? In fact, they've got an entire show PREDICATED upon the existence of Force users and sensitives who are neither Luke, Obi-wan, nor Yoda. It doesn't make sense to me.
  13. Pardon my benightedness, but as a new player, I don't quite get universal trees. They seem handy, but not much more than that. Or is the general applicability the point?
  14. Awesome cityscapes, and I'm also loving that cute Dewback. He's smiling! Eeeeee! Some really great stuff way back in the thread, too.
  15. Hm. I kind of liked the little I've seen of the current iteration of the Bothans. Mind you, that's not much more than the couple of Stackpole novels I read a few years ago (I will never get that time back...ever), but still. Someone brought up the excellent point that it's sloppy worldbuilding and writing to extrapolate entire species' careers/cultural tendencies from one character in the films, or even lines about those characters, in the Bothans' case. I definitely concur with that. However, I do think it worked out okay in the end for the Hutts, at any rate.
  16. Hello, everyone! I hope you are all well. I've been lurking for a couple of weeks and have screwed up the courage to make an account and start participating! I'm entirely new to roleplaying and am looking to head to my newly discovered FLGS and see if anyone wants to play any of FFG's SW lines. I am thrilled at the prospect, but also have a little trepidation. I own all three core rulebooks and am primarily interested in Force and Destiny, though am also willing to try any of the other systems. I also own the Soldier splatbook (yay, Shistavanens!) and the Consular splatbook (the career I'm most interested in pursuing). I've got some questions and ideas I thought I'd throw at you guys. This is almost definitely going to be long-winded, but please bear with me! 1. As I mentioned, I'm completely new to RPG's. Utter and entire neophyte here. As such, do you think FFG's Star Wars line is appropriate for someone new to the genre? 2. I'd like to try my hand at creating a character. I think maybe the easiest thing to do would be to make someone (very) roughly equivalent to myself for a first try, as it seems to me that it would be easier to play such a character for a newcomer. I thought I might bounce a few ideas around: A. IRL, I am a committed humanist. I did my graduate work in a pre-modern, non-Western literature and believe sincerely in the power and importance of texts of all types to help us: navigate the sentient condition; foster positive relationships between individuals of different cultures and backgrounds; learn from societies from different times and places; and participate knowledgeably and effectively in civil discourse. Given this background and these views, I am thinking that Consular: Sage is the best career and specialization fit for me in F&D. B. Probably going to make the character's background story a short, rough analogue of my own. Maybe a paragraph or two. C. Species and stats: I'm open to whatever on species. I really wish we had more about other species' cultures in canon in order to better build a background and character, but it is what it is. At least we have the bare basics. It feels very strange and wrong to try to stat myself, especially since it feels very presumptuous to try to give the character a 4 in anything. I might be going about this the wrong way. But I DO know that I should have, like, a negative ten in CUN. ;P D: Morality: I don't really like some of the dichotomies they've set up here. When I think 'moral strength' I think of a more altruistic virtue, not something like 'Curiosity' or 'Caution'. Oh, well. I do know that Jealousy is my main moral weakness, so that's a start. Mercy and Justice appeal to me as strengths. I want to do what is fair and what is right. E: Force Powers/The Force in My Life: Flashy stories are fun, but I think I am going to use my character's academic background in ancient stuff to suggest something like "Uh, oh, I was looking into [some species here]'s mythological and shamanistic traditions and got put on an Imperial blacklist!" We'll see. I'm thinking of making the character initially skeptical of his Force powers, but open-minded about the issue, if that makes sense. I'm interested in exploring Foresee and Sense because of how they can potentially affect character development, especially Foresee. As a somewhat worry-prone person, what if I saw a nebulous glimpse of the future? Also, as a primarily non-combat focused character, Sense and Foresee seem like ways I could potentially help out the group. 3: I'm a little nervous about approaching the FLGS here; what are your experiences with accepting new players? I'm particularly worried because I'm a gaymer and unsure how that would go with the rest of the group. Do you have any thoughts/pointers or experiences? Apologies for this being so long, but I'd really appreciate any help or advice. Thank you! Also, some trivia: Favorite SW movie: A New Hope. It's just so giddy and earnest. Very endearing. Best SW movie: The Empire Strikes Back. For all the reasons we've all seen before: more cerebral, takes the series in a slightly darker direction. Favorite SW Species: Shistavanen. I enjoyed the short story about Lak Sivrak in Tales From the Mos Eisley Cantina very much. Walked a thin line between camp and seriousness, but managed to nail it. I also think the species' eccentricities would make for interesting characters: the guy is a jerk, but he's YOUR jerk. Pie or Cake: Pie. Accept no substitutes. Looking forward to talking with you guys!
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