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  1. I gotta say, I didn't think there could be any such thing as a scary penguin. Then I saw that.
  2. Hey again! So, reviewing the end steps of character creation in the RAW (I learned that acronym while I lurked here, yay!), I'm staring at the 'pick more money, more exp., or both' thing. I'm almost definitely going to go for the full +10, as it might make the difference between being able to grab a Force Power or not. However, if I/we end up doing Edge or Age, is it worth it to fudge starting Duty or Obligation for the extra XP? What do you guys think? Also, any recommendations for starting gear to buy with spending money? 500 seems really low, but I'd much rather have the exp. Thank you as always!
  3. You just made it worse...now they'll push the Mystic book back, too!
  4. Maybe if the parent species each have a statline with 3 in one characteristic and a 1 in another, you could pick one of the 3's and one of the 1's?
  5. Again, I apologize for inserting my neuroses into the thread. Let's please not make it go boom!
  6. Your gorilla comparison is apt and absolutely spot-on. I was bored last week and happened to read an article on starwars.com about the designs for some new vehicles, including that walker, and the guy basically said, "I wanted to make a gorilla into a walker to show how the designs had evolved since the Empire." Or something to that effect.
  7. That dowager-type lady with the O-shaped coiffure has a lovely dress and necklace. Very classy. And the lady to her left with the fan has a beautiful profile.
  8. Aaw, I'm kind of interested in the Scholar build if I end up doing EotE over F&D. Buuut I could always follow my childhood dream and current hobby as an armchair Egyptologist and go Archaeologist, unless that one sucks, too.
  9. I"d say Ithorians are one of the trickier species to make badass, but this really works. And he/she has a lovely robe!
  10. I remember reading that there's in-universe controversy about the sentience (or not) of the KML. And the most OG of OG's, Jabba the Hutt, don't play by no rules, anyway. Man, that reminds me of a great photoshop I saw way back in undergrad of Jabba with a bling-dollar necklace and a Blood (I think) headband. It may have actually been titled "The Original Gangster."
  11. Hey, hey, Muftak is OG Chalmun's Cantina. Can't mess with that shiznit. And I didn't know the Talz weren't a playable species yet. That's...kind of a strange omission, if you ask me.
  12. Oooh, that's really Sith-y. Also reminds me of Oblivion from the Elder Scrolls game of the same name, especially that plant in the lower left. It would hurt you when you tried to harvest it... Also, um, d'you have any Shistavanen pics? They're my favorite aliens.
  13. One of the reasons I knew my lurking time must soon end and that the planets were aligned for my forum debut was the mysterious, inexplicable, and somewhat terrifying appearance of...a second angry penguin.
  14. I hope it's the latter, because you probably can't keep a sentient as a pet.
  15. Thank you, Vondy; you're very kind. And again, please allow me to apologize for potential topic derailment/making it all about me. Ugh...
  16. I am strongly considering screaming "FIFTEEN MINUTES UNTIL PORG!" in the theater when I go to see the movie for the first time.
  17. I really liked that story. They stuck the landing by making it just silly enough and just serious enough. Reading it is why the Shistavanen are my favorite species. And I must confess, I want a guy to tell me that "choice is an illusion" when it might involve not being with me... Upon reflection, that anthology of Mos Eiseley Cantina stories is my favorite EU work that I've read (and I'm enough of a literary snob to limit my exposure to EU things). I think a lot of genre fiction shines in the short story form; it's enough room to sketch a novel concept without letting it run away with itself.
  18. Oh, no, no, no, no, it's nothing at all Ferret has said or done. He seems like a great guy! I will come back to this issue maybe later today, but for now, I just see the word "deviant" being thrown around a lot in this thread and seemingly defined as 'anything that is not strictly heteronormative, ideally for purposes of reproduction.' I just wanted to make sure that the posters involved were not intimating that 'standard' homosexuality be included under that designation. Interestingly enough, regarding inter-species stuff: I get the feeling that, in universe, it's implied that as long as they're both sentient and consenting adults (a most definite NO in the second caveat in Jabba's nasty proclivities, it should be stressed), it's okay. We've seen two human/Twi'lek pairings in the shows, and that (really nicely-dressed) girl in TFA who was flirting with that Aqualish-looking guy in Maz's castle.
  19. Aaaaw, that's so sweet! I swear, it's totally the little (or in this case, big) things that make all the difference. FIFTEEN MINUTES UNTIL PORG!
  20. Please don't worry about it. I feel like a complete tool for bringing it up, to be honest. I apologize. I should have thought of a more constructive way to bring it up without potentially antagonizing others.
  21. I count myself fortunate to be receptive to cute stuff. It's just such a simple, sweet way to add a teensy little more happiness to life. I do feel bad for thinking the Porgs are ultimately cuter than the Ewoks, though. I wrestled with that decision for some time.
  22. Honestly, the knowledge that this movie is coming just after my birthday and just before Christmas is what is keeping me going these days.
  23. Aaargh, thinking of species and unable to access all of their stats! I am thinking of going human (easy, well-rounded) or something else, preferably something with a picture that might enable me to poke fun of myself a bit (i.e. pompous, tedious blowhard type). You know, that Bothan Colonist with the red robe, Gand diplomat with the green robe, Arcona guy going "HMMMMMMM" in the preview for the Colonist (I think) splatbook (also, I might add, in a robe). OR I could live my fashion dream and pick a species who would look good in eighteenth century Enlightenment gentleman attire: powdered wig, pumps with silver buckles, long swallowtail coat, and tight trousers. Probably not going to go for the tricorne hat, though. Ack, so many choices. I might just go full-on Intellect and be a cute, fwuffy Drall. I dunno.
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