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  1. B-b-but...who will post funny Porg pictures...? I mean, uh, I value you as a forum contributor and will be sad in your absence...yeah.
  2. It looks like Palpatine's version of the Cinderella castle from Disney Land. And it works.
  3. Just checked Wookieepedia, and it's a little vague. Incidentally, I also learned that the actress who played Anakin's mom worked with Ingmar Bergman. Cool!
  4. I have yet to play, so I haven't done an evil thing yet, but I think the most evil thing someone COULD do in SWRPG's would be to hurt a Porg's feelings.
  5. Oh my gosh, did that happen in an EU story? That's really horrible!
  6. Hello, everyone! I'm daydreaming when I should be working, and it occurred to me that I might want to ask my future GM to let us stop by at least one of the places from the movies, at least for a little bit. Have you guys ever spent any time anywhere from the movies? Are any settings especially fun or interesting? I am thinking I'd love to stop by Mos Eisely or Cloud City. Love the seedy vibe of the former and the aesthetics of the latter.
  7. I agree about the cultural background. Otherwise, there's a beach, monkeys, and a fluffy Drall! Yay!
  8. What... How... I don't... I'm yet to play my first game, and even I understand that ruling. And I'm pretty **** thickheaded.
  9. After all this time (one year)... I still have not actually played any of the SWRPG's.
  10. I'm a casual, very poor SWLCG player, and I'm very upset that the new pack is still On the Boat, despite many things behind it in the queue jumping ahead to Shipping Now. And it makes me super sad because the pack looks like it might have Lak Sivrak in it...aw. So I am starting to maybe feel a smidgen of what Ghosts lovers have been for a while.
  11. It is also the simple result of the Jedi being nothing more than mortal, nondivine beings. The whole "But they're not PERFECT, so they can't exist or deserve no respect!" thing makes me mad. Would you rather have NO galactic peacekeeping order? The Jedi do the best they can. Who can do more than that? Sorry, LG rant over.
  12. I'm a noob yet to play my first session, but I can definitely say that I admire your patience.
  13. That will become a ringtone. I have foreseen it. *sits back in spinny throne*
  14. Re: the canon issue, I am fairly sure that canon has been leveled, in a sense that all SW media, whatever form they may take, are equally canon from now on. Re: the Grey Jedi issue, I think I'll consider the matter and collect my thoughts to post later. I feel pretty strongly that the means do not justify the ends, but I'm a LG marshmallow, so what do I know?
  15. It'd fit in with the Interrogator specialization they're putting in the Spy book, though! Which, since the 'SW feel' is a topic here, I don't like. It just feels really wrong to play a torturer in the SW universe. Yes, I know we see Dr. Ball in Episode IV, but still.
  16. I could be mistaken; they're using a very primitive dialect, but I do believe they are talking about some sort of meme!
  17. Oh, on a meta level, yes, I know, but in the stories no one knows how Muftak ended up there.
  18. Having just read Tor.com's nostalgia review of Batman Returns last week, I actually do know who that is! I'm not really a superhero guy, but I do like Tim Burton movies, so I kinda wanna see his Batman films.
  19. Kabe and Muftak are both sketchy hustlers in the old EU Mos Eisley story collection, as well as in the new From a Certain Point of View. In neither story is Muftak's background elucidated. No one seems to know how the kriff a Talz got on Tatooine.
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