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  1. One of the things that has me excited the most is actually the medium. I'd looove to see a live-action series. And I am always curious about out-of-the-way corners of secondary worlds. Always neat to see what goes on away from the big action. So I'm cautiously hopeful. Also, I am hoping the fact that this is live-action and not animation might encourage them to do some LGBT representation, if only because the 'animation=for kids' wouldn't be a limitation. Besides, real effects for aliens could be a big thing. That'd be so cool!
  2. I also dig that fur jacket on the Snowtrooper-looking guys. I bet it's some sentient species fur, though, just 'cause.
  3. That elderly Obi-wan is fantastic. So creepy and atmospheric.
  4. Aaah so many cool pictures to catch up on! And I return with, of course: Tee hee, Lak so mad.
  5. Hm. They're going with Han's full name for the title. Byline says, "The newest Star Wars film depicts young Han Solo!" The picture really is fantastic. I'm excited. I saw a comment somewhere that said something like, "Anyone who doesn't want to see Han and Chewie pull a train heist is dumb." I will up the ante and say that they're also a meaniehead.
  6. Everybody, everybody, stop! It's okay! We have beautiful Shistavanen Kylo pecs to think about!
  7. I finally saw the movie today, and think some of the takes I've read on here are interesting, and certainly show a vibrant and engaged fan community. Yay! TANGENT I will insert one pedantic and respectful tangent concerning one of our High Lord Angry Penguin's comments, as it touches almost exactly upon my wheelhouse, and I am always happy to proselytize: The film Rashomon is actually based on two separate stories ["Rashomon" and "Yabu no Naka (usually translated as 'In a Grove')] by Akutagawa Ryusuke, an early twentieth century writer, which two stories are themselves excellent retellings of two medieval setsuwa stories (which genre I worked on in my own studies), from a twelfth century anthology, some of which have been translated and are fairly widely available. Akutagawa's best short works are in a very good translation published by Penguin Classics for those who would like to read them but lack the Japanese. They are some of the most easily accessible and immediately engaging works in the modern Japanese canon and are highly recommended. END OF TANGENT ANYWAY, so the movie. It's a lot to process. I am overall very happy with it. The most accurate review I've read so far is from Tor.com, which mentions that the film tries to get ALL THE FEELINGS out of you. It certainly does. Whether that works or not, I'm not sure. I am definitely going to need to see it at least one more time, probably twice, to really work through it. But my immediate impressions, good or bad, are as follows: I don't see many movies; I'm a book guy. I almost never cry during movies. But I cried three times during this one: when Leia flew through vacuum, when Yoda showed up, and when Luke passed away. Holy crud. That's great. I love that this movie is willing to question and deconstruct the entire franchise. It's pretty blunt about it (burning the books, for example), but it's a really interesting thing to do. I approve 100%. Killing off Snoke was a good idea and a cool place to take Kylo's arc, I think. Also, see my comment above about sacred cows. For people I have seen complaining that we never got a backstory on Snoke, we never got one on Palpatine for almost twenty years. And even if we never had, it wouldn't have changed his role in Jedi. Sometimes loose ends can and should be loose ends. I think it adds to the sense of depth that the OT had: wtf are the spice mines of Kessel? wtf are clone warz precious? Tantalizing hints and dropped names are fine. Luke has become very, very human and vulnerable. Wow. One thing I did not like was the casino subplot. It took too long, though it was a gorgeous setpiece and did serve a purpose, giving some background and motivation to Rose. Speaking of Rose, I thought she was underused in the film. Which is a huge shame, as she seems like a very appealing character, and Kelly Marie Tran has been so happy and cool about being in the Star Wars family for months now. If I see it again, I'll probably be able to be a little more cogent. Here's hoping I can take my best friend to see it this weekend or next week when he gets off for vacation. porg porg porg porg porg porg porg porg
  8. four more hours until i go to see it aaaaaaaa and I only saw two spoilers woooooo
  9. I'm going to see it tomorrow! Earliest day it could work for everyone's schedules, unfortunately. It's going to have to walk a thin line: simultaneously satisfying my inner eleven-year old and my adult self who's worked in lit-crit for awhile. We'll see. also Porg i did read a spoiler about Chewie eating a Porg. My childhood wub of Chewie clashes with adult wub of Porg. Immovable object meets irresistable force (Force?). Hope everyone is doing good and I hope I can come back to stay!
  10. You're very kind, Paige, but I actually don't have a Facebook. I'm one of...those people. However, please let me take this opportunity to wish your new group success and good times!
  11. Well, I think I'll do a brief thread hijack... I find myself becoming dangerously close to burning out on Star Wars, and I really don't want that to happen before the new movie! I am going to pop out for a while, as I have some literary novels to finish and work picks up. I've enjoyed talking with you all and should be back in a while; say a month or so, but I might not last that long. Take care. And the Porgs are watching.
  12. Hehe, well I think it is a cute idea. I've always wondered what the different alien species and cultures like to eat. Food is a fun way to get to know another culture, after all.
  13. Intriguing. What is this 'food', and where can I get some of it?
  14. So petting a Wookiee is an activity at Disney theme parks now? I have finally found my life's ambition. Also, the Porg are pleased at your return and require your presence at their weekly meeting.
  15. Hey, don't knock buttons! I still get a childish thrill when I push an elevator button.
  16. I remember having a SW dream last night...I think Chewie was sad and no one could figure out why.
  17. From the hints being dropped, this is upsetting. I've never really been interested in buying adventures since I'm planning on mainly being a player, at least for a while, but this had me intrigued. Alternate Force traditions like the Nightsisters sound really cool, and I enjoyed them in The Clone Wars.
  18. At least holocrons in the Marcyverse are snazzy. Plum is my favorite color. Though I am in the minority when I say that I think it looks better with silver than with gold.
  19. Y'know,, as a child when I would take the character creation test in the NES version of QotA without gaming it, I would usually end up with Honor as my guiding virtue. Now that I've grown up, it's either Justice or Sacrifice. I get the former if I interpret 'justice' more broadly than the narrow parameter the game gives you (which is simply "obey the law"), but if I take the game at its word I get Sacrifice. I also remember pretending that the Mage was my big sister and we would go to the magic shop together.
  20. Ultima: Quest of the Avatar was the video game I wanted more than anything else for years as a child. It, along with The Hobbit, sparked a lifelong interest in medieval Europe and fantasy literature.
  21. I'd be very happy to see the Kubaz. I enjoyed Garrindan's story in the new anthology that just came out.
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