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  1. @Daronil, you are a force for good in this thread and for preventing-me-from-having-an-aneurysm. One of the broader issues I have been concerned with in research is canonization and historical/cultural memory. So many of the most important works have something new to say to each generation, and each generation is influenced by them in different ways, including creating new works influenced by them, to a greater or lesser extent. And that's fine. It's natural and helps literary works remain relevant, that people can take new lessons and ideas away from them. I just have a lot of trouble respecting people who expect Star Wars to cater exclusively to their inner ten-year-old when they themselves are at least twenty. Have they grown so little as people? We run into sticky issues with criticism because, yes, every opinion about merit is subjective. However, analysis, when done well, can help us see what works are trying to accomplish and whether or not they succeed at doing so. The main films in Star Wars, especially the OT, are working with very broad brush-strokes; again, this is fine: they are operating on the same level as folklore and fairy tales, and texts like that aren't concerned with the same things many people seem to expect them to be. It's fine; it's just a different approach. I guarantee you that the Snow White does not hinge upon the Evil Queen's economic policies or her 'backstory.' People focusing solely on plot holes (and this is not to deny that, in modern media especially, they can definitely detract from a work) and broad characterization are missing the point.
  2. Cool, thanks! I am thinking, depending on how the story goes, of starting as a Sage and branching out into Magus or Prophet for a second class. We'll see.
  3. Oooh, couple more questions I forgot to ask! Is it easier to use on a phone, or a tablet? I have both. Also, is it now free? I thought it was five bucks...what's going on here? Like I said, I appreciate all the help!
  4. Oh man, Ship-faced is fantastic! The Naughty Rancor The Wookiee's Ookiee Droideka Cabana Tiny Nebula
  5. This is a bit of a tangent, but I am looking to expand my collection of games this holiday season. As I expect to play a good deal of solo games until I can find a local group, I was wondering what you guys think of a few thematic titles I've looked at. I want something fun, but not too braindead. These looked good: Swords & Sorcery Island Spirits Gloomhaven (durr, but I might have to save up for a few months) Scythe Mage Knight Heroes of Terrinoth (I think this is the Warhammer Quest game reskinned...?) One-Deck Dungeon Any advice or recs for other games would be appreciated. Thanks! Anyway, back on topic: are the base rules still the same for the app as they are for the physical game? I understand there's a tutorial mission or two anyway, so it probably doesn't matter, but still.
  6. Do the other expansions react with the app in any way? If I'm going to be playing mostly solo, is it worth picking any of them up? The sapper Wookiee looks like a lot of fun...xD
  7. Hi, guys! Um, so I'm still tweaking ideas for my first character. I swear, I'm gonna get out and find a group eventually! I will paste the relevant text from the original post here: Now, since I made that post and tossed out those ideas, there've been a lot of options added for Mystics! I am wondering if a character with my background could be more accurately/easily portrayed as a Mystic as opposed to a Consular. Would it be a better fit? I'm just curious; let me know what you think. Nothing is set in stone, and I really am leaning towards the Consular: Sage, anyway! Thank you!
  8. Hello, everyone! I'm a big Star Wars fan and got my copy of Imperial Assault a couple of years ago. I mostly game by myself for now, however, and was wondering if the app provides a decent experience for just one player. Money's tight, and I would love to pick up an immersive campaign experience for just five bucks. What do you guys think? Would you recommend the Legends app for one player only, and is a copy of Jabba's Realm worth picking up at some point too? Thanks in advance!
  9. Hey, I wouldn't go around posting family photos on a Star Wars forum, but you do you!?
  10. That brings back memories. When I was a freshman in undergrad, some of my roommate's friends sent him one of those for his birthday. Also yay, penguin! If Vondy comes back they can transform into their final form!
  11. I'm sorry to get off-topic again, but I still haven't managed to find a play-group: is PbP a good way to start out for a neophyte in general? I'm eager to play but have no RPG experience.
  12. Yes, it is! But Daddy...! Sorry, I just loved the Robot Chicken Star Wars episodes.
  13. Interesting to read this as someone who is legally blind. Only one eye. If someone offered me a bionic eye, I would probably turn it down. All of my muscle memory and coordination are already based around having no depth perception and a severe problem with peripheral vision. I'd have to relearn that all from scratch. No, thanks.
  14. This seems like the best place to ask: is this book useful for players, as well as GMs? I'm probably not gonna be able to buy more than two RPG books (one of which will definitely be the Mystic career book) over the next few months and I wanna make them count.
  15. This is just really cute. So big and derpy! The whole thing has a lot of personality. And is the handler a Verpine?
  16. I had to be told (on here, maybe it was) that the Nikto was a Nikto. I thought he was a Rodian because all I could see of his face were the big black eyes and the chin, which I took for the long proboscis. So actually, maybe this animation style isn't my thing...?
  17. I know...no big Shistavanen pecs for me...? So you'd be more comfortable with people saying that Disney is catering to the retrograde and deplorable (gotta give it to Hilldawg, it's a fun word!) prejudices of the alt right, and therefore with the consequent product of such pandering. Got it. And everything has an agenda. The status quo itself is an agenda. I guess Birth of a Nation and Gone with the Wind aren't critically important movies that push agendas, then?
  18. I have noticed that they're pulling interesting people, particularly good POC authors, to do some short stories: Ken Liu(I liked his short story collection a lot; The Grace of Kings was a little too close to home for me to enjoy), Nnedi Okorafor (Who Fears Death is such a good genre novel), and some others I can't think of at the moment. So there might be hope.
  19. Every once in a while, I think I'll give Star Wars fiction another try. Even with the consciousness that, to be frank and probably rude, I'm intellectually slumming by doing so, I cannot seem to lower my expectations enough so these books can clear the bar. I read the first few chapters of Thrawn: Alliances the other day, and, just...ugh. Every cliche possible was used. The writing was the essence (quintessence, even!) of mediocrity. I just...ugh, ugh, ugh. But wow, I am at least impressed that this book at least tried an off-color joke.
  20. I'm going to have to apologize in advance for coming off like a huge literary snob, but that is kind of my job. I think the constant search for background info and origin stories on the part of fans (and, these days, creators) of the SW franchise runs into trouble when confronted with the type of story the OT is trying to tell: myth on a grand scale, a la Campbell. These issues arise from what looks to me like a profound misunderstanding of this kind of story/text and how it works. You can tell a great story just with character archetypes, just not the kind of story that people who read a bunch of hard science fiction and watch a lot of prestige television are used to. Re: the childish, 'intellectual' (the scare quotes don't deserve to be removed) gatekeeping that passes for fandom these days, yeah, it sucks. No one is being stolen from because I might finally get to see two dudes kiss or hold hands in a movie, especially not a forty-five year old who saw every OT movie in theaters and cannot engage with the films or franchise as a whole in any meaningful way beyond whether or not the other entries are able to make him/her feel exactly the same way they did back then. The backlash to TLJ is a huge reason I have been on the downlow about my SW love for the past year.
  21. I found the witch! And I'm going to have to wait on this, as I don't get the channel, but it's refreshing to see a 2-D cartoon. I honestly couldn't stand the Clone Wars and Rebels animation; 3-D stuff has come a long way, but I think 2-D stuff beats it hands-down in the sheer amount of personality and fun a show can have.
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