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  1. Is there a list of species stats and bonuses/debuffs somewhere? Or are those not allowed as per rules?
  2. Exactly. I did my graduate work on premodern folkloric texts, and they work this way across cultures. The things we would demand of prestige television and contemporary literary fiction (and apparently science fiction, which I don't read) are not emphasized in the sort of texts that ultimately form the basis of things like Star Wars. You're bringing the wrong expectations to the table. If you want nuanced character development and background rooted in sound science, you will not find it here (or in classical Japanese urban legends for that matter), and you should not expect to.
  3. I get organic vibes from both of those photos, for some reason. I think 'honeycomb' when I see the first one, and 'mushroom cap' about the ceiling on the second one. Neat.
  4. The late seventies and eighties loved mythologizing the fifties. American Graffiti, Grease, the extreme macho masculinity that came into fashion during the Reagan years. Lots of influence in music, too.
  5. Thanks! You've got a neat thing going; I"m interested to see what you come up with.
  6. On the subject of droids, I've always liked that sassy little Toto (sp?) guy from the Clone Wars. Are there stats for his model anywhere? He's little, too.
  7. I also think Twi'leks are human-looking enough not to freak out potentially prudish audience members (and ratings people?) in this situation, yet alien enough to remind those same people that this is Star Wars.
  8. I like reading a lot of the GMG sites. I missed this one, though. Thanks!
  9. Wow, that homestead's got some Star Wars/Wuthering Heights crossover vibes.
  10. I bottle them. I know there's a market but I can't stop drinking them all myself. Almost no calories, great taste!
  11. What a shame. RIP. Rrraawwwrrrrrooooouuuuggghhhsdlkjfsl;dfjk;alskdjf
  12. Getting awesome Art Deco vibes from those casino paintings.
  13. You guys, it's our fault! Palpatine was in our own hearts...the whole time.
  14. My research is mostly focused on classical Japan, but I can tell you right off the bat that American historical memory of WWII has mostly focused on Japan as the perpetrators of Pearl Harbor. Japan's wartime atrocities in China and Korea are emphasized much less, though there is a robust amount of historical scholarship addressing these issues. Certainly the expectation of self-sacrifice in the performance of war, even to the point of suicide, might have some parallel in how the Empire just throws troops at everything, but I really am not sure.
  15. This looks awesome! I have also been looking for a group on-and-off for quite a while. This could be a big help and, in any case, is really great of you to do for the community. Thank you!
  16. O Lady Phoenix, I am the most obtuse and oblivious being this side of the Anoat Sector. What will help me be more intuitive and perceptive? A potion that could help me tell the difference between nice kitties and mean kitties would be particularly helpful.
  17. Aw, Boba looks almost a little sad to be threatening that guy! Monday blues, I guess!
  18. Oh, noooo! I just downloaded the app the other day and have yet to play with it. It spawns totally random enemies? Way to maintain that suspense of disbelief...
  19. I will say that I thought the Consular's Signature Ability was very underwhelming when I saw it. I get how it works with the flavor of being a helper/teacher, but...I gotta say I want to be selfish and do something cool myself. I've also bitten the bullet and am finally writing out specs and stats, as well as getting into my background. It's fun; we'll see where it goes!
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