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  1. What a shame. RIP. Rrraawwwrrrrrooooouuuuggghhhsdlkjfsl;dfjk;alskdjf
  2. Getting awesome Art Deco vibes from those casino paintings.
  3. You guys, it's our fault! Palpatine was in our own hearts...the whole time.
  4. My research is mostly focused on classical Japan, but I can tell you right off the bat that American historical memory of WWII has mostly focused on Japan as the perpetrators of Pearl Harbor. Japan's wartime atrocities in China and Korea are emphasized much less, though there is a robust amount of historical scholarship addressing these issues. Certainly the expectation of self-sacrifice in the performance of war, even to the point of suicide, might have some parallel in how the Empire just throws troops at everything, but I really am not sure.
  5. This looks awesome! I have also been looking for a group on-and-off for quite a while. This could be a big help and, in any case, is really great of you to do for the community. Thank you!
  6. O Lady Phoenix, I am the most obtuse and oblivious being this side of the Anoat Sector. What will help me be more intuitive and perceptive? A potion that could help me tell the difference between nice kitties and mean kitties would be particularly helpful.
  7. Aw, Boba looks almost a little sad to be threatening that guy! Monday blues, I guess!
  8. Oh, noooo! I just downloaded the app the other day and have yet to play with it. It spawns totally random enemies? Way to maintain that suspense of disbelief...
  9. I will say that I thought the Consular's Signature Ability was very underwhelming when I saw it. I get how it works with the flavor of being a helper/teacher, but...I gotta say I want to be selfish and do something cool myself. I've also bitten the bullet and am finally writing out specs and stats, as well as getting into my background. It's fun; we'll see where it goes!
  10. @Daronil, you are a force for good in this thread and for preventing-me-from-having-an-aneurysm. One of the broader issues I have been concerned with in research is canonization and historical/cultural memory. So many of the most important works have something new to say to each generation, and each generation is influenced by them in different ways, including creating new works influenced by them, to a greater or lesser extent. And that's fine. It's natural and helps literary works remain relevant, that people can take new lessons and ideas away from them. I just have a lot of trouble respecting people who expect Star Wars to cater exclusively to their inner ten-year-old when they themselves are at least twenty. Have they grown so little as people? We run into sticky issues with criticism because, yes, every opinion about merit is subjective. However, analysis, when done well, can help us see what works are trying to accomplish and whether or not they succeed at doing so. The main films in Star Wars, especially the OT, are working with very broad brush-strokes; again, this is fine: they are operating on the same level as folklore and fairy tales, and texts like that aren't concerned with the same things many people seem to expect them to be. It's fine; it's just a different approach. I guarantee you that the Snow White does not hinge upon the Evil Queen's economic policies or her 'backstory.' People focusing solely on plot holes (and this is not to deny that, in modern media especially, they can definitely detract from a work) and broad characterization are missing the point.
  11. Cool, thanks! I am thinking, depending on how the story goes, of starting as a Sage and branching out into Magus or Prophet for a second class. We'll see.
  12. Oooh, couple more questions I forgot to ask! Is it easier to use on a phone, or a tablet? I have both. Also, is it now free? I thought it was five bucks...what's going on here? Like I said, I appreciate all the help!
  13. Oh man, Ship-faced is fantastic! The Naughty Rancor The Wookiee's Ookiee Droideka Cabana Tiny Nebula
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