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  1. i have everything still...even pdf version of WGSs books and saga edition
  2. mine came in about an hour ago...my little girl opened it and sent me pictures to tease me...now i have EVERYTHING for the D6 series
  3. so whats the deal with nothing for this or being available? its been that way for a while now
  4. i cant get out...i dont use my credit card/bank card online. i used a prepaid card and my daughter threw it out about 8 months ago thinking it was not any good anymore
  5. well i have not gotten any kind of response on this and im unable to cancel my order. i NEVER use my bank/credit card online. i use pre paid cards for the security. but that card was used over a year ago and discarded. so if orders are being dropped im out 60 bucks? this is no way to run a business of this size...or any size
  6. this has to be a joke right? august now? i call BS on FFG for this one...looks like im just going to get my money back and use that on another game. Reminds me of Devil Pig Games with there sorry excuse for a player frendly web store
  7. this is a joke...im loosing patience with FFG on this one. and I agree if it was on the boat for 3 months how many times would it have sailed around the world in that amount of time
  8. im a returning gamer and I had to redo my account. when I try to find where I add my collection I cant find it. is this still an option?
  9. how much longer will this be on the boat??? its killing me
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