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  1. 2.2 million and all they bought was a lousy X-Wing? Could've bought a small fleet and the crew for them with that.
  2. Thing is, our group are all somewhat experienced with the system, or at least I think all of us are and we all have the same goal right now, namely getting the **** off the planet. It seems to be the end result of a combination of our characters not really meshing well personality-wise with each other and a bunch of bad rolls whenever we attempt to do ANYTHING subtle. I don't mind really, it's hilarious. Also: Funniest... typo... EVER!
  3. Don't think so... we basically just created our characters and got thrown together... and now I see the problem.
  4. - The adventure starts with the whole group falsely accused, arrested, and being transported to a penal colony. The prison truck crashes, the door opens, and the group proceeds to butcher the cops transporting us and stealing the truck. - You attempt to create and play a compassionate and morally upstanding character and end up assaulting a police station 2 sessions in. - You find a couple vials worth of coaxium in the police station, the hyperspace fuel they had in Solo, and any and every plan between the player characters from then on starts with something akin to: "Let's blow up a city block!" - Any and all plans to take care of anything stealthily or with talking our way out fail miserably and we end up in a massive firefight. - One of our group is so psycho and torture happy the rest of us try to stop him from murdering a witness that falsely testified against us before. - My character decides after all the above went down to just ditch the group with a "You guys are INSANE!!! I'm outta here!" for good measure. - Our group can now add theft, breaking out of confinement, and multiple murders to our rap sheets and we haven't even gotten off the planet yet. Our GM outright stated he never expected us to follow false convictions with one actual crime after another.
  5. immortalfrieza

    Legally claiming a pirate ship

    Or the player could just strip the ship of these things in advance before the players turn the ship in for BOSS inspection, if they've got the time, then put them back on afterward.
  6. immortalfrieza

    Stealing Armor

    I usually make a point of heavily modifying the appearance of anything blatantly illegal, such as Stormtrooper armor, pretty much as soon as I get it for exactly this reasons people have already brought up in this thread. Otherwise, I consider anything from enemies to be free to take after a fight assuming any of it is still functional and make a point of taking everything I can hold and the GM gives me time to grab. I may require checks for some things though, like mechanics checks to hotwire speeders and such.
  7. immortalfrieza

    Legally claiming a pirate ship

    Considering piracy is, Rebels aside, the main thing the whole Imperial Fleet exists to combat I highly doubt it would be a real issue. If a pirate is causing trouble and the group decides to take their head to the Empire, they'd probably have no problem with the players keeping the pirate's ship, especially since it means they probably don't have to pay them. If the group is actually registered as bounty hunters it's even easier to just claim pirate ships as spoils, that kind of thing is to be expected from bounty hunters. Of course, the issue can be avoided entirely if the group has black market connections, in which case they can easily just sell the ship and use the money to buy another ship that is squeaky clean. If the group mainly operates in Hutt space it's not a problem at all, save the possibility that the pirate was working for someone and the group just royally pissed them off. The only way I could see the ship being an problem is if the players were dumb enough to steal the pirate ship and then fly it straight to say, Coruscant without notice.
  8. I must say I like the "Shields as soak" idea better than what we got. It fits the lore better, movie lore included, to have Shields help improve a ship's armor, for several reasons. We rarely ever see a shielded fighter go down in one shot in Star Wars media unless it's from the very unlikely event of a capital ship blast, it usually takes several shots from anti-fighter cannons or the cannons of other fighters, whether it be several individual hits or twin/tri/quad shots all hitting at once. This also follows with unshielded fighters like the TIE fighter going down so easily from even a single shot, while even ones with weak shields last much longer. It would also make fighters and shields more viable in general, since as it is they tend to vaporize or shut down in 2, 3 rounds at the most, taking 1 or 2 HT or SST per hit at most 3 after counting successes would make them last longer. It would also improve the worth of Ion weapons considering they could be used to deactivate shields and thus improve damage for successive attacks. As ships go up in size the armor and shields tend to increase proportionally, as a result fighters begin to need to jockey to weaker parts of the bigger ship's shields and/or use torpedoes to be able to do any damage at all. This also fits the lore, as fighters (plot protected protagonists, their lucky breaks, and their "crazy enough to work" plans aside) are mainly only of much good against small ships like the Falcon or other fighters, being useless against large ships like the ISD unless the fighters had torpedoes or managed to bring down their shields first. With Capital ships like the ISD they need fighters to hit them with a good half dozen or so torpedoes to go down, and against another Capital ship it's a long slugfest with neither getting through the other's shields much and gradually chipping away at each other until one finally took the other down, or again the shields go down or use torpedoes to finish it off. Using shields as more soak has it follow what we see in the movies and especially the EU much more closely. The issue of course being that this drags out the fights, which a lot of people it seems don't like the system for vehicle combat to begin with.
  9. That's making use of a Jedi Apprentice book quote isn't it? In any case, you should be writing Star Wars novels pal, you're great at writing to visualize things for the viewer. Keep me updated on how things go, can't wait to hear more.
  10. That was... amazing. I seriously cannot put into words how incredible that campaign of yours sounds and if I didn't already have 2 Eote groups I'd ask to join in. Elaborate as much as you want. You are welcome. I pretty much come to these forums mostly to look for and read stories about Eote games which are always really really entertaining to hear about, ergo posting this thread.
  11. This is the short post!?! Nice.
  12. ...and how did you/your GM handle it? For instance, suppose your group tried to and through lots of luck and a lenient GM managed to assassinate Emperor Palpatine not long after his Empire got started. How did the GM decide this would effect the galaxy at large and the players themselves?
  13. immortalfrieza

    Care to share your funny/amusing SWRPG/EotE stories?

    I LOVE these kinds of threads! My contribution is the tale of the hapless Clone Trooper PC. When I first joined the group this Clone was just recovering from having lost both his eyes and thus getting cybernetic implants... it hasn't improved for him from there. After the next adventure we were ambushed trying to retrieve a package Cloney gets a fail/despair trying to shoot his sniper rifle so not only does he miss, he somehow trips and having taken several shots already at this point hits the pavement and knocks himself out from the minuscule wound damage. Couple adventures later he manages to lose both a leg and an arm in one combat and had to have them replaced, the same combat where he was nearly eaten by what I can only describe as a giant tentacle monster. Next adventure he proceeds to be eaten *again* by a giant underground Lampreylike worm thing we ran into in some caves trying to find an underground base on a planet. Cloney manages to make an athletic check to get out of the monster, but having taken several wounds already (he's basically the primary target for everybody and everything we come across) he gets spit out into the wall and gets knocked out from the impact causing wound damage. One of our other members who is frequently exasperated by the near constant haplessness of Cloney decides that the best thing to do is to kick Cloney in the face, to try to wake him up or just to vent her frustration with him I have no idea. She gets a fail/threat on the Brawl roll and falls over trying to kick him. My character manages to revive Cloney and we finish the combat, continue down the cave and find what we were looking for, unfortunately. We found an old Separatist facility, and 4 Destroyer Droids roll out of meet us, our ragtag group of 4 half of which are still heavily wounded from the previous combat... and that's where we've left things off. My own character has actually managed to go through most of these adventures almost completely unscathed... except the time the group decided to assassinate an Imperial Moff at an Imperial embassy and had to end the session in the middle of things. I couldn't play at the start of the session due to previous obligations so I had to jump in at the middle. Needless to say, this was an unfortunate occurrence because everybody forgot my character was still in the embassy, which they had decided to blow up to kill the Moff. My character manages to crawl out of the rubble intact and spends a few days in a nearby hospital fortunately, and they are very happy with their compatriots, very happy indeed...
  14. That reminds me of the JK-13 security droids, or Bio-Droids, that had Force Sensitive slugs implanted into them to give them some Force abilities, the only reason they didn't get rolled out en masse being that the droid would go insane if it actually killed anybody. I wish the concept had been expanded on afterward, because it would have opened up quite a few possibilities for droids.
  15. In a way, Dooku DID play to win... and though he didn't live to see it he did. The whole of the Clone Wars was orchestrated to eliminate the Jedi Order and conquer the Republic. Dooku and Palpatine subverted the Republic from within and used the Republic to destroy the Jedi. Dooku's problem was that he didn't anticipate that Palpatine would sacrifice him to do so, or that Anakin would be a possible replacement for him. Now, if Dooku was trying to win via conquering the galaxy the old fashioned way, there's at least a couple things off the top of my head I think he could've done. -Since Dooku was responsible for arranging the Clone Troopers be made, he could easily have subverted them to his purposes if he had wanted to. For instance, he could've put in an Order 67 or whatever that let him take over the Clones, drag the war along for a little while, and wait until the Clones were sufficiently entrenched in positions and planets all over the galaxy. Then all he'd have to do is execute that Order while simultaneously attacking as many major planets across the galaxy as he could all at the same time, Coruscant likely chief among them. Now he's got a virtually helpless Republic being attacked by two armies one of which they expected to defend them. The Republic would likely fall pretty quickly after that. -Dooku could merely improve the battle droids, especially the B1s. The B1s are actually a very versatile design capable of doing anything a normal human could do and would be very effective if they weren't so stupid. The B1s just needed better logic and memory cores so they could be smarter and better able to hit their targets and they would eventually take the Republic down by sheer numbers alone. For space superiority really all the Seps would need is to change is the propulsion system on the Vulture Droids so they were much more fuel efficient. This would allow the Vultures to be distributed all at once rather than in waves which negated the advantage of their numbers. Numbers are the Seps game, but they are pretty bad at making any real use out of it. The problem with supposing Dooku's war effort would have gone any differently had Palpatine's manipulation of the war not occurred or been generally ineffectual is that the Separatist war effort benefited from Palpatine's manipulations as much as it was harmed. The Separatists would have lost as much as they had gained if Palpatine didn't have his hand in both sides of the whole war effort. It makes it difficult to determine exactly how much of a difference it would have made in the end.