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  1. I'm not sure that counts as a fail. It's definitely epic whatever it is.
  2. Has anyone had any particularly notable fails on the roll of the dice that led to something unusual or hilarious? i.e. (Hypothetical) I attacked a Kath Hound, average dif, 3 yellows and a green, I failed and got 4 threat. So I tripped and fell on my lightsaber and lost an eye. Something like that.
  3. Of course you can do whatever you want in the game, that's not the point. GMs can put whatever they want in any tabletop game and the players can establish anything in a game the GM will let them get away with, that was never in dispute and it would be ridiculous to dispute that to begin with. What was in dispute was the concept of the Jetpack droid actually fitting into Star Wars, and as I and others have stated there's no cause to say it wouldn't and wouldn't require any more suspension of disbelief than anything else. The issue is that you and those taking the same position are dismissing and have been dismissing the whole concept of Jetpack droid out of hand with very flimsy justifications at best.
  4. The problem is that there shouldn't be any disbelief to suspend to begin with. Based on all that we've seen of Star Wars a jetpack droid is not only extremely plausible but the only unbelievable thing about it is that with all the content in current canon and Legends there isn't anyone who has officially done it already. We've got plasma swords emitting from hilts only a few inches long, Bane's Rocket books, people capable to lifting X-Wings out of swamps with their mind, guns that shoot plasma, jetpacks and droids themselves... I could go on forever, but the point is that everybody can accept all of this without any issues, and yet a jetpack droid is something unbelievable? The only thing that doesn't make sense here is the idea not to mention the unreasonable fixation on it that a jetpack droid doesn't make sense.
  5. Yeah, the whole "fuel" point runs on the assumption that it would take up most of the space of the jetpack and thus leave little to no room for a droid that wasn't R2 size or bigger. Fuel is something that is very very rarely ever brought up in Star Wars, for all we know a week's worth of jetpack fuel is efficient enough and/or condensed enough that it could fit in a tank the size of one's fist. In fact it would have to be somewhere in that area for jetpacks to be able to work at all and be as small as they are. That's under the assumption that jetpacks even use anything resembling the kind of liquid fuels we're familiar with and can't just function off of energy from some source. Regardless, adding some legs, eyes, droid brain, and other appendages to a jetpack and turning it into a droid that's both nowhere near the size of R2 would be simple considering how tiny droids can be. ****, it probably wouldn't even need legs since Star Wars has anti gravity technology. Considering Boba Fett had one I'm surprised that jetpacks are seen as little as they are in Star Wars, EU or no, not to mention that a jetpack droid hasn't been made already. I still can't see why you couldn't just put a slot for the legs, head, and arms or other tools and fold them up when the jetpack is actually being worn to have a jetpack droid and barely increase the jetpack's size. It also wouldn't be the first droid whose legs were able to carry a much larger torso either.
  6. Nope. That's the jetpack Boba Fett uses. A jetpack like that could easily have a slot for a tiny slicing (or whatever) droid like BD1 with room to spare. Just a slot for the legs and fold up it's head when it's not being used, the droid isn't even as big as a laptop. The whole thing wouldn't even come close to R2's size. As for the tools, it would probably be best to have some general stuff and some things that can be swapped out as needed.
  7. Considering we've now got a droid small enough to ride on someone's back: which seems to have all slicing and hologram features of R2 while being a fraction of the size, a droid that folds into a jetpack or basically IS the jetpack that has few tools in stock with a little room to spare wouldn't be out of the realm of possibility.
  8. I've got to know the context for this one. Only amateur roleplayers don't know that you never blow up anything you can steal.
  9. Honestly I'd say that 4000 credits is a bit high considering how numerous the B1s were. I think the cost for a B1 unit would be somewhere in the area of 2000 after an E5 blaster rifle is included, and since we're talking mass production for both maybe even less due to the fact that the prices for nearly everything in the books are for costs after reaching market rather than manufacturer costs. From there, we just have to figure out exactly how many of each other type of droid were produced. The only reason the Separatists didn't field their entire armies with B2s and Droidekas was that both cost much more than B1s did, thus justifying the widespread use of B1s despite their lack of effectiveness. Numbers though are a bit spotty since the number of B1s produced over the course of the war was supposedly in the quintillions, which is probably the result of a writer not knowing math or a mistake since that kind of number would be downright absurd.
  10. A Legends comic actually had this one, a Stargatelike portal device that could take the user from one point in the galaxy to another instantly if I remember correctly. Sadly it had to be destroyed to prevent it from being used as a weapon and it was ancient technology that very few people even knew existed so from the perspective of the average Star Wars person it's probably still Sci-Fi for them.
  11. As is this phrase. My contribution: Me: "We need a plan" Somebody in the group every time: "First we take our coaxium and then..." Me: "A less suicidal plan please..." This one is me, but I can't resist belting out "Aren't you a little short for a Stormtrooper?" every time a group I'm in breaks someone out of a prison somewhere. I've been in a few groups and it's pretty much inevitable, a couple times while someone was disguised as a Stormtrooper even.
  12. Checking Wookieepedia and it doesn't seem like there's much of anything to say about the planet, which makes it perfect for a "I'll make up whatever I want to" for it's exports.
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