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  1. Because all his minions deserted.
  2. Here's a good link to a site to find most of the FFG Star Wars rules. This one links to the Droid programming rules specifically. https://eote.bgsemc.com/rules/crafting#spending_droid_programming_results
  3. - A noir style private eye type show set in the Star Wars universe. It would be a prime opportunity to show what actually living in the Star Wars universe is like and in particular really gets into the underworld. I don't think there's really much that examines that sort of thing in depth, glimpses sure, but not a real focus of things. - A show entirely about the aftermath of The Last Jedi, particularly about the Resistance. There's so much TLJ set up but there's one thing in particular that was important. At the end of TLJ the Resistance is reduced down to a tiny handful in an old smuggler's freighter. The Resistance building themselves back up to pre-TLJ levels should take years of work and is ripe for material. Unfortunately Rise of Skywalker fails to even put in so much a throwaway line and just puts the Resistance back to pre-TLJ, a consequence of the really REALLY bad and unnecessary attempt to pretend The Last Jedi never happened. Maybe a series could help fix that by actually providing that explanation, among other things.
  4. I was thinking of that, but being attuned already provides a Force Pip and I wanted an actual weapon quality that was good for helping to nonlethally take out opponents.
  5. For the Purification and Corruption qualities, I used Vicious for the Corruption added quality because it's a rather violent quality, as for Concussive it's the most "peaceful" quality I could find, as a Lightsider with a purified Crystal could use it to disable rather than kill opponents. I'll make it add a couple strain damage with attacks instead. I tried to design things so that players could use Synthetic Crystals to create Crystals that could match or slightly exceed natural ones. As Kyber Crystals can have a damage of as high has 9 I didn't think Strong Focus being two would be much of a problem, but I'll raise the number of advantages it requires. I also threw in things like the Lightsaber Breaking and Unstable Synthetic/Compressed because they are actual qualities that Synthetic Crystals have in Legends, but I'll change it to two Triumphs. I also tried to balance the positive results of both tables out with negative ones, such as putting Weak Focus as a 1 threat result to counter damage increases, but I'll alter things a bit.
  6. Thanks, fixed. What I really need feedback on is the balance. I wanted to create something that brings back Synthetic Lightsaber Crystals, and in the process I ended up just expanding Lightsaber Crystals in general. I didn't want to make anything that unbalanced the game though. Well, any more than the crafting system in this game typically does at least.
  7. @Nate Throwing in my Lightsaber Crystal Fan Supplement into the ring.
  8. Yeah, yours worked well. I would've preferred to use a F&D based template for something like this but I could never find one. Roger Roger!
  9. Hello everybody. So I felt compelled to create some new rules for Kyber Crystals. I always loved the idea of Synthetic Kyber Crystals in the Legends canon and wanted to bring it back for this game system. Using DangerShine Designs Eote Module Template (Kudos to them!) I made a supplement in a style hopefully roughly reminiscent of an actual sourcebook. Contained within are a list of all lightsaber crystals I could find the statistics for with a short description. After which is a section for GMs to apply several states to Kyber Crystals that players have located or refined. This is followed by Corruption and Purification rules, then finally the book finishes off with rules to create Synthetic Kyber Crystals. As some may notice I attempted to meld the Legends and current canon for Kyber Crystals as best I could. Download it here: Lightsaber Crystals version 1.5 Any feedback is welcome. EDIT: Fixed a few typos here and there. Made some balancing changes.
  10. One thing that would be nice is if we could use Oggdudes to create a character, export the character into a PDF, then import it directly into SWsheets without having to manually add everything from the former onto the latter.
  11. Question about repairing equipment. As I read it, according to the rules for repairing equipment it costs 25% of full cost for a minor repair, 50% for a moderate repair, and 100% for a major repair, then decrease the repair cost by 10% for each advantage gotten during a successful roll. My question is, does that mean if the number of advantages equals or exceeds the cost % for the repair required i.e. 3 advantage (30%) on a minor repair (25%) or is there a minimum cost regardless?
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