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  1. Hello! If you've found this, then you must be in Las Vegas, and interested in Legend of the Five Rings. I welcome you to join our bi-weekly play group, as well as our local info board, with card discussion and posts for all events in the area. We have a Grand Championship coming soon! Find us at the Facebook group "Jurojin's Chance". Welcoming players of all experience levels!
  2. I dont think they all have to be "scum" eh? She was a smuggler, busting fuel and melons off of Lothal. Eventually she became a rebel, but she started before the rebellion was even a thing.
  3. Hera is a good guess. Would expect either Cad Bane or Aurra Sing, as they both led crews and had ships at times.
  4. Thematically similar, but in gameplay it sounds like Great Western Trail. More detailed and with greater build options, but a similar sandbox.
  5. Wonderful story, thanks for sharing!
  6. Player387247, this is worth considering, however this is not technically from the Beginner Set, but from the adventure following, which does introduce the full game ru Thematically, the granting of the title without the experience spend does fit, as the other Samurai in the story complain about the PCs being rushed to their position. However the real rub is that the 'free' version of the title is not just different, nor is it simplified as a 'Beginner' title, but its strictly better than the version in the book, granting an extra power and a +1 skill boost. I just found that curious. The biggest question, really, is whether or not Harsh Scrutiny is supposed to be added to the book version. Its strange that the final form of the Title would be missing a powerful attribute like that.
  7. I'm curious why there are differences between the Core Books version of the Emerald Magistrate title and the once in the printed adventure Castle of the Emerald Champion, even after the errata document was released. I explained how titles worked to my players, expecting them to have to dump XP into the title advancement track before getting all of the benefits of the title. However reading ahead again in the story it seems as if they are just to be given the title at the end of the adventure without having to pay any experience for it? That alone could be something for narrative advancement, I suppose, but there are further differences. The story version also confers +1 skill point and an extra ability, Harsh Scrutiny, which does not appear in the errata for the Core Book. The core book version also bestows +15 Status, as opposed to the +10 of the story version. So, questions: is it intended that the characters DO immediately gain all of the benefits of the Emerald Magistrate title without XP send for completing the Castle investigation? Which status bump is correct, +10 or +15 (only important, really, for minor clan samurai)? Should the Core Book version receive further errata to gain the Harsh Scrutiny ability? Apologies if this is addressed elsewhere, but searching turned up nothing. Thanks!
  8. In the opening fiction, when Kachiko lists the names of all the Kami who created the great clans, she omits Shinjo, despite mentioning nine Kami.
  9. Good lord, how old is the emperor in this? He is going blind, he trembles during katas, his hahas even shake when holding a teacup. But according the the rpg intro, he's in he 20th year of his reign. Isnt he, then, 45 or so? Is my timeline off here or is this man extremely ill and everyone is too polite to offer adequate care?
  10. Started a new group for Las Vegas area venues to post to, as the old CCG one doesn't seem to have an admin anymore. Named for the notorious gambling house, which I thought appropriate. https://www.facebook.com/groups/1465985726772659/
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