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  1. I doubt I will receive one but I wish the receivers an early congratulations. ?‍♀️
  2. I am interested in the game as well. Though depending on the time frame I may not be in able to join. Still this gives me a chance to tryout the Beta any way.
  3. This is my opinion ( with the help of Jisho. org) : keeping the kanji for "I" and then adding the kanji "内" to be used for the "Uchi" and the kanji "出" for the "De" making it Iuchi = 居内 and Ide = 居出. 所 is not pronounced as "I" in either On or Kun reading in Japanese. I suggest 位 for the "I" and 狛 for the "Koma" in Ikoma.
  4. Will there be more complex rituals? In the Iuchi meishodo school advancement chart in the rank three field indicates that a character must learn 1-3 rank ritual technique to help advance to the next school rank. So far I have seen only rank one rituals in the technique chapter.
  5. should the GM decide whether a player can create a character with more than one ancestor? I have found that nowhere in the beta text says other wise. For example I have a Matsu Tatsuyo, whos father was from the phoenix clan. Having two family branches I chose to combine the name parts of a lion ancestor( with glorious sacrifice)[named Matsu Chiyoko] and that of a phoenix ancestor(with Imperial heritage )[named Shiba Tatsumasa].
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