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  1. Characters on province are not in play, must choose a played character.
  2. Hi, Recently my Playgroup asked the following to resolve. Conflict: My oponent has a dishonored character, i have a normal character, the province is Shameful Display. Ok?, well they choose to Dishonor the opponent and honor my character. I say thats impossible because you cant dishonor an already deshonored character so this action isnt resolved. Can anyone explain with rules who has the true answer? Thx
  3. Hi, i have a little question. The action of a shosuro actress brings you a character of the discard pile of your oponent with a cost of 3 max to the conflict, ok until this point. Now, when the conflict ends i retain that character under my control right? and when i bring it can i put fate points upon it. srry about my english.
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