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  1. I donno, I just don't like mixing the black book with the other two. But that's personal bias.
  2. That could work. Unless he says to not use the force. Then we have a whole other issue.
  3. I wouldn't think that F&D specs would be allowed at all. But I could be wrong.
  4. Nice! I'm hoping this does start up, I kinda want to use my droid duo.
  5. As the title suggests, how would one go about creating PC races for stuff that doesn't exist yet (Iron Knights for example)? I got a party that I play to have some humorous fun with and someone wanted to be an Elite from the Halo series (I mean, the gear is an easy conversion, it's the race that's giving me trouble). Does anyone have any ideas?
  6. The PC's have been leading the Mandolorians to reconquer the galaxy around five years before the battle of Yavin in the main timeline, ****, they convinced Vader to join in on the nonsense for a share of the Galaxy. It is a long and rather fun campaign. The PC group started as pirates. Thank you, this is very helpful.
  7. I did, AFTER I created this thread... And that doesn't look like a beatable palps.
  8. Well, my characters are coming to the end of a long running campaign (I'm talking like 500 total exp here) and are about to face off against the Emperor himself, I want to make this a suitably epic fight for a party of 6, so does anyone have some stats for the Sith Master?
  9. To be entirely honest, you take a TIE fighter, keep the speed, drop one handling, add two hull/strain, a point or two of defence somewhere and a hyperdrive and you're golden. I'm stating out Vader for a possible encounter in space.
  10. That sounds rather terriffic, do I start with a stock XP/credits character, or do I gain some additional XP/credits after "character creation" but before the game starts?
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