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  1. Wouldn't this be a useful thing for your rules lawyer to read? An investigator is permitted to activate abilities from the following sources: A card in play and under his or her control. This includes his or her investigator card. A scenario card that is in play and at the same location as the investigator. This includes the location itself, encounter cards placed at that location, and all encounter cards in the threat area of any investigator at that location.
  2. So I know it's not out yet, but has anyone heard anything about them including cards to be able to make the entire campaign in one box, without having to take the cards from night of the zealot? Basically, I'd love to eventually be able to have all of a campaign in one box (like my LotR) rather than needing to always go back to the base sets and pull cards from them. On one hand, I get it...keep the starter boxes relevant; on the other hand, with the "return to..." Boxes, it's a great opportunity to let us do that.
  3. I'm honestly hoping that we get some duplicate sets of the ones from the core set. It says this will hold the entire campaign, and I'm hoping that means it will without having to cannibalize sets from one box to the other. Coming from LotR, that's been my biggest storage gripe with this game; that the encounter sets from the base game are used over and over and over again so I cannot just keep a full set of the campaign in one spot, I have to go back to the core to pull out others. A huge pain? No, to be sure. But one that I'm really hoping is alleviated by the "Return to..." sets.
  4. And here's hoping it's released with the original layouts. I really hate the new card layout, and hope that it's confined to the collectors edition. A) gives some exclusivity to those who went for the collectors edition and B) let's those of us who have it have them in the real layouts.
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