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  1. I’ve worn kimono, having grown up in Japan. You’re not going to fit a sword under it. Even with loose fiting clothing, it’s going to be noticeable. As a concession to those who just want to have a concealable sword, perhaps a rule that it takes longer to draw the weapon would be appropriate, especially with something like a sword. The rule wouldn’t apply to something like a small knife.
  2. I may have missed the discussion somewhere, so forgive me if I did. Can someone explain how a wakizashi is concealable? I mean, where exactly do you stick a weapon with a blade that is historically 12-24 inches (30-60cm) long plus the hilt? Something that size is not easily concealable. Want to try it out? Go buy a machete and see if you can walk down the street without anyone seeing it. A machete is the closest modern tool I could think of.
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