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  1. Yes I know but generally with it being a game and all the store wants the players to enjoy it.
  2. Play a top cut. We had the same thing locally at a 16 person store champs when the organiser announced during the second round that it was going to be 4 rounds with no top cut. I asked if we could vote on that because everyone went there expecting a top cut and they changed to a top 4.
  3. You may resolve it increasing its value by 1 otherwise remove it. Modified sides can't be resolved by themselves so you remove it. Yes it is a trash card for the most part.
  4. It would seem the general rule is if its a fixed composition box set from FFG you buy two of them.
  5. Each action needs to complete. You play hit and run so you activate poe with rexs blaster, part of that activation is to activate another character. Then you can resolve two dice with Maz's ability. Then you take your ambush action. For your earlier questions, the wording of claim says that the player will then pass all future turns and declines to act if they ever have the opportunity to take actions. For the Rey question yes you get two additional actions and they can be used for any purpose not just for Rey as your question suggested.
  6. Premonitions is also a **** of a card against this launch bay otk. The problem with these specific counter cards is will you have them in your first hand and have enough of them to stop your opponent from ripping them out of your hand?
  7. Piett, Mandalorian and Aphra with a heap of cheap bots and supports could be interesting.
  8. 2:1 is a very generic rule for first building decks when learning. It's certainly not a one size fits all. Not that I'm saying that's a bad thing just pointing out that its a rule of thumb that helps you early on to build decks without making them unplayable due to cost curve rather than being a rule for how to build the optimal deck. Two good examples would be the new five dice villains that is a very strong deck where the most expensive upgrade is one resource. Where as its not uncommon for an aayala padawan padawan deck with reaping the crystal and it binds all things running more three cost upgrades than two costers.
  9. Or moving a good upgrade off your own character that is going to die early next round. Or moving a force illusion from your healthy character to the character your opponent us trying to focus down. etc
  10. If the RRG isn't enough then email the developers for an answer. Though how does "some card nobody ever plays work" might not be the fastest question they get around to responding to.
  11. This is covered clearly on page 21 of the rules reference guide. • Effects which reference a certain symbol showing on a die work with any side showing that symbol, even if it is a modified side. Showing damage includes ranged, melee, and indirect damage. The wording on this card is: Resolve one or more of your dice showing either melee damage ([melee]) or ranged damage ([ranged]). Then force an opponent to lose 1 resource. This card doesn't reference "showing damage" it explicitly states showing melee damage or showing ranged damage.
  12. I think its a card with Laeas picture on it. Actually after a bit more th8nking I believe its our only hope.
  13. The game is only as balanced as the quality of the decisions each player makes. Much like other games. There is just more opportunity to get decisions right or wrong when they can involve building the collection and the deck as well as the decisions made during the game play. Last point, please no more "another words", it's "in other words" as in you've said something in one way and now will say the same thing in an other way. Yes I know I'm pretty much the last person that should be being a grammar nazi but if this research is to write articles tidy use of language will help get your message across without pulling people's attention out of the content and onto the language.
  14. Take a look at what decks have won tournaments since the last nerf RRG. Its been heroes are us at the top tables until very recently. Don't be too quick to assume your friend isn't just better at the game than you. I know that sounds like a **** comment but I'm being serious. There is a heap of decisions to be made in the game that when you're just starting out may nit even be apparent to you and if your buddy is making the "right" decision a couple of times a game more than you are, he will consistently win more than you.
  15. Last year worlds was purely whoever clicked at the right time to register. This year there is a tonne of people that have earnt their spot through winning tournaments. Doesn't seem like there is a lot of reason to complain.
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