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  1. Yes, I usually have no problem with the rules of this game, but here I have some doubts and I feel the need to over-analyze. This clearly deserves some more detailed wording. I found a topic an BGG, and apparently it was confirmed from official sources that Ursula's Investigate action triggers an attack of opportunity, because it's a full action (even though it's a free action). So Jobu seems to be right ! https://boardgamegeek.com/thread/1994849/ursula-downs-free-investigate-action-and-enemies
  2. Leo's reaction ability is to "Play an Ally asset, reducing its cost by one". I suppose it costs zero action (because it's a reaction ability). But does it trigger an attack of opportunity ? Same question for Ursula. She has a free Investigate action, but does it trigger an attack of opportunity ? If the answer is yes, what would happen with Jake Williams in play ? Let's imagine Ursula is engaged with an Enemy. Her first action on her turn is to Move. No attack of opportunity thanks to Jake. Then she has a free Investigate action, but I suppose this one triggers an attack that Jake can't prevent, right ? I confess this "free action" business is very unclear to me...
  3. I thought of that, but : 1) Daniel is dead. OK, this is not necessarily a proof we won't see him again, this is Lovecraft after all. :-) 2) A Mythos pack is not supposed to use Encounter cards from other Mythos packs, only from the deluxe box, right ? So I don't see how a future scenario could use Daniel. We meet Constance Dumaine in this scenario, but this is because she's from the Path of Carcosa deluxe box, not from a Mythos pack.
  4. Hello all, I am confused about a particular aspect of this scenario. The setup tells me to use "The Really Bad Ones" (v. I) if I possess the Clasp of Black Onyx. This Act card allows me to meet the "humanoid", ally version of Daniel Chesterfield. If I don't have the clasp, I am supposed to use "The Really Bad Ones" (v. II) where Daniel is an enemy, which can be defeated... using the clasp of black onyx that I don't possess. There's a discrepancy here... It seemed logical to me that, having burdened myself with the Clasp weakness, I am rewarded by the opportunity to save Daniel Chesterfield (and gain the XP that goes with it...) But how come I can use the clasp to defeat Enemy Daniel ? How can I even meet Enemy Daniel if I have the clasp ?
  5. Sorry, stupid question, I had forgotten about Mr Peabody...
  6. catface2377, I would agree with you, but for example, for the Locked Door : "Attach to the location with the most clues", a location with zero clue is a perfectly valid target. I don't see why it would be different for "the fewest clues". I agree your interpretation is more thematic, but if it is the intended rule, the card is not correctly phrased.
  7. Hello, First of all, sorry but I play this game in french language, so I might not know the English wording for the cards. Anyway, how do you enter the hidden library in Echoes of the Past ? It reads "while an enemy moves". Does this mean I cannot enter the library during my action phase because no enemy is moving ? There must be something I misunderstood...
  8. Thanks a lot for your answers ! Indeed I played solo, with Minh Thi Phan. I really rushed for clue and easily cleaned up two bystanders from their clue befor Dianne showed up. As you said, it must be different with morte players. And yes, I am sure we will see her again. Her amulet seemed familiar too...
  9. Hello all, I have a doubt about Dianne Devine's effect. The card reads : "FORCED - At the beginning of the enemy phase : Find the Bystander asset with the fewest clues on it. Move Dianne Devine to that asset's location, if able". Question is : Is a Bystander with no clue on it the bystander with the fewest clues ? This sounds like the mathematically correct way of thinking, but it makes Dianne incredibly easy to handle. Once a bystander is emptied of its clues, Dianne simply stays at its location and is no bother at all. What was the intent of the designers with this enemy ?
  10. Hello ! One more question about this tricky Painted World card... Does it interact with Uncage the Soul ? Uncage the Soul allows me to play a Spell Card from my hand, reducing its ressource cost by 3. Can I use it to play Painted World from my hand, copy an event which is not a spell, and still have the cost reduction ?
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