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  1. Void Fist is a free send home and bow effect, a hoop or two seems fair.
  2. Still seems good. Might be a goofy trick with the one shugenja lets you trigger Air in addition to the chosen ring, letting you trigger the Air ring twice from one victory.
  3. It doesn't say "instead", but it might be missing in translation.
  4. Hisu Mori Toride doesn't change the political conflict, it adds a second military conflict.
  5. When is the skill bonus for Disguised Protector set? When the ability is triggered, or when the conflict is resolved?
  6. Granted there are different designers involved, but there are other FF games that use tokens as counters on cards when that isn't their original purpose. Arkham/Eldritch Horror does this same thing. Chalk it up to familiarity with them, but I didn't have any issue with how this card worked.
  7. The caps are just for keeping track of successes. If you try to negotiate and succeed, you put a cap fron the bank on it, and get the option 2 reward if there are three caps on it. If you fight the aliens and fail, you remove a cap if there is one. Punching aliens does not help the negotiations!
  8. That's why I'm considering the Itinerant Philosopher. 2 cost monk with low enough stats that I won't miss bowing him during a fight. He might be bad, but I only want one bushi in my monk deck if I can help it!
  9. Now I remember why I listed Mirumoto's Fury. You don't need guys to defend if they're all bowed. An honored, buffed magistrate could probably solo a province. If they try it, bow him. Now they need another guy with 3+ glory to keep fighting. Same with For Shame.
  10. Crap, wrong again. I was misremembering Fury as sending them home. My bad.
  11. Whoops, that's true. Ehh, I don't have any local Crabs, some one who knows better will need to give their counter.
  12. Lion's Pride Brawler if you're first for the turn as well. Hiroue can drag him in to defend when you're first as well. Mirumoto's Fury. Kisada forces them to waste an action before buffing the magistrate's glory. For Shame.
  13. I'm not so concerned with the Phoenix magistrate. He's only 1 glory, 3 if buffed. It requires an action from them to shut off most characters, even 1 glory dudes will still function until they use the stronghold on him.
  14. Well, typically you can't get more than one holding because it won't add another dynasty card. Statuary certainly seems like it would stack on the stronghold for sure Centipede Tattoo is ok, not bowing is good, but only while losing is less so. Still worth having just to help out the Visionary. Imperial Palace might make Itinerant Philosopher almost usable.
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