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  1. I just want an Arkham Files setting. Android and terrinoth were numbers 2 and 3 respectively for me, but The arkham setting is my favorite by a landslide.
  2. Beasts of war just uploaded an unboxing and gameplay video! I would be surprised if we don’t get a rule book this week!
  3. I’m surprised that they didn’t use this opportunity for more rule clarifications. Such as how grenade attachments work. I’ve been reading a lot of people seem to believe that each model in a unit has a grenade to throw. I don’t see this being accurate myself, but I would like to know for sure.
  4. I would really like to see 4+ but I’m not sure that it will happen. FFG seem pretty set on rebels, imperials, and everyone else (scum.) I think that there is enough in the lore that we could see many different factions. Especially seeing as there won’t be an absurd amount of minis at the table each game anyway.
  5. I can’t speak for anyone but myself here. But the reason I know that I’m all in with Legion and never investing into 40k is simple. I think that 40k gameplay is garbage. Again, that is my take, not to be taken as me trying to state a fact. I’ve played games with more than a few people at my flgs, I’ve won and lost. But it has never been fun. Not once. Legion is way more streamlined from what we’ve seen. I feel like as far as the way the game plays, it can be more easily compared to malifou than 40k (though it still has many differences.) In addition, while I DO like the lore that 40k brings with it. Star Wars has it beat without breaking a sweat. Here’s the thing. If I never meet another person who has invested in this game. If it dies out quickly and is forgotten by most. I will still be happy to bring out all of my minis and play a game with a buddy my place any time. I dont see a future where I regret my decision to purchase this game.
  6. I’m testing a few things on some IA minis I bought. I’m thinking inferno squad for my troopers. I really like the color scheme for the fleet troopers though, so I’m thinking I’ll use that one for my rebels if I don’t try something better before launch.
  7. These all look good. But we already have Rex in the rebel troopers.
  8. I know that keywords stack. But I’m sure I heard at some point that you can’t stack tokens. Maybe in one of the demos?
  9. I will remain loyal to the empire until the end... but the rebels are looking real good right now.
  10. I would bet that we’ll get two. One for both factions. The core box is supposed to introduce us to the game. And I feel like forcing both players to potentially argue about who gets a particular upgrade card would cause some people who are new to these games to have a poor first experience. Plus, if I remember correctly, the cards in IA had multiple copies with the exception of the faction/character specific ones. Maybe.
  11. Aside from release information, this is the most frustrating thing right now. The combat article was amazing. It gave us more info about the gameplay. Now we are just getting repeated information and (a few) conformations on some of our universally believed theories. Such as the unit expansions having cards that won’t come in the core box. I’m going to be playing imperial pretty much exclusively. I can’t afford both factions from the start. And even I am more interested in the rebel expansion leak than anything that we have gotten the last few weeks. Give us another gameplay article. Or the info on the rebels. (I want to know what I’m up against.) Or better yet, the rule book! If the game is “on the boat.” That would imply that it’s all printed. I wouldn’t imagine that the rules are still being written. Sorry for the rant. It’s late and insomnia is torturing me and this game is all I’ve been able to think about for months.
  12. Any time we see them, they always seem to be holding a position. Usually to cover someone else’s retreat. So I would like to see them get a benifit for staying still. Maybe they get a standby token at the end of an activation that they did not use a move action? Or at the beginning of their turn they could get an aim token if they didn’t move last turn. Maybe they could get an aim token when they are fired at? i like the idea of a scattergun. I think that it fits well with the up close and personal combat we would see on a ship. But I also think that we won’t see anything with blast for that same reason. Maybe some kind of unit with a cutting tool to get past armor? I would also love to see some kind of fire suppression unit. Someone with the Star Wars equivalent of a fire extinguisher. I imagine it as you exhaust its card to give the unit commander and any model within a 1 movement soft cover for the turn.
  13. When I think “Star Wars,” there are some things that stand out to me more than anything. I think Darth Vader, Luke Skywalker, Han, Chewy, Stormtroopers. I like the idea of ATAT’s. I love the space battles. But it’s the characters that keep me coming back to Star Wars over and over. I think that FFG made the absolute BEST decision with this scale. I want to think of a game in 10mm like some people want. But nothing that I can imagine makes me feel the way I did when I saw the Legion demo on YouTube for the first time. Or the multiple times I’ve watched them since.
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