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  1. how about players say I am going to try and do X example" I am going to try and strike the dragon with my naginata while in fire stance" then they roll and get opportunities then they narrate for the character he gets 3 successes and 2 strife and 2 opportunities "my naginata slices at the Dragon samurai he tries to dodge gets clipped and I slice deep into him" (crit strike and +3damage)
  2. wearing something means your wearing it wielding something means it's in your hand ready to use example if I have a sword in it's scabbard and it is in my belt at my side I am wearing a sword if the sword is in my hand I am wielding a sword. so dose not mater if it's strapped to your back your wearing it now if you have it out and are wielding it then I think soldiers would come ask you whats up. it's like a guy with a hand gun in his holster on his hip he is wearing a gun but he aint using it yet .
  3. OK first big note for ya it's not for narrative scenes it's for down time activities and Conflicts. so it's not for everything and I do not think you can assist someone casting a spell unless you are a shugenja and have that spell just cause you know how to do a ritual with Theology skill dose not make you a spell caster the kami will not hear you or care about your words. now Assisting someone in Combat is a support action I believe like distracting the guard while the ninja comes up behind him and stabs him in the back(you honor less dogs doing that shame) how would you assist someone in a duel with out interfering in a most dishonorable maner now in an intrigue scene having one voice and others supporting that with words of agreement I can see easy enough as well as mass battles everyone putting their heads together over a strategist session to plan it out and things like helping someone make a sword or collaborate on a letter to your lords during down time is easy enough. but narrative scenes specifically not mentioned in the description of Assistance.
  4. here are my thoughts on exp 1 current system is to fast 4 hour session (most normal session) is 8 exp you get at least 1 challenge or conflict you over come in that time(meaning minimum of 3 more exp) that's 11 exp minimum a session so every 2 sessions your going to see a rank marker hit then there going to want to go train if they can not train some how they will just save the exp till they can train spend exp then train again so you will see jumps in character development that has little to do with rp 2 following a set road map = carbon copy characters or cookie cutter characters not a lot of diversity I think the tables could be adjusted to be more open some how maybe by having blank spaces for skills under skill group headings that are close to the school like for a courtier spending on Social , Artisan, Trade groups Shuji, Rituals, and rings for them. A Bushi could spend on Martial skills, Social, and Artisan groups, Kata, Rituals and rings. 3 Individual exp rewards can be given out fairly and yet still look like favoritism it should be avoided everyone should stay even not just for balance sake but so none feels like there being punished or disliked for not being the best also Individual rewards can be abused some times (I know I accidentally did it once after telling a gm that the using individual exp rewards without an exp cap was a bad idea in a second edition AD&D game and made level 10 from level 1 in 1 session cause he put to much gold value of stuff in a safe at the inn) 4 The advancement tables them selves give no reward till your rank 6 this makes people wan to strive to get to rank 6 quickly With out enjoying the other ranks so rank 1 you get your basic School ability then you get at rank 6 your mastery ability what is in between to let them enjoy there climb and not see this development as a waist of time whats the point of the school ranks at all. What uses school ranks? (other than air stance) Why dose my shugenja not learn how to control the elements better as he advances to handle the emotional turmoil from casting? (maybe at School ranks 3 and 6 he can handle generating 1 more strife so it goes form 3 to 4 to 5 strife generated before a back lash) (maybe a bushi should get +5 fatigue bonus and 3 and 6 and maybe a courtier could get +5 composure at 3 and 6 , ninjas maybe get +2 vigilance at 3 and 6) something so they understand that raising in the school rank is more than just another number to be tracked for the sake of tracking it or make each rank have an ability that fits in with the school. To see how fast this is the current exp requirements for exp totals 16 20 24 32 48 22 exp(min for 4 hour session and 1 goal or obstetrical/conflict ) week 2 22 exp -16 leaves 6 week 4 gained 22 more exp that's 28 total left -20=8 week 6 gain another 22 +8=30-24=6 your now rank 4 week 8 you get 22 exp your at 28 so ya save head to week 9 get 11 your at 39 -32=7 (2 months+ 1 week once per week your at rank 5) (for people that plat D&D that's like your 18-19th level out of 20) Week 13 your at 29 exp Week 15 you have made 51 exp and ready to go to rank 6 That's 3 months and 3 weeks and your in the end game of your character now in game time unless you have a ton of down time this could be done in about 1 year of game time So your 15 years old no experience under you outside of school your given a job that lasts a year and now you have the same skills as a 50 year old man that's a master in his field not sure but that seems fast now it could even be faster if you have good experienced players they might over come more challenges and conflicts per session or if the challenges are in the GMS view are worth more than 3 exp this will happen even faster lets say a group can over come 2 a week and the gm thinks the challenges are worth 4 exp each that's a 4 hour session 8 exp +another 8 for challenges that's 16 exp a session you might end up cutting the time to 3 months even or less and game time might be about the same about 1 year or so game time and your a master in your school at 16 (true there a lot of personal development ya can do not having to bother with a chart for advancement) but something that should take one their whole life to do has been done in a year maybe 2 if you force training only at a specific place or make training take a ton of down time.
  5. Tenchi2a thanx for supporting my view keep in mind not all samurai have an attendant or a pony most just have there own back to carry things on and a tesubo and other such items are strapped to your back aka worn the way everyone is acting it's like the peasants do not trust the samurai to be honorable and not slaughter them for no reason.
  6. OK you all seem to miss the question so lets try it again it's not about wearing armor your armor is in your bag or on your pony or your attendant is carrying it it's about your wargear weapons (your attendant can only carry so much). how do you get your wargear weapons to the inn without causing a panic ? I say it dose not cause a panic or anything. They have had to go through a checkpoint before they get into the city and your a Noble who was allowed in so the lower cast should not question your right to be there. as for places where your not allowed your weapon they have people to sharpen your weapons or clean them and racks to put them on (think of it like a coat check for weapons). I would not expect the phoenix Yojimbo to not have is naganata on him at all times up until he is in a location where having it would cross a strict social norm(like entering the house of a friend or superior or court)
  7. Then how one is to get their tesubo or other wargear weapon to the inn there staying at with out causing a peasant to go running to there local lord for every visiting samurai? First unless it's a small village their is a gate they pass through where they present their travel papers and are asked what there doing in the area then after that they may be detained and searched and asked more questions then their permitted to go about there business . No where in that process unless their arrested do their weapons get confiscated. So from what I can understand the way everyone is seeing wargear is that as soon as a peasant sees a wargear weapon they go running to the local guard and this happens all the time for everyone heading to the inn this seems off.I think the peasant would notice might have a bit of fear but not go to the guards cause they know the person was allowed into the city. now a small village they might go to the headman who would go with a couple guards and ask the samurai how he may be of help and what the samurai is doing in his village if the samurai dose not go directly to the headman as he is supposed to do out of respect for the local lord. People seem to forget there's a process for this stuff that's why the description in the wargear section dose not say anything about it causing a panic or major fear.and no mention of negative effects to the person wearing the gear but the person they cause strife to gaining 1 more strife cause of their nervousness of the person in the wargear. now socially I would say that wearing armor not in your lands is a taboo and can cause an insult to the local lords saying they can not protect there land or as far as someone about to attack their lands. there has never been anything on carrying your weapons inn a village or city just where you put your weapons and do not carry them such as court, a friend's or superior's home. I think a lot of people that think a war weapon like a gun would have a hard time living in an open carry state.
  8. some Katas say target suffers damage dose that damage ignore armor? Rushing Avalanche style and spinning blade style are the 2 I have seen that do this. Can you target someone in earth stance with Open hand style and if so why if not why not? why is Lord Shiba’s Selflessness only usable once per session? It would be better if once per scene would make the shiba yojimbo seem more like a yojimbo Again I will mention that earth stance is over powering there is very few things that can over come it and when combined with heavy armors makes it very hard to hurt someone in earth stance and heavy armor. unless everyone is running around with heavy damaging weapons like tesubo it will cause very long drawn out fights unless there all in town some place where heavy armor is forbidden. I also think people have the wrong idea behind wargear you can not hide some of the wargear items and when you come into a town and are headed to an inn the peasant cast will not go running to the headman every time they see a tesubo or naganata this has to be explained to people that it's like openly displaying a upside down cross in a church it will get you looks but none is calling the cops. Why can I not make a sword and while making it think well I could make the scabbard look like a cane or a strange staff or walking stick. (not a katana or wakizashi ). I should not have to turn a sword into something other than a sword to do this (it might be considered dishonorable or worse if caught with it in court or other inappropriate place) (I am talking the water opportunity of crafting adding or removing wargear and/or concealable) I am sure there is more stuff like this if others would post there questions and maybe have a developer put in some answers
  9. what do you all think of making things concealable while crafting them like say a Chokuto in a walking stick or a Zanbato in a in a fancy staff your not changing the functionality of the weapon just making it concealable would probably still e cumbersome but it would lose wargear and become concealable. you not altering it into a different item your just disguising it as your making it. with this in mind I think they need to change tables like that to be specific but more general examples of stuff that can happen like the table should maybe read "water<OP> "may add and or remove wargear, Concealable quality form an item" then give an example like "when modifying a sheath for your Sword to conceal it's true nature while crafting a it"
  10. Personally I would say that you could not spend opportunities form other elements on katas like striking as fire cause the stipulation on when you can use it is specific martial arts[melee, ranged, unarmed] (fire) is the requirement so you could not say do a martial art(air) to strike as fire cause it's not a table it;s a specific result of a kata as such not a table where as the smithing table is a table and there for could be used to exchange results so if ya got 3 opportunities on fire you could make it resplendent then you could sue the other 2 to give it a +1 to damage or deadlyness or maybe make 3 resplendent blades.
  11. so your totally for void point farming then farming then. people will seek to do stuff simply to fail where they will gain VP as quickly as they can till the VP= their void ring. now as for them other games you mentioned the disadvantages themselves give a challenge for them to over come and when they over come them they get a reward they do not get a reward for failing to over come there disadvantages not exactly sure hat 2d20 is never seen a system like that but if your refereeing to the D20 system there is no extra dice reward for success and fumbles do not exist in the game as written that's something people put into the game cause they hate people failing so much.
  12. AK_Aramis sorry but nope the +1k1 is still alive and well Seize the Moment: A samurai should know the right moment to act, but sometimes, even the hand of fate must be given a nudge by bold action. While making a check, during Step 3: Assemble and Roll Dice Pool, a character may spend 1 Void point to roll one additional Ring die and subsequently keep one additional die during Step 5: Choose Kept Dice. so spending the void is there as well as parry is very important . So void is very powerful still and farming it should not be allowed. if a GM wants you to earn a simple void point he just hold back a TN and poff there's a void point for the players.
  13. so whats better in your mind Franwax giving void for success or moving the reroll to step 5
  14. SO encouraging failure is better than encouraging success & people can choose to fail and get rewarded for it in some way hmm sounds like a millennials ideal situation ("ma I quit my job so I can get a bigger paycheck from the government") come on guys I like the idea of the overcoming the disadvantage than giving into it to get a reward . (" ma I got a raise today cause I over came my fear and asked for one") talking on discord with other beta testers came up with 2 possibly solutions 1: make it a void point if you succeed 2: make the reroll on step 5 not step 3 so players can not choose to farm the void points make it so they much choose to keep 2 a S and/or E and reroll them and must still keep them 2 dice after the reroll this will get rid of the choose to fail aspect. AKA VP farming.
  15. sorry Tokugawa77 might have been my quick typing it was supposed to be gain a skill group In addition to specific skills, techniques, and rings, school advancement tables include a skill group: this means that as long as you have spent XP on a skill found within that skill group, it will count toward advancement. Note that you cannot count XP twice: if a school includes both the Martial Arts [Melee] skill and the Martial skill group on the advancement table, you do not get to list XP for both lines if you increase your ranks in the Martial Arts [Melee] skill—that XP counts only for the more specific line this is from page 45 of the beta book it mentions leveling skill group or skills in group not sure what their referencing
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