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  1. Thanks again! Curious about those Troll figures, though! would you mind showing close-ups, and describe which paints/colors you used? Excellent work, as always!
  2. jrvk777

    Quest Guides

    Awesome! I've been looking for painted versions of these new scuplts! How did they play out? Hopefully FFG comes out with a new H&M pack that includes updated cards for these minis (and updated heroes and monsters as well!)
  3. jrvk777

    Elven Faction Incoming in 2018?

    Looking forward to community made factions, then!
  4. Not meaning to troll here... Just being hopeful that with the reprints of Descent products, we may still somehow see an Elven Army pack in the future...
  5. Awesome paint jobs! Would you mind sharing the paints/colors used for each of the heroes? If you have a tutorial/link to WIP steps, that would be appreciated too! thanks
  6. Anyone want to start a Top 10 "hottest" women art-in-cardgames? I'd like to see that...
  7. Rising Sun Backer here... *Ideas running through head* *searches interwebs for map of Rokugan... looks at viable printing solutions* niiice....
  8. Thanks very much... I'm interested in building a Scorpy & Unipony deck as well just to learn how they play against the other clans... haven't really chosen a Clan yet (new player) so I'll have to see which clan suits my playstyle... cheers.
  9. Any resources or decklists made so far using two cores? I'm considering getting another core based on this comment. Thanks.