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  1. Could we request the admins to pin this post? This work is just awesome! 🙂
  2. Anybody willing to create L5R stat blocks for the various monsters/demons/creatures from the Rising Sun boardgame? https://cmon.com/product/rising-sun/rising-sun (for those of us who would like to use minis! 😎) Thanks!
  3. OMG! Did FFG just drop a clue for L5R minis in their Christmas message? 🤩
  4. +1 to the Test of Honour Emerald Empire ruleset! Very thematic, and for those that also support the L5R mini-crate series, it really brings the setting and characters to life! 😊 I'm hoping that FFG also start considering plastic scale minis of samurai/ashigaru/shugenja/courtier and lesser/support characters, as the clan war minis (while nice) need some updated sculpts. I've printed the ToH EE cards and am in the process of painting the miniatures. Hopefully over the holidays I can complete my first batch!
  5. Thanks all, this all but confirms my suspicion about a distribution problem.
  6. I've gone to several different FLGS and haven't seen stock of both the Unicorn and Crane clan packs (not even online). Has anyone found a retailer in Canada (GTA area) that has these in stock? Thanks.
  7. What about a Runewars Skirmish game using individual minis rather than groups? This will also give FFG a chance to make scaled models of their Descent Heroes, and pit them against each other in quick battles with small teams...
  8. Thanks again! Curious about those Troll figures, though! would you mind showing close-ups, and describe which paints/colors you used? Excellent work, as always!
  9. Awesome! I've been looking for painted versions of these new scuplts! How did they play out? Hopefully FFG comes out with a new H&M pack that includes updated cards for these minis (and updated heroes and monsters as well!)
  10. Looking forward to community made factions, then!
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