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  1. So inspired by a comment in another thread, what if any new/missing rules do you feel are needed for the Genesys system? for example I’d like a robust set of psionic rules that isn’t as hand wavey as magic (which I love as a rulesets) but not aping the Force rules from SW.
  2. I’m sure it’ll be interesting to a lot of people. It’s not my paned o te but I’ll keep an eye on it to see if it has any value as a purchase for mechanics. If not I’ll wait till the next one.
  3. Sounds interesting. You may want to look at the Expanded Players Guide, I don’t have it but apparently it contains advice on talent trees.
  4. I’ll probably skip this one.
  5. We’re going with a fusion of Lord of the Rings Noldor and Dragon Age Dalish. My wife went nuts and has found hundreds of online art pieces to represent them 😂
  6. Do these collected books contain all the gear, starships etc?
  7. We’re using the catfolk but great idea Currently we’re at Human Gnome Elf - Leaning on a high elven version of the Dalish from Dragon Age and the primary primal race. Catfolk Serpentfolk The Crafted I’ve told them any others they fancy have to replace one of those six and be agreed amongst them.
  8. Very similar to her thoughts. And good advice, I get a bit caught up in world building sometimes.
  9. K.I.S.S. Aka keep it simple stupid. She feels that by making the primal race ‘wood’ elven I’m making the race easier to understand, or as she put it if I’m not asking the possible players to add another concept to wrap their heads around alongside magepunk and post apocalyptic etc. It’s a fair point and if I made them as alien as I was thinking they’ll just default to a comfortable trope anyway.
  10. So after some good advice on setting I thought I’d feed this question to the forum for some guidance. I’m getting a Campaign ready for my wife and a few select friends and working on the skeleton of a setting. It’s magepunk with a strong exploration theme. I’m not sure of the total number of species but currently have human, gnome and a primal race. (As well as a possible automaton race, 1 player is a warforged fan). Here is where I’m a bit stuck though. I’m wondering whether is it a bit boring to just model my primal race on dalish/Warhammer wood elves or do I create something new from scratch? Any thoughts from the group mind would be appreciated as I’m blanking at the moment.
  11. Thanks. all advice is helpful. I’ve not had as much Genesys gaming as I’d like so I’ve been wary on implementing changes but I’m keen to get a campaign going with my wife and a couple of our friends based on a few different inspirations.
  12. Any you think definitely shouldn’t be grouped together?
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