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  1. Kaalamity's Edge of Tamriel - Second Edition

    Great work
  2. Another Eberron game

    Actually mechanical but I’ll look into that for ideas, thanks 😀
  3. Another Eberron game

    Thanks, if I can I will but I’m still wrapping my head around the mechanics.
  4. Another Eberron game

    So my group are doing our annual game bid and in an effort to sneak Genesys by them I suggested running Eberron. Any good or suggested resources for an Eberron game? I may have a few but all welcome as is any advice.
  5. Genesys PDF is now available

    It’s the pdf, apparently wasn’t picked up before printing or some such.
  6. Terrinoth on the boat

    Woo hoo
  7. Genesys OGL?

  8. Realms of Terrinoth Official Sourcebook

    It’s a city in NE England
  9. Road to Legend Bug Report

  10. Road to Legend Bug Report

    That didn’t seem to work? any other ideas?
  11. Best adventure modules

    Are you sure it’s the 5e adventure they’re referring to?
  12. Best adventure modules

    Really? That surprises me.
  13. Best adventure modules

    Fun times had with that one, gets very dungeon crawling once your in the temple though.
  14. Best adventure modules

    There are some surprising gems in the Basic adventures.
  15. Best adventure modules

    The Mythras adventures both regular and Classic Fantasy are solid.