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  1. HorusArisen

    Blue Rose - The Rhydan races

    So as always when bored in work I start thinking RPG. Does the NDS system have any playable animal races in the vein of Blue Roses Rhydan? Maybe stolen from Star Wars? how easy do you think it would be to do?
  2. HorusArisen

    My magical mechanical flavour add ons (naff title apologies)

    I like your point in just using it narratives to save on adding rules
  3. Hi I’d love some feedback on some magical mechanics I was thinking about to add flavour. So I’m bashing around ideas about adding some flavour to magic as follows the three groups are split as thus. Solar (Arcane) Lunar (Divine) Earth (Primal) Now a bit more is involved (magical materials etc) but for now what do you see as the impact good or bad for the following Solar Add boost die for magic during the day Add setback die for magic during the night Upgrade skill to proficiency die during lunar eclipses Upgrade difficulty to challenge die during solar eclipses Lunar New Moon - Upgrade difficulty to challenge die Waxing Crescent First Quarter Waxing Gibbous - Add boost die Full Moon - Upgrade skill to proficiency die Waning Gibbous Third Quarter Waning Crescent - Add setback die Primal I was thinking seasonal with bonuses/penalties related to the type of magic based on seasonal associations but I’m still working on the list and balance of it. Also I was thinking about calendar related add ons, any ideas? Alban Eilir 21 March :Spring Equinox a time of festival and drinking, the middle of Spring. Calan Haf 1 May: a time of festival and drinking, the first day of summer. Alban Hefin 21 June: a time of festival and drinking, (Summer Solstice). Gwyl Ifan a time of festival and drinking, otherwise known as Midsummer's day. Calan Awst 1 August: The first day of Autumn, a time of festival and drinking. Alban Elfed 23 September: Autumnal equinox a time of festival and drinking, the middle of Autumn. Nos Galan 31 October and 1 November: Winter's eve and the first day of Winter Alban Arthan 22 December: Winter Solstice or Midwinter festival, a time of festival and drinking, the shortest day of the year. Does this seem balanced so far? Any thoughts or suggestions?
  4. HorusArisen

    Beyond the Wall Thought Exercise

    So although I’m not a fan of the underlying system I really dig the character and community generation of Beyond the Wall. Since work is inherently boring I’ve been pondering the game and got to wondering how would people adapt it to; Genesys Could you generate stats and the various accoutrements of a Beyond the wall character with the above? Particularly Genesys which doesn’t incorporate random character builds.
  5. HorusArisen

    No Disintegrations

    The UK. Wales to be precise, I work in Cardiff.
  6. Does anyone know if this is being reprinted? can only find for 2-3x the price.
  7. Forgive my impatience, it’s purely a reflection of my love of your show 👍
  8. Not showing on iTunes again.
  9. HorusArisen

    Anyone thought of doing andromeda?

    The sci-fi show? The first two seasons had a lot of potential, started to lose its way a bit after that but I did really enjoy that show.
  10. HorusArisen

    Anthem Genesys

    I don’t know what this means...
  11. HorusArisen

    [MOONS of GALTORUS] science fantasy setting

    I agree with Zaik looks great 👌
  12. HorusArisen

    The Dice Pool Podcast’s - The Night’s Edge

    Me too
  13. HorusArisen

    The Magic of Manipulative

    True but still feels like one
  14. HorusArisen

    The Magic of Manipulative

    Feels like a barrier spell to me
  15. HorusArisen

    [RoT] A nice PDF/JPEG map of the realms

    I wouldn’t mind this. You can find a lot of the other game maps online in the short term.