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  1. Yep, Inheritance is showing up on Alliance as shipping this week for me as well.
  2. I'm using card dividers from MtG's holiday gift boxes. They're not *quite* on theme, but look nice and work well. If you just need something functional, you can look for card dividers from a number of brands. The ones I'm most familiar with are Ultimate Guard, and they may be stocked at your LGS.
  3. I think the logic, Twinstarbmc, is that both effects happen at the same time, and so BEFORE you can do either of them, you must FIRST reshuffle your deck (and lose 5 honor), almost like a state-based interrupt. It stops and says, "Hang on, we can't do this yet. I need to shuffle first." Does that, then realizes in the middle of resolving the effect (or *maybe* just prior to resolving the effect) that a player has lost the game, and does that first. The two actions are simultaneous, but necessitate a preceding action that is not simultaneous.
  4. Ok fair, that's an incredibly slim distinction between effect and the playing of, but that was where my misunderstanding lay.
  5. I understand that officially, 'initiating a duel' is considered a game state change, but does his reasoning here in parentheses bother anyone else? "(After all, card effects care about whether a character was involved in a duel regardless of the outcome.)" - If this logic were consistent and correct, we'd be able to Supernatural Storm a Shiba Tetsu with no shugenja in play, just for Tetsu's reaction. The actuality is that it has never mattered if other things 'care about' something in terms of a reaction. Again, I can understand that 'Initiate a Duel' is sufficient enough of an outcome to trigger an action with that effect. His parenthetical statement just seems to be giving bad guidelines.
  6. Yeah, WotP was MORE relevant with original Tadaka, and people weren't running that jank. I think the nerf to Tadaka was excessive, but if they were going to go that route, the addition of Secluded Shrine just because it can do a poor imitation of old Tadaka is completely unnecessary. Also feel like Restoration was hit *way* too hard. Yeah, you had to play around it, but you also kind of knew it would be somewhere, and had a clear route to do so. It encouraged playing attachments early and then scouting, and there are tons of provinces that encourage that anyways. A nuisance, but nothing outstanding that merited that kind of destruction. I'm okay with the City of the Open Hand nerf, though. Losing honor was fine, but as an engine to fuel multiple assassinates or other self-dishonoring cards that ended up just punishing the opponent was pretty harsh. All that said, I kind of hate the idea of calling these nerfs 'Errata' as if they were some sort of printing error, and the fact that they live online only is awful. Especially if they're going to nerf cards into oblivion, just ban them instead of inventing new text.
  7. Letter seems amazing to me, comparable to Blightning in MtG (though maybe that'd be more like loses 2 honor and discards 2 cards). Retreat really feels like it should cost 0 for taking a card in your hand. Also seems like it 'should' be a lion card, but at least it has lion on the art. I don't know who you guys assassinated, but Lion gets no respect from FFG. Iwasaki pupil's probably the most interesting of this bunch. This is the card that will give crane honor decks a boost towards viability. Cutting down the card discrepancy between low bids and high bids will help them not fall so far behind. It feels like it should be a conflict card, but I guess they didn't want to bring up the fact that you'd always miss the draw phase the turn you play it like that.
  8. I can confirm I saw a ruling from devs that if the skill totals change during the course of the duel or immediately afterwards, then the skill counts have to be re-evaluated, because Toshimoko is an interrupt, so it happens before the conflict is won or lost.
  9. Thought a little more on the Unicorn dude. With a swarm-style deck, odds of whiffing are pretty low, so he'll probably be great. 2 fate for a simple 1/1 and 2/2 is acceptable, and there's a lot more upside going on (with dumping Keepers into the discard, potentialy great 2-drops or Outskirt Sentry, Utaku Infantry, etc), so I think he'll become a staple in any deck that's running a decent density of low dudes. That Lion attachment's really interesting to me. A lot of people are dismissing it, but I think it's got a lot of potential. I already liked Yumino's ability, so upgrading it to +3/+3 is great. Sure, Banzai exists (and in theory costs you another card in honor-tight games), but you can't Banzai political, and if you use it 2 or 3 turns, your expected value is just insane. The best part though is the ability to convert more specialized or situational cards into immediate value. Can't seem to grab that favor for Censure? Ditch it for value and turn the game around. That Voice of Honor just not activating? Get some value. Playing Taryu Jiai and your opponent has no shugenja? All the value! And, if you're too tight on money to play those expensive cards, this is literally free. I might be biased as a Phoenix that can just reuse all their spells, though. But that just means I've played Supernatural Storm, and am quite happy to turn any card in my hand into another Storm once a turn.
  10. New Shinjo 2-drop is another good combo for Disguise value Get a real 2-drop from your deck, and later convert your 1/`1`` into an advance payment on a real body. Always the chance of whiffing on the reaction, though, and I think that'll probably kill it, even if we see Unicorn play disguised characters.
  11. Control Neutral Attachment - 1 cost, +1mil +1pol Philosophy. Forced Interrupt: After attached character is targeted by an opponent's event or ability, you may lose 1 honor-- If you do, cancel the effects of that event. Otherwise, dishonor and bow attached character and discard Control. (Unlimited) Edit: Or a less complex version: Control Neutral Attachment - 0 cost, +0mil +1pol Philosophy. Interrupt: When an opponent plays an event while attached character is participating in a conflict, lose 1 honor-- Cancel the effects of that event. (Unlimited?) Forced Reaction: When an opponent plays an event targeting attached character-- Discard Control.
  12. Hadn't thought about it, but I guess not. I think the silliest is using attachment sharing to move it to another character you control, as your secretive baggage gets heavier and heavier Desperately trying to find the next shinobi that can guard your secrets, until luck runs out and you become a disgrace. OR, you find a way to give control of it to an opponent and toss it on their shinobi. Good old Delusions of Grandeur shenanigans there
  13. Here's one the custom card discord helped me work out. Burden of Secrets Scorpion Attachment - 1 Fate (1 influence) Attach to a Shinobi character you control. Interrupt: If you would lose honor-- Cancel that honor loss. Place that many honor tokens on Burden of Secrets. Forced Interrupt: When Burden of Secrets leaves play-- Lose honor equal to the number of honor tokens on it.
  14. I mean, I get the synergy with original Tadaka and softskin, but Tadaka just seems better when you don't waste 2 fate on another card? I mean seriously, just save your fate to put on Tadaka, it'll be better.
  15. Hmm. Mostly a bunch of really solid cards, and then softskin. Mill 3 a turn is not worth 2 fate, and it seems to even give the choice to the player. If they're really that scared of your mill, they can choose the less bad option. The rest seem pretty good though. Crane Duelist is ok, gives a flexible choice to the opponent (unless they don't have that choice due to Steward or already dishonored, then the ability is pretty great), and Duel to the Death is similar, but the effect is strong enough that it makes it worth it to set up those situations intentionally. Glad the influence is high enough to limit splash, because Scorpion could abuse that card pretty hard. Phoenix are the clear benefactors here. I already love Kuni Yori's ability to force a random discard, and Tadaka's ability is better in two ways (no honor loss, potential to choose from more cards) with almost no downside. Plus, we've already talked about the strength of Disguised, and Tadaka is a conflict card so it will even be a true surprise. As for Earth becomes Sky, I was on the fence about this card until I read their blurb about it. Being anti-ready tech is rapidly becoming very relevant, but the fact that you can just keep a character down at the end of a turn into the next turn is insane, ALL other uses aside. With 1 influence cost, the only thing keeping it off the restricted list right now is the Earth role part. Going to be part of the standard splash options for earth role decks, in my opinion.
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