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  1. AradonTemplar

    L5R Miniatures game

    Not much of a painter myself, but I did enjoy working on mine. The Naga was a lot of fun, though Yokuni's banded armor was pretty iffy XD Yours turned out great! Edit: Clearly I need to work on my photo focus as much as painting
  2. AradonTemplar

    Fanmade cards while we speculate

    Maybe. For my opinion, I wouldn't pay 1 fate for +1/+1 on supernatural storm, even if I trigger it twice with Kyuden Isawa, so for that card I don't think it'd merit a +1 tax. The synergies with yojimbo are probably on-par with synergies from the seals, in terms of number and quality, at least for the more useful seals. It's not that they're not there, it's that they're good enough to make the card as useful as another card, not one that deserves to cost 2 fate. Against the Waves is pretty good, true. I could see 1 fate, but not 2. And I'd still be leaning towards 0 instead, but at least it's flexible, so I guess there's that. Unfortunately, it has memory issues in remembering what you've chosen, but that's ok for a fan card.
  3. AradonTemplar

    Fanmade cards while we speculate

    I think I agree with Hobgoblyn, 2 fate seems like way too much. I can't think of a single shugenja-restricted card that I'd willingly pay 2 fate just to forego the restriction for. There miiiight be desperate times where a Cloud the Mind might get you there, but I don't think anyone would include it as a general game plan. And we can't forget that it costs another card to draw. It does have strong parallels to the seals, which have some useful combos to them, but aren't reliable and don't end up increasing the price of the card at all. For example, monks are hugely useful to Dragon, but the Seal is 0-cost, and Cavalry is more important than Shugenja to Unicorn, I believe. As for the flavor of buffing an older, powerful character, you could make it an attachment with a restriction of attaching only to a character that you just played, like, "Reaction: When a character enters play under your control, attach this to that character from your hand." That way it's more of a historical trait for the character, rather than something that's just happening.
  4. AradonTemplar

    Card Sleeves

    There should be some official sleeves coming down the pipeline in the next few months that are sleeves with the card backs on them, so they'll look like unsleeved cards. I haven't tried them yet obviously, so we'll see if they are any better than the standard Ultra Pro art-backed sleeves, but iirc they are FF official so they should be better quality.
  5. - I believe Cautious scout negates the text, leaving it at a 0-strength province. - Correct, the bonus fate for being second player is no longer a rule, since virtually everyone preferred the fate to going first. - It is safe until the end of the round, yes. At the end of the round, though, all face-up cards in broken provinces are automatically discarded, while you get to choose if you want to discard face-ups in non-broken provinces. - Yep, Height of Fashion can be played before an attack is declared. Your opponent will get a window to play an action or character of their own, of course. - In the Dynasty phase, there are action windows, yes. You use one to play a character from a province. You can also play events and use triggered abilities at this time, but no attachments or Conflict Characters. Once you pass in the dynasty phase though (to get the fate for first-pass), you don't get any more action windows until the draw phase, even to play events or use abilities. - Having a role is strictly upside, enabling you to use certain role-locked cards and giving you some deck-building benefits. If nothing else, you should pick a seeker of element just for the free fate when an opponent reveals your chosen element's province. - Yes, Katana and Fan are pretty strong cards and help make the conflict deck flow smoothly by being cheap and always useful. Even non-political oriented decks benefit from Ornate Fans (perhaps even more-so) for surprise attacks or accessible defense. You might find some other players that have extra fans and katanas you could borrow, since players have received promotional Fans and Katanas at tournaments, but otherwise I might consider proxying them. Dragon's not so bad off because their Ancestral Weapons aren't terribly worse, especially if you're playing with Daimyo's Favor, but those two cards are easily the difference between winning or losing a conflict, or even getting a break in.
  6. AradonTemplar

    Children of the Empire Spoilers

    I like the card effect for Warm Welcome, but the theme doesn't really make much sense to me. I don't think most events that players will play would really be considered a 'Warm Welcome,' unless you're recasting Consumed by Five Fires. Part of me really wants to jam it with Oracle of Stone though and Kyuden Isawa for a total of 9 Oracle of Stones, to try and mill the enemy out. With a weak plan like that though, getting them down to 5 honor for the kill seems very hard.
  7. AradonTemplar

    Children of the Empire Spoilers

    Yasuki Procurer feels a lot like Meishodo Wielder to me. A 2-fate 2/2 is a moderately useful body, but not for that cost. If you can get the discount, worth the buy. Probably easier to trigger the discount on, though? The dishonor hurts a little bit, but I think most people would pay an honor for 1 extra fate. Not sure if I'll end up playing him in my Crab decks, but respect for a courtier with 2 military
  8. AradonTemplar

    Fanmade cards while we speculate

    Grim Duty - 0 Cost - Crab Event (1 influence) Action: While you are the defending player, choose a participating character you control - Discard that character. Until the end of the conflict, opponents cannot resolve ring effects.
  9. AradonTemplar

    Children of the Empire Spoilers

    Yeah, as much as I like my Ishika, Inquisitive Ishika's never justified her cost to me. Maybe when we get more spells I can make a deck that will consistently get 2-3 discounts from her, but the underlying problem is that paying for conflict cards is not good, and a deck that consistently utilizes Inquisitive Ishika's ability is a deck that suffers more when you don't have her in play. But I guess if I'm playing Path of Man, I can just jam one of these next to it, play them with one paying for the other, and try and just snowball every game. Swing hard, honor dudes, keep swinging hard.
  10. AradonTemplar

    Children of the Empire Spoilers

    I love the art on it, but I don't think I'd want to play it. If it cost 0, I'd try it out, but not as it stands. I do like playing Path of Man, but 1 is too much just to honor a character.
  11. Wait what? I thought that rule change was just "Players going second don't get an extra fate." Did they change it so passing first doesn't get fate either? Edit: Rules Reference still has this rule in it: "◊ The first player to pass the opportunity to use an action or play a card during the dynasty phase forfeits the opportunity to do so for the remainder of the phase, and gains one fate"
  12. Usually, I run 3-ofs for most cards in my deck, but I'm a lot more relaxed about my Conflict Deck, because you draw so many more conflict cards than you do in Magic. When you get through half of your Conflict Deck in an average game of L5R, you don't need to run full sets in order to consistently see some cards. Of course, if a card's very powerful, you'll want more copies, but personally, I tend to cut situational cards that I might not want to play more than once in a game down. I'm personally pretty fine with running a single copy of a 'gotcha' card that has potential to be a blow out in a very niche scenario, and if I draw it at the wrong time, either I've wasted one of my five draws for the turn, or I can wait until that scenario comes up. But that's my own philosophy. I would advise you to carefully consider when you put conflict cards with fate costs in your deck. A lot of the best cards are free to play and/or universally good. Fine Katana and Ornate Fan seem simple and relatively minor, but the fact is you are almost always going to be able to effectively play those cards, whereas something flashy like Fallen in Battle or Rout are going to be harder to utilize. If you have too many situational cards in your hand, you may find yourself 'winning' on card advantage, where you have 8 cards in your hand, and your opponent is down to 2 or 3, but they still manage to win conflicts and break provinces, because you haven't been able to deploy your conflict deck effectively. So keep that in mind: cheap cards and easy-to-use cards are powerful. As for fate curve and 'mana', I generally recommend an even distribution of cheap dudes to expensive guys. My decks usually have about 6 cards at each of the 5 fate costs, with some variance depending on if I have certain goals or characters I want to employ. You can go a little lighter on the 4 and 5-costers, but if you have all cheap characters, you run into the risk of playing a lot of characters from your provinces and not getting the opportunity to pass first. It can also become hard to keep characters around for consecutive turns, because putting 1 extra fate on a 1-coster is way less efficient than putting 1 extra fate on a 4-coster. One of the trickier aspects to learn to manage for the economy of this game is how much fate to put onto which characters, and when to sacrifice the long-term game for short term economy advantage, or the other way around. A dilemma similar to land-count is how many holdings you should include in your Dynasty deck. If you look at holdings, they are essentially 'free power.' You never have to buy them, and their costs usually are non-existent. You may have to sacrifice the holding for a free effect, like Imperial Storehouse or Favorable Ground, or just activate the ability. For paying nothing, you get something, which encourages you to put a lot into your deck. Many holdings are valuable tools, but you have to be careful not to put too many in, or during the game, you'll find yourself 'drawing too many holdings' much like you could draw too many or too few lands, limiting your gameplay options. If you have 20 holdings and 20 characters in your Dynasty Deck, each turn you could expect to see 2 holdings and 2 characters, but there will also be a large number of turns where you see 3 or even 4 holdings, and you're not able to make a good character purchase. Typically, I like to see 1 good holding in my province lineup, but that can always depend on the state of the board. I generally never want to keep 2 holdings around. So, I generally aim for about 6-10 holdings at the most, and I consider 10 to be pushing it. They're tempting as 'free value' but they hurt the quality of your draws significantly, so it's a balance similar to managing your lands. And finally, as for your question about fate management for Unicorn, I personally found a lot of the core Unicorn cards to be under-statted for their cost. Most clans have some very efficient characters at 1 fate, like the Bayushi Liar, Naive Student, Doomed Shugenja, and Kaiu Envoy, but Unicorn's pretty lackluster on their lower end, and it doesn't get a lot better at the top end. Their Champion, Shinjo Altansarnai is difficult to use and generally requires surprise appearances like Charge or Cavalry Reserves, and most of their expensive characters don't have great stats, so if it feels like she's behind on economy, it's because her characters are a little weaker. The general idea is to use the mobility of the stronghold to outmaneuver your opponent so your weaker stats are more effectively employed, but it's hard to generate an advantage when you start behind. My advice is to abuse Spyglass draws, and make sure her deck has a lot of cheap, good conflict cards so she can make use of all that extra draw.
  13. Splashes count each copy of the card, so that'd be nine of your ten influence. But if she's having fun deckbuilding and playing with her choices, it sounds like it's going well!
  14. Oh. In that case, is it true that the unicorn stronghold will stay at +4 fate at the end of the game, then? I assumed it'd go back down as you break their provinces.
  15. Broken provinces are not in play, so they would not count. Edit: I'll just stop posting now