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  1. AradonTemplar

    Fanmade cards while we speculate

    Hadn't thought about it, but I guess not. I think the silliest is using attachment sharing to move it to another character you control, as your secretive baggage gets heavier and heavier Desperately trying to find the next shinobi that can guard your secrets, until luck runs out and you become a disgrace. OR, you find a way to give control of it to an opponent and toss it on their shinobi. Good old Delusions of Grandeur shenanigans there
  2. AradonTemplar

    Fanmade cards while we speculate

    Here's one the custom card discord helped me work out. Burden of Secrets Scorpion Attachment - 1 Fate (1 influence) Attach to a Shinobi character you control. Interrupt: If you would lose honor-- Cancel that honor loss. Place that many honor tokens on Burden of Secrets. Forced Interrupt: When Burden of Secrets leaves play-- Lose honor equal to the number of honor tokens on it.
  3. AradonTemplar

    Bonds of Blood

    I mean, I get the synergy with original Tadaka and softskin, but Tadaka just seems better when you don't waste 2 fate on another card? I mean seriously, just save your fate to put on Tadaka, it'll be better.
  4. AradonTemplar

    Bonds of Blood

    Hmm. Mostly a bunch of really solid cards, and then softskin. Mill 3 a turn is not worth 2 fate, and it seems to even give the choice to the player. If they're really that scared of your mill, they can choose the less bad option. The rest seem pretty good though. Crane Duelist is ok, gives a flexible choice to the opponent (unless they don't have that choice due to Steward or already dishonored, then the ability is pretty great), and Duel to the Death is similar, but the effect is strong enough that it makes it worth it to set up those situations intentionally. Glad the influence is high enough to limit splash, because Scorpion could abuse that card pretty hard. Phoenix are the clear benefactors here. I already love Kuni Yori's ability to force a random discard, and Tadaka's ability is better in two ways (no honor loss, potential to choose from more cards) with almost no downside. Plus, we've already talked about the strength of Disguised, and Tadaka is a conflict card so it will even be a true surprise. As for Earth becomes Sky, I was on the fence about this card until I read their blurb about it. Being anti-ready tech is rapidly becoming very relevant, but the fact that you can just keep a character down at the end of a turn into the next turn is insane, ALL other uses aside. With 1 influence cost, the only thing keeping it off the restricted list right now is the Earth role part. Going to be part of the standard splash options for earth role decks, in my opinion.
  5. AradonTemplar

    Shame... Shame... Shame...

    I believe the issue with clear sleeves is more that promo cards, from playing in tournaments, are usually slightly off-tone and glossier stock, so they are readily visible from the side and above, automatically marking them. A discerning player could see the effect even through clear sleeves. So, it's not that they are possible to mark and cheat with, it's that many decks are automatically marked, and therefore need to have opaque sleeves. At least you showed up with the right role selected, though. Last time I went to a tournament, I was running an out of date role and had to switch my entire clan splash 😕
  6. Unfortunately, you won't be able to Gaijin Customs and attack with the unicorn again, because there's no action window between resolving the conflict and declaring the next one, thanks to its wording. You'll instead be trying to break with just the Unicorn and a Banzai or something. Would be fun to swing all out with Unicorn and Moto Juro, and then send Juro home if the opponent doesn't try to stop it.
  7. AradonTemplar


    You can even gain composure *during* the duel, that might factor in to the participant's skill. Composure is constantly checked, basically. As soon as dials are changed, composure can turn on or off. Basically, if you ever wonder if you have composure, you just look at the honor dials. There are some times outside of duels and the draw phase that dials can change, too. The one that readily comes to mind is Maze of Illusion, where one player sets their dial to a number. That change lasts for the turn, so players can gain or lose composure then, too. Just be mindful of if effects change your honor bid vs changing the result on the dial. It'll say on the card specifically, but a lot of abilities that affect honor bids don't actually change the dial itself.
  8. AradonTemplar

    Ride in Unison - Unicorn Preview

    I keep trying to make it work with Fushicho in Phoenix. Sometimes it's good, sometimes it's not so good. But a worthy effort! Gonna keep testing and maybe switch to another splash, though. Even if you're player 2, good chance of getting that bonus fate. Just, going all in on what is essentially a large beatstick usually makes yourself vulernable to shenanigans and puts the ball in the opponent's court to take the round away with. Still, now that we have Defend Your Honor, this isn't bad. Odds of him getting double for-shamed go down significantly. Just tread cautiously with him.
  9. AradonTemplar

    Ride in Unison - Unicorn Preview

    I am Ready isn't bad. I guess if it's in your opening 4 you can buy him. It'd put them on the defensive instead of offensive, or else you'll be getting two breaks in. It's too bad you won't be able to ready him with Shiotome encampment
  10. AradonTemplar

    Ride in Unison - Unicorn Preview

    Ok, I talked myself out of liking Aranat at all. In the turn 1 scenario, if you're playing with the new stronghold, they're probably just going to let you put 4 fate on him. Assuming you pass first, you'll have a 6/6 that they have any options they have at their discretion to use against it, and probably 2 conflicts that you won't even be involved in, with 1 fate to defend yourself. Worse, he's only going to flip up one of their provinces, leaving you pretty far behind in economy for turn 2. It's a slow start to a stronghold that already goes for a slow start to snowball later, which isn't a great combo. After the initial turn, he gets steadily worse, and is mostly just a good charge target, which is worth noting. You might get better mileage out of him with a different stronghold, where your fate economy isn't dependent on an aggressive playstyle and passing first means you'll have 2 fate to work with on that first turn. People might also be more willing to reveal their own provinces, which gives you some invaluable information. These other cards look sweet, though. Young Warrior is just good value, and nothing stops you from readying and reusing her. Wayfinders will be pretty sweet when you play them for free and drop 2 fate on them, that's some great economy. Visiting Advisor seems very useful, but I haven't wrapped my head around the strategies that back out of conflicts instead of pushing forward. Once I figure it out, I expect she'll be a staple for the 'feint' style decks. And Warriors of the Wind is what you don't want to see when your opponent is all-in on attacking the stronghold. You commit, and then they change their mind and decide to come back on the 'political' swing. Dig up that 'Well, I guess I'll just die' meme. Did we ever find out if this pack will have the Community Card in it?
  11. AradonTemplar

    Children of the Empire Spoilers

    Whoops! I'll confess, it's been about two restricted list updates since I've played the card XD
  12. AradonTemplar

    Children of the Empire Spoilers

    When it uses the terminology 'initiate a duel' it does imply to choose the duelists from among participating characters, if during a conflict. Old duels that don't say 'initiate a duel' bypass this, so Policy Debate is not restricted to characters within the conflict.
  13. AradonTemplar

    Revealing Provinces

    Unicorn will also be getting a new dynasty character that does this. Off the top of my head, I believe it was "Iuchi Farseer, 3 fate. Shugenja, 3mil 2pol (1 glory?), when it enters play, choose a province and reveal it. You'll probably want to run it if you're maximizing the stronghold. And personally, I believe that Talisman of the Sun to Border Fortress is a safer way to reveal enemy provinces, rather than charging headlong into them.
  14. AradonTemplar

    Phoenix/Crane Dueling Deck a viable strategy?

    If you're splashing Crane, you should probably reserve some of your influence for Soul Beyond Reproach. Decks like this tend to go downhill if your opponent can get ahead of you and start dishonoring your guys, so having a tool that completely reverses it is worth the cost. If you're running Isawa Mori Seido, which it sounds like you intend to (probably best for bully dueling), you'd probably also be interested in playing Taryu-Jiai. On-demand ring effects are pretty useful in covering up your weak spots, and can help make Ujina work more smoothly. You usually have to spend a couple honor on it, though. I wouldn't run Karmic Twist in most cases. I consider it (usually as a 1-of) when I'm running Kyuden Isawa and Embrace the Void, but it's so rare for the card to do anything worth the slot it clogs up in your hand. Other than that, looks fun. I don't think I'd run Aspiring Challenger, myself, since he's so conditional to make useful. Remember that your opponent can always choose to turn off composure at the next bid, so if you do get him honored, they'll probably just bid 1 next turn.
  15. AradonTemplar

    Underrated Cards

    I only get the chance to play in a small circle of players, so I'm really curious about other people's thoughts on many cards. What are some of your favorite cards that you originally underestimated, or that it seems like other people don't like as much? I was very surprised when I started playing Asako Maezawa, originally expecting him not to do very much, but he regularly pulls out 6 political for just 3 fate, without taking much setup or work. I often use him as my early-turn attacker, because if they don't defend, he's gonna break a province, even if they manage to dishonor him. One that I see a lot of people bashing is Path of Man (win by 5 or more, get 2 fate). I understand the problem with it (it rewards for doing something it doesn't help you with) and getting stuck with them in your hand can be frustrating and even game-halting, but they're also incredibly efficient if you can find a way to outmaneuver your opponent. They've let me have some great comeback turns, and also helped seal games where I've had strong starts. Having an economy card that Shrine Maiden picks up as well is pretty handy. The more spells/kiho you can shove in there, the more cards you'll have in your hand. So I guess I'm mostly curious what everyone's favorite pet card is, and why?