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  1. So, in previous editions of L5R [well, 4th, at least, which is the only one I played], Togashi Dragon Monks were super cool, and very supernatural with what their tattoos did. While they weren't straight up as strong as most Bushi at fighting, they could do weird magical things to match or outstrip most Bushi schools in my experience. Now, 5e seems to be moving towards making Monks weirder and more mystical, which is cool - but the actual Monk stuff seems sort of... strange. I don't understand what roll the Monk is supposed to fill now. Comparing Kiho and Kata, Kata are clearly stronger in a lot of cases than Kiho, and without certain Kiho up, a monk is going be doing trash level damage as is anyways. The limitation on only one Kiho at a time means that a monk has to choose between being able to do any damage [since unarmed is really bad without one of the Elemental Fists up] and being able to use the neat magical powers, that are still lower power than an Invocation. So my question is - what is the role of the Togashi Dragon Monk? How are you supposed to build them to 'keep up' with more focused members like the Bushi or Shugenja?
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